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“They see, yet are blind.  They hear, yet are deaf.”

Like Christ, who openly told in parables : truths.  Even to today, these are SEEABLE and UNDERSTANDABLE…..but, as in the above verse : Not … the common masses of today.

As He, who had to explain even to His 12 disciples….you too must now be explained to as well.

YOU have been ASLEEP, tho you claim to be awake.  Deceived, but believing in your told belief of deceived / deceiving “deliverers”.

In this, mankind has suffocated their Godliness.  Their Godly Abilities.

Walking in a form of Coma.  The “Living dead”.

Barely breathing, Spiritually.

A FORM of Godliness….VERY much like your own SHADOW.

During the last few years, I have been trying to awaken the sleeping eyes.  Some, tho few, are NOW Awake.  SEEING the things they had only “heard of”.

I now give you this:
The 4 Horsemen of Scriptures are all roaming our Earth.  ALL 4.  (I’ve told this before)

Are you AWARE of WHAT these 4 ARE?

They are the 4  ELEMENTS!    EARTH   WIND   FIRE   ICE

Earth : earth QUAKES!

Wind :  TORNADOES / etc.

Fire : Volcanoes / etc.

Ice :  MELTING Water / FREEZING Cold



Expect FAR Worse and FAR More!  THEY ARE RUNNING RAMPANT!     Re


A phone call 3 days ago…yet another the next..  Both on a missing Cree.  Brother of was #2 call.

Told them he was under a half mile from where he was last seen….took a short-cut to his intended destination.  Had turned Right when leaving.  He was off the main trail but close to it.  Evidently tripped and lost a shoe.  Wasn’t “with us” anymore.

Missing for 16-18 days….many searchers but no luck.  “Call Red Elk”.

Just called me back.  They did as I told and found him Exactly as told.  “About 500 ft from trail”. One shoe off as well.

Called to thank me.

So MANY Missing…Thank God not all “passed on”.

I can’t “get” um all….RCMP occasionally refuses those who seek me to help…chases ‘em off.  Then too, JEALOUSY between Search Teams.  Even then, impossible to locate a number….drowned / bear / hidden (murder).  The last….”chased off”.  Aho?

Then too…TIME.  Bones chewed / scattered, etc. over the many months / years.

Occasionally a Passed Away One will appear before me (while I’m out in other “work”) and point to their death spot and ask for “ceremony”.  Some 2 – 3 hundred years old (death).

One, a little girl (Cree), like that.  Maybe 2 hundred years “missing”.  Showed me she was attacked / killed by a bear while berry picking. “Let ‘them’ know”.

Gave ceremony.  Several of us.  Putting her spirit “to rest”.  A real sweetheart.  Maybe 8-9 yrs old.  Nice,  Simple  Fringed  deer hide dress.  A  “cared for” child.  Never found.   Sad.  Aho?

I am able to do these things simply via prayer and WAITING.  Most often, mere seconds.  Then I’m SHOWN. I BELIEVE ,  FULLY,  what I see.  (After all, hadn’t I ASKED “Dad”?)

Any….ANY….can do this.

Now you have “the way” of it.   It’s not “Medicine”, its “IN RIGHT STANDING”.  (Good Luck and ALWAYS GIVE HIM THE CREDIT!).  AHO?   re


“Ghost” (‘Shoestring Cabin’ page and Ghost32’s Hub) and I have been telling each other of “things”.  Things we’ve both have had experiences of / with.

It’s a ‘kick’ to know we Medicine People aren’t the only ones with “things” we are aware of.

Ghost, too (non-medicine and white), are ‘chatting’ on our times with “Li’l People” right now.  Gnomes / Fairies / Pixies / Etc.

Nope, we Med. People are not the only ones………………….

These people aren’t all over.  Just certain spots “here-n-there”.  You just never know where, or when, they’ll show themselves.  The very fact they do is always a surprise.

Up in Canada the Crees know the places they are.  When traveling near, they stop and leave silver (coins / etc.) at their “openings”.  I do the same.  I’ve no idea why they like silver, but they take GLEE in receiving.

Occasionally 10 will come, unexpectedly, here into the house.  We set (me on couch, they in semi-circle before me on the floor) and just ‘shoot the breeze’.  I’m not a drinker…but occasionally my daughter will have a beer in the fridge (she’s not a drinker either).  I have 10 tiny ‘mugs’ (bought for them to hold easily) and will fill ‘em up for ‘em.  They LOVE beer.   So, if YOU have “a feeling” on a place….leave some silver…and an open beer.

