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Ever consider this word ?
I “see” it as DIS-EASE.
IE : a DIS-EASE of NOT BEING Spiritually “In Tune” WITH OUR CREATOR.
So “out of step” it “Pops Up” in forms of Sickness  
 (And yes…I include MYSELF in this as well.  SHOULD show you how “HOLY”  I AM!).    re


Dick Bowman….aka “GREENSTONE”….PASSED AWAY.  He’s is linked to my blog.  Please inform the readers.  Keep his tellings on.  thanks.  re

A Message from Abroad

To Red Elk:

A neighbor just came to ask if I have water…….. because the water at the campsite is off due to a leak somewhere.
He kept on complaining that the water was switched off without any warning.
I told him:”I am telling you and others already for years now, to have a rain barrel of water inside in case the water is switched off, making ourselves more independent from the system.”
He kept on complaining. I told him:”See this as a small warning, as a lesson of what might come and how dependent you/we are.” Unfortunately he kept on complaining also about his partner having a bad mood because she hadn’t have had her cup of coffee yet and can not use the toilet.
Gee, this unwillingness to think independent.
Gets time for me to continue making the plans with a friend to move to eastern Europe (there we can afford a house and garden) and live as sustainable as possible. Otherwise the community here will stand at my door….. instead of using what I share to make themselves independent and self-sustainable.
Gee (again)….. I get soooo tired of this immature mindset most people have…..
Please God, have mercy on ALL of us.



From Red Elk –

I am attempting to send this…AND A FOLLOWING ONE for u to read N THINK ABOUT!

This (n other) FROM a ‘sister’ WHO IS experiencing this right NOW! 
I am TRYING to NOT Send her E address as well.  HOPE I’M SUCCEEDING.  ???
Selma is from Holland…is VERY CONNECTED and FULLY “Checking” on things I’ve shared….LIVING “IT”.
We have been “together” for years.
She writes back:
Yes, i already have for a while the feeling my time here is soon over. I think i was here to show the people how to set up a sustainable as possible space….. with using thrown away materials and 2nd hand stuff. Showing different ways of gardening, eating (vegan or vegetarian and raw = no need for gasbottles nor fire), rayburn or other woodstove to cook (if they please) in winter and easier to find fuel to heat. Even the grainmill and other ideas to use human power. Told them they can use the grainmill with THEIR OWN GRAIN……. because i do not have it (hardly eat bread and only in winter a pizza for visitors). Showed them different waterfilters and told where to get them cheap. And on and on and on. NO ONE interested. Except one has a small veggie garden…… for fun!!! (at least has one). The other people quit their veggie garden.
PLUS an other exception: the lady i met here. She has had a home in Tsjech Republic with her former partner. Sold her part to him when they split up. She wants already for years to buy a home and small garden in Hungary. Hungary yet not in the Euro = cheap compared to here. She likes my idea of sustainebillity and more independent. So now she understands why i like a larger plot as garden.
Same as me: she does not want to do that moove on her own.
So….. we are making plans now. Sharing our thoughts and ideas…. and see where they match, where they differ and where we can compromise.
She is a better builder and technician than i am. And i like more in gardening, foodpreparing and housekeeping than she does. So: in that way it is a good match too.
Plus: she is a survivor. She got breatscancer in her early 30. After her breasts were remooved, she kept immediatly on working as taxidriver (her own company than) ….. when even the drains from the opertation were still in her body!!! She is tough…. and gentle at the same time.
AND: she likes my way of eating and is doing that now too!!
And we both are deffinetly hetro = straight.
We have already looked for what is on the market in Hungary at internet. And are making plans to go there when she has holiday: end of september/start of october.
Already for a while i am placing stuff i do not use now, in bananaboxes and store them.
Also in case the campside goes bankrupt/forclosed and we might have to get off here. Than at least i am in some way prepared. And what is not in boxes yet and in use; i have all plans already ready in my mind and keep on continuing storing empty bananaboxes (a real challenge to keep them stored dry and away from wasps to built their nest in it!!).
In the shed, i placed as much as possible in smaller boxes and wrote at the outside what is in the box.
Well, will see what of my dreams and ideas our Father wants to come true!!


Still Think I’m Nuts?

To any who has read or heard my “Great Vision” and STILL THINKS ME “nuts”…..go watch your TV News…or simply walk outside and LOOK.   IT IS HAPPENING…and HAS been so for a number of YEARS.
The only difference being…As TOLD…its ESCALATING.
This WILL GET so BAD  you can Choke on your “blindness” and “laughter”.
AGAIN , IT CAN STILL BE CHANGED,  Stopped COLD….by YOU / Us in the Masses!   IT NEED NOT  HAPPEN!!  

A Request

As “The Great Vision” rolls on….I’ve become very tired. nearly physically unable to carry on.  If this does happen it will be You that “takes over”.  I HOPE you will.   GB    re


To all;  in TELEPATHY…be it human to human,  human to animal, etc,, humans to aliens, humans to LL nature(el)…. there IS NO LANGUAGE BARRIER ALL can understand each other. 
This is the Main FAULT why people DON’T ACCEPT something/one is trying to talk to you.  re

What Makes Reality?


It’s simple…..CONSISTENT and CONSISTENCY T H I N K I G it is.

In truth, this is simply a DREAM that is BELIEVED so CONSISTENTLY….that it (?) becomes CONCRETE in your MIND.

The more who THINKS the SAME WAY makes it More and MORE a “true” FACT.

For those who can THINK OTHERWISE, it is THOSE who become / are “DFFERNT”. It is THOSE who KNOW THIS / THESE things mankind has MASS CONCRETED…..Do NOT NEED BE for that / those Indiviguals who THINK “OUTSIDE THE “BOX”.

Medicine People THINK (dream) Differently and thus can DO the “Impossible”.


Know this and WORK THE / THIS D R E A M!