Energy Exchange (Donations, Help, etc)

When approaching a Medicine Man for knowledge or help, there are certain protocols that should be followed out of respect for them.

When one wants to speak to a Medicine Man, it is not appropriate to approach empty handed. You must exchange Energy for Energy.

When writing a Medicine Man: send a self addressed stamped envelope with your offering of tobacco.

When meeting in person always bring tobacco (at least!)

When e-mailing (yes – e mailing) do not ask for knowledge without being sure to reciprocate in equal ways.

Many people do not realize this. Red Elk answers 80 e mails a day – how many are returning the energy that he has spent on his efforts to work on behalf of the creator?

Anytime I (Heather) arrive to see Red Elk, I have at least a couple pack of smokes if not a carton of Pal Malls (it happens to be his favorite – original – soft pack – no filters), food and money.

Even as I work on editing his book – he spends equal time with me in “teachings”. As Red Elk would say “Aho!?” (meaning – do you understand!?)

Red Elk is now 68 years old – and has dedicated his life to his spiritual work. When we receive services rendered by doctors and teachers …. do we not expect to pay for those services? Never take advantage of a person who works on behalf of the greater good – who would not cease to teach just because the approach was disrespectful. Contemplate this: how does a Medicine Man collect retirement anyway? I think his time has come to have all that work he put out into the world assist him in sustaining his family (which includes all of us when you think of the prayers, teachings, tellings and support he has provided).

If you wish to reach Red Elk and stay …. feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do. My e mail address for all Red Elk matters is:


Red Elk has left the building. His friends, family and community continue his work. If you have any questions please contact:

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