There’s a place on the edge of Woodland, WA that a lady owner has.  She knows there’s such a spot on her place…and has honored it by fixing it up with flowers / etc.  She uses it to meditate in.  “Peaceful”.

Another up between Colville and Kettle Falls, WA.  The cabin there almost on TOP of a ‘clan’ of Li’l Ones.  Cabin foundation darn near piercing their underground Dome-Shaped abode below.

In the Kootenays of Canada….”HOMES” GALORE!  All OVER up there.  Fascinating.

In NM a CITY!  Yup…CITY!  I had no Idea they had such.  ALL the “types” live / go there.

No cars / etc. (they walk or fly) but a real…and BIG…City.  Cobblestone streets.  “High Rises” buildings / etc.  A BUSY place.

You’ll find no sadness or “down” there.  ALL are FRIENDS.

Sure would be nice to have such here, wouldn’t it…………………………………..   re


I’d like to tell my reason for ABHORING religions.

#1:  I’ve seen what these “PEACE” religions have done for our world.

PEACE?  NO!  “OUR WAY” or……………..

I wish ALL have left we NA alone.

We warred….but not over our ONENESS WITH THE CREATOR.

We ALL KNEW THE GREAT SPIRIT ONE WAS THERE…and honored “Him,” each in our own way.


It wasn’t ‘til the “Whiteman” came that the ‘troubles’ began…..the “OUR WAY…OR…………… ”

The Catholics turned us into Slaves…and STILL DO.

Not just to we NA, but to ALL in this religion today.

“Our Way…or   GO TO HELL!”

The Mormons, turned us into PETS!  Still do that, TOO!

I WISH ALL WOULD LEAVE US ALONE. Before they turn our skin “WHITE.”

They’re trying…ALL the “Religions.”

Now, the “we whites” and the Muslims are killing (AGAIN) for the “WE ARE RIGHT…YOU  are WRONG” “magic” of “WAYS” DOMINATION!

Started NOT as that, but turning INTO it.

“PEACE KILL PEACE KILL  PEACE KILL”.  Same ol’,  same ol’.


Creator is LOVE!

WHO fights for THAT?!

IF you do…then do so WITHOUT GUNS!  Do it by EXAMPLE.  By SHOWING.  Not by SWEARING or SHOOTING!



For those who have “followed” my “things,” you know I am watching over the LONG WALKERS.  (This the 1st group of Native Americans who had (have) gone back into the Lower Land directly below us)

Well, they ran up against a STONE WALL…Literally.

There they set.  Been a number of many weeks now.  Water (stream) and Food (Mana on walls).  ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS GO S T A I G H T  THROUGH THE WALL IN FRONT OF THEM.  THEN they will FINALLY be at their destination goal.

A “short trip” has ended up (where their at) of SEVERAL YEARS.  3 (if I recall right) have died.  #1 by appendix bursting…2 by roof collapse.

32 (I think) entered…PLUS their FALSE “leader.”

It looks like long time Descent is really taking hold.  I expect a break-up of the group quite soon.  Taking “sides” now.  A woman wanting to be “leader.”  Back Stabbing for well over a year now.  More like 3.

Her and her son.

Now others “unhappy” with the GOD CHOSEN (and younger) Leader.  JEALOUSY.  Aho?

OK, meant to be.  So she and a few others will be back-tracking to “find THE “way”.  WON’T!

THIS is the ONLY way…or get lost trying to locate their original entry…back up to HERE.

Anyway, I “help”…and appear to the real leader to advise.  (He thinks I’m a “Godly Spirit”)

I’ve told him what he needs to do….literally MATCH ENERGY with the stone wall and WALK RIGHT THROUGH IT…his followers in line behind him.

It is HARD to OVERCOME THE BELIEF We are SOLID…as well as all OTHER “solid” things.



GOD’S “DayDream”…HIS energy!  Thus we can simply MOVE THROUGH THINGS deemed “solid.”


Otherwise, YOU WILL “STALL.”  “Passing” through nothing….EVER.

Anyway, they WILL split.  And those that stay with the proper leader WILL LEARN THIS…and GO THROUGH to their destination.

