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List of Recently Added New & Old Posts #1

These are posts made from his email list, which predates the blog…so they’re new to the blog as well.  If you’re wondering why the dome building posts begin when the main structure is already up, I no longer have the posts for the start of the original project, but I believe you can find posts about the beginning at Ghost32’s blog.   Terrible, cheesy titles are all me, tho! 😀

Even if you think you’ve read them already…some you haven’t, some you might have, and some are good to refresh your memory of.  I certainly picked up on things I forgot while re-editing them.

The Dome Report


The Dome Report: The Dollar Count

Amazing Freebie!

Gettin’ the Chill Out

Old Timey Hidey Holes

If All Is Your Mind Creation…Why Is Your Nagual Smacking You With It?

What Are YOUR ‘Bare Necessities?’


The Dome Report 2

The Dome Report 3

Believe Not a Word I Say…CHECK!  CHECK!  CHECK!

Let Nature Do Your Laundry

The Dome Report: Many Mighty Minis

On Paul

REALLY Looking at NATURE: The Eyes of the Ancients

Time to SHOW – Or Prove Your Unbelief

Let Nature Do Your Laundry 2

Vote Good, Vote GOD



The Difference Between GOD’S Church and MAN’S Church

Are You Sharing the ‘Gift’ of Fear?  Or the Gift of Courage?

Mitakuye Oyasin and the Tower [Part 1]  [Part 2]

The Dome Report: Another Small House Way

The Dome Report: ‘Scaping Your Land

I Dream of Boatin’

The Embrace of Trees

Kelp-ol of the Bells (yes, I couldn’t resist a bad pun!  BAD pun!)

God Gives, Man Reminds

The Rat and the Ladybug

To Know the Future, Learn the Past

Medicine Packrat

Parable of the Little Fat Chick

On Totems and Angels and ‘In Sanity’

Here There Be “Secrets!”

Here There Be More!

Comments have been disabled for 2 reasons – the length of time between their writing and now, and the fact that well, you know, we aren’t Red Elk and thus can not really answer for him.

More to come!


Blog News

I’m loading several new-to-the-blog posts in the back end here, most taken from his pre-blog mailing list in late 2009 to early 2010, and some that were previously on the blog but lost in the crashes.  Even tho they’re basically just a few months’ worth, Red Elk was PROLIFIC back then!  I’m editing them for reading comprehension before posting, but my brain still gets tired so it will still be a couple weeks.  One or two I’ll post as ‘New’ because they’re That Important; the rest will be dated according to their original dates.

I also just found out that all the links to the podcasts were *also* not restored, which means I’ll have to hunt them all down again in order to link them.  Right now just the Nov 2009 interview with Zeph Daniels has been restored.  Besides Prophecykeepers and Feet to the Fire, if anyone else knows of any interviews that are still online that we can link to, if you could comment with the link it would be much appreciated.

In other news, we are still working on what will be done with the various audio lessons.  His family does want to sell them, and it may be done through iTunes or one of the other services.



I have not heard from Red Elk since the last post I made.  I suspect that the ETA for new posts will be a ways out, depending on how soon he gets someone to fix his computer.

In the meantime, I would strongly suggest re-reading the other posts and doing your own study and explorations online and off.  If you want to share your experiences and explorations, go ahead and comment right here.


Darn It…

Due to various viruses, etc, Red Elk’s computer is down until he finds someone who can come and work on it.  Neither Heather nor I are able to do so at this time.


Email Troubles

Friends,  Adam called last night.  All his Emails to me are bounced back to him.  Seems he’s able to get mine but I’m unable to get his.
Might be awhile before I’m able to get this fixed.  Will need to take it into a Pro to do so.  Not enough money to do so at this time.
I have been sending to WS / H to add “tellings”….as well as some to Blue Otter’s Group.  I don’t see any of these added to either.  Can only surmise they have received tho and for ??? reason my PC isn’t receiving the showing of these.  ???

Still, my Blog counter rises, so seems SOMETHING is working.

I delete all I send, so can’t resend Any IF they got lost in sending.
My “Send” and my “Delete” box is empty.  I THINK this shows I AM getting these out.

Being a PC “DAH” is a constant headache and a very real problem for me. Over the years I’ve had ALL my sites Hacked and many other problems.  Extremely expensive to me.  I would not be “in this”, if it were not for “Him”.
I would drop ALL PC use and do very little correspondence at all, but troubles even in Stolen Snail Mail !   (Another constant problem).

As you can see, it’s not been easy.

“Wading out” to the masses has its woes….BUT MANKIND IS WORTH IT.

Anyway, I want to let you know what’s been going on.


(Hope THIS gets out to you…my SECOND on this)!


CreatorGod Bless!    Re

(This also means there will be delays in him answering forwarded comments, which get to him through email. – WS)

All, the Comment sections are not a forum…nor a ‘pen pal’ spot.
I enjoy your observation…pro OR con.

Lets leave it at that.   Aho?   Thanks. re

Admin FYI

I finally got around to making my own admin account.  The only things that will change will be the name of the poster and people can contact me directly now instead of trying to go through Heather, aka Living Documents, who’s got a lot on her plate.  Everything else will be exactly the same.