The BREAK-OFF Group will RETURN to the Stayers’ spot, AND THOSE THEY LEFT WILL BE GONE.

VERY SHORTLY…perhaps but a few DAYS…she TOO will learn, and go through….BEHIND #1 group.

ALL will end where they started for.  AND SHE and her Son will STILL want to be BOSS!  “Boy” (in his 20s now) BACKING his Mother.  Her “followers” MAY break from her (SOME will, I think) but the rest (a total of 13 I think) will stay with her.


That and the FACT…SOME “WHITES” are going to be in the “goal spot” too…AHEAD OF THESE NAs!

Gonna be a SHOCK to ALL the NAs!   ( :   re


If any have read my original 2 WEBSITES (I’ve had 5 changes since #1)….you will know I had several pictures on those. One set was on THE FORBIDDEN PYRAMIDS.  “Forbidden” by a (now) secret military base.

Believe me…when I say FORBIDDEN…it IS!

WELL guarded.  Snipers to “Black” Copters to “boxed” 1 1/2 – 2 ton roving RADAR trucks that SLOWLY roam…their ‘dishes’ pointed DOWN…(IE, “sweeping” for WALKERS).

Its no place a person wants to be caught on….GUARANTEED!

I spent 5 1/2 hours there…cloaked in Invisibility.  A HARD TRIP.  (Longest I’ve ever done this).

Tho I could not be SEEN…those trucks and the Tech they had was things that COULD “pick me up.”

There is MUCH I could tell of this site.  OF the PAST of it tho….not its ‘Now’.

The ‘Now’ is to remain untouched….let the Government have its ‘being’.  Wasn’t of interest to me….other then to warn why you should NEVER go there.  Aho?

There are other sites similar….some FAR BIGGER.  Unknown to the “passer-bys”.  Every day man drives over ‘em, walks over ‘em….sleep in their homes above ‘em.

All there, right below us.

Ancient to today’s modern.

Not ALL are “OUR” ‘bases’.  A number are NOT!

I’ve been instrumental in closing…PERMANENTLY…one Small one, that’s not “ours”.

This planet is VERY busy.


Even ancient sites…UNREPORTED (illegally) to the proper Government Agencies… as to not stop building $$ making communities (I’m referring to “Gated” High-Rise places.  Aho?

WHAT A DESTRUCTIVE RACE we humans are.  sigh

Someday, You and I will be a “dig” of our archeologists of the very distant future.  OUR Communities…..OUR Cities….YOUR HOUSE Foundation.

I wonder what they will think.

Yup, someday YOU will be on the future Hologram “TVs” of tomorrow.   SMILE!   ( :   re


This is a comment from reader Al, that Red Elk thought was so important it needed to be answered in a post:

Comment: I think it’s good(bad for us) he’s being called home because to me he seemed so disillusioned and hurting. I also saw him on youtube and could sense his godliness but was a little thrown off because he seemed to dislike christians and I assumed maybe God hadn’t revealed to him that he had a son. Now I can see his dislike was probably towards the religious establishment telling the indigenous their beliefs are nonsense. Are there any books that talk about true African religion/spirituality? I’m currently reading the books you recomended about Indian spirituality /shamanism but have never heard anyone mention any books about Africa. I’m African and most of my life bought into the distorted view that it’s all witchcraft and voodoo. I want to know the truth even if it’s just about one of the Countries like South Africa.

Hello Al… may be interested to know there’s an African/American that’s the Inner Heyoka FOR THE ARABIANS.  Tho I helped in his training, for the life of me I can NOT recall his NAME!  sigh
As for Mutwa….he has One book out (Actually he has many.  Go to this link at Amazon . – WS).  I THINK its called (of) FIRE, WATER, and WIND.  (I have one here, stored, somewhere) “VOODOO”????  Read THIS…you’ll understand MUCH better.  You’ll get a REAL INSIGHT into ALL Black Africans’ beliefs.
We of NA “Medicine” are ALSO labeled under “voodoo”…amongst other name “types.” The very word SHAMAN has ALL under “Witch Doctor”.  (SHAMAN is THE NAME of  of RUSSIAN Med. Men/women).  Seems EVERYTHING NOT “Christian” is Labeled “Shaman” (witch / voodooist / etc) IE : “BAD”.

It’s a matter of PERSONAL “Heart”.

There ARE a few who are NOT in The Inner Heyoka who WOULD BE….and, in a “Godly Sense,” ARE….simply because they will NOT “Do” for SELF / MONEY / PRESTIGE / EGO /  Etc.
“Pure Hearts!”
Not just in N. America, but World Wide (Thank CreatorGOD)!

To a “man”, these “Followers” are RESPECTED and LOVED by MANY….but “labeled” / DESPISED / Etc. by FAR MORE Many.

SO WAS JESUS (“Big Brother”).

If you’re a Bible reader, you will see what the “ESTABLISHED” religion Leaders / followers called HIM!

It is not an Easy “road” to follow GODLINESS.  FAR Harder to be VOCAL and EXAMPLER of it.

MUTWA has been DUPED…and is FIGHTING something he is blinded too.  Still, he DOES occasionally “come out” and bears “fruit.”

I will be sorry to see him go.  A GOOD MAN!  Aho?

I will be as Sorry to see the Dalai Lama go.  HE STILL HAS NOT GOT TO THE “ROOTS” OF HIS DEEP KNOWLEDGE.
Only ONE “Step” to GO.  (Hope he finds it and tells it before leaving…as his NAGUAL’S Many Incarnations will be Totally UNFULFILLED.
That one (the High Lama) will NEVER RETURN.  (Tho you can BET a FAKE ONE will be “lauded” as “he”…”returned”)

THIS Dalai Lama will be DONE at his death.

Brother, there is so MUCH you / all DON’T KNOW!

One thing leads into another when you DO know.  IF.  Aho?


I could teach for DAYS ON END…and simply DEEPLY “Scratch” the SURFACE of the Knowledge I DO know….and I STILL have A LONG WAY TO GO!

I too will die.  But HE NEVER DOES.  All we of G(o)od can do is help make you AWARE.

“Voodoo”?  Or UN-UNDERSTOOD ways?


Before I close here, I will say this:  One does NOT need to be “possessed” or Drugged to DO WHAT WE “12” DO.  So I ask you to be AWARE and STAY AWAY from The VOODOOIST’S “way” of “doing”.

Stay PURE…stay FULLY IN “HIM”…and you’ll NEVER be an UNGodly “doer”.

Aho?   re


Credo Mutwa…one of our 12, knows his time is very close.  He’s 90.  Dying.


His charge is all of Black Africa.

We are “leaving” folks. Think we are down to 10 (once he is gone).

NONE will replace us.  Ever.
We are the Last of this PRE-TRADITION Society.

“Tradition” is an Off-Shoot of this Inner Heyoka….LONG before them.  Taught at Big Brother’s feet when He was in The AMERICAS.  (No, I’m not a Mormon…but they are right…He DID “Walk the Americas”)

13 learned at His feet.  One turned “Judas” and started the Traditionalist Way.  Aho?

Ok, learn from us….WHILE YOU CAN!    WE ARE BEING CALLED “HOME”.   re

Regarding the message below (about the Medicine Wheels – WS): I’ve had 2 ask to go to these “sites”. “WHERE ARE THEY, re?”


Why? Well maybe those ASKING won’t tell….but WILL tell 1 or more. In time the common “White Invasion” will occur. Once again, if ONE NON-NA KNOWS….In time a few HUNDRED will!

Not ALL will “hold them Sacred” Stones will be removed (“as a souvenir”)….Etc.. DESTRUCTION!

Sorry folks, you Non-NA are like that.

We’ll (NA) keep these places “to Ourselves”. THE NON-NA TOO UNTRUSTWORTHY!

So, “don’t ask…cause I WONT tell!”

(See what “you’ve done to yourselves?”) “YOU” CANT BE TRUSTED!”

Sorry. re

A brother wrote:

Dear Grandfather Redelk,

Thank you for that info-sight on power outages. That happened to us this year in the beggining of summer. My father had two fans that run on batteries. Have candles and food stuffs on hand. We lived in California before moving to Arizona. Actually born there and the earthquakes there prepared us for emergencies. Never knew when a big one would hit.  So power could be down for some time.

Another note to add was looking up on those cookstoves that run on batteries and came across all these native (natural stoves) on this page: You can download a page there where they have alll these cooking stoves from all the world.

Wow never knew all these brothers and sisters are way ahead of us in this natural living cooking wise. We are dumb
downed street shoes dummies thinking we have it made. Boy oh boy. We need real education in our “schools”.

Been having a problem with my left wrist area fell asleep on it and the weight well kinda kinked it or something. Well thought about maybe telling you, but then started to talk to Pops’ . Went to lie down on my bed and just started to do slow breaths and do exercises slowly moving my wrist doing these exercises i’ve never thought about doing. Slowly breathing and moving my wrist. Knowing the Creator was helping me out. My wrist is much better now. But that’s the kinda connection you get when you trust Pops’. I know my wrist was strained and not broken cause I know what a broken bone feels like. So that’s why I did those exercises. Knew it would help. Thank you Creator!

I know what that brother or sister  meant by just talking to him just in morning or at night. I’ve done that, or maybe just going out in the car. Like going shopping talking with big bro Jesus or Pops’. Last time I went I actually started to say ‘ DO i REALLY NEED THAT”. Stopped me from buying things I didn’t need. Still working on that. I do research alot of stuff now. I just don’t buy stuff cause it’s made by so and so. I try to see if the cost of an object is worth the money your paying for. Meaning will it wear out or have a longer use. Because sometimes or alot of times things or objects are made using the cheapest components that break so you have to keep buying the same stuff over and over again. If you buy or make stuff make it the best you can. I think as people we lost that in making stuff. Now it’s just the profits most people want and no honor in what you make to help our brothers and sisters.

Well Grandfather Redelk blessings to you and your family.

STUDIED World Stoves for YEARS!  KNOW ‘EM WELL!  Made a few too.  DITTO NA!  Nothing new to me.  MAY know a small few UNWRITTEN OF!  YOU learn.  I HAVE! ( :
Even Solar(s) of SEVERAL TYPES!   To Whites :  “NEW TECH!” ….to US….ANCIENT Tech..  Aho?  ( :

Cooked a number of times on ancient Eskimo BLUBBER “stoves”….and even SUN Dried FISH  (Wife LOVES this…I don’t care for fish).  Ever split fish and LAY IT IN THE SUN to dry / eat?

I’ve DELIBERATELY reFUSED to learn how to make a fire, with ANY means.  I PREFER No FIRE Cooking, at ALL!  DO cook…when with others and LOVE the ZZSTOVE for this.

Why do I prefer NO fire cooking?  TOTAL STEALTH!  No fire LIGHT…..No smoke SMELL!  Been doing this since before my TEENS!  I’ve been “in training” for a LONG Time…for WHAT’S DUE AHEAD!  Meant to LEARN so CAN help “runners” / Etc.  Aho?

“You” people are SO DANG ARROGANT!   Gonna be REALLY HARD on “you” CAUSE “YOU” RELY ON MAN “TECH”….and DAMN if “You’ll” PAY ATTENTION!

GREAT ON WRIST!  SUPER!   ( :  And AGREE on Commercially Made items…MOST ARE in for ONLY PROFIT.  To Get MORE…send to countries with Starvation live-ers…a DISGUSTING Near SLAVE LABOR group(s).  Then buy from ‘em CHEAP and SELL HIGH!

I have a CHEAP Picnic Table….NICE to see AND DOES ITS JOB…FOR AWHILE!  Now falling apart.  Going to make my OWN…the NA Type.  LOOKS PRIMITIVE (“rustic”) …but LASTS FOR YEARS!  Cost?  ZERO! (unless I BUY, and not MAKE,  the ROPE needed).

Have you ever MADE your own ROPE?  Or, for that matter, your own SHOESTRINGS??? Doesn’t cost a CENT!!!

Yup, “you” have no, to little, concept on living WITHOUT A $$ Bill. SLAVES YOURSELF, and THINKING “its GREAT!”

How “great” is it NOW?  “Owning ” a Home NOW TAKEN AWAY! ???  Looking to make payments on that “Great” New Car?  Etc.  Etc.  ???  ALL Many HAD…NOW LOST or Scrambling to KEEP!  (Most not NEEDED in the first place).

Sad, kid, SAD!

And THAT’S trying to exist in THIS “Life”.   WHAT ABOUT THE “AFTER” (this) LIFE???

I’ve been “sent” to help a bunch of “ding bats”!

Sighhhh……….  Still,      S  O  M  E       PAY ATTENTION!!!…. …PTL!