Misc Dome Photos

The 3

The blue and white dome in the back is Skydome, with Dome #1 and #2 (Adam's Dome) in front

Dome #1 (brown) and Dome #2

Dome #1 is the brown one in the background, and #2 is the currently gray.
Inside of Adam's Dome

Inside of Adam's Dome

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  1. The shelter looks comfortable. When you fire up your stove during cold winter days, what is the temperature in your dome? The price is sure right for a survival shelter. Good for you—— getting off the grid.

    Did you make a DVD showing how you built it?

  2. Whale Sister says:

    My first dome (dug-in stove) heats nicely from the KNEES UP (setting on inside step). BUT, have NOT had it in FULL “BLAZE”.
    I feel this is my fault…being an experiment and my 1st. I’d do better next time around, I’m sure. EVERYONE LIKES THIS ONE’S LOOKS. Me too.

    Adams dome (#2) has a very small BARREL Stove, and WOW! WHAT HEAT! Top TO BOTTOM! Even at near 0 (F). Had an In-Ground PIT…in it’s center. Like a big Campfire. VERY Nice BUT a ROOM “Taker”. The Barrel one is against the wall by the doorway (heavy blanket “door”). A 3 in. wire “cage” behind it with Aluminum Foil behind THAT (right at wall). The cage filled with large crushed LAVA Stone. This stores heat at wall and radiates back to the “all”. The wall is Plastic TARP / Layered with old (thick) blankets and old sleeping bags…then another tarp. Berming outside with 10 inches of straw “pads” first…then dirt. Come spring I’ll put wildflower and grass seeds over all.
    As in #1, I “do” as a dome-style tent (Adam’s just like that)…even #1 has that “High” spot, BUT…AT WIND SIDES (2 directions) the berming is WIDESPREAD. A “cockroach” “look”. Decreasing winds’ flows. SMOOTHER flow. (Like a worn PEBBLE in a creek…NOT like a ROCK that creates “Push” in “Eddys”. Working WITH nature. Man builds WIND “CATCHERS via SQ. and HEIGHT. Via this, the dome(s) are LOW…Earth “hugging” and far more natural.

    Sky’s Dome (SkyDome) is nearly finished. Lack of $$ and winter has temporarily stalled this one. A “CASTLE” compared to the other 2. This one has a 1960s “modern” cone stove. A “Cold” abode. GREAT in late spring to mid / end of fall. I used this because I HAD it. (Using as much salvage as I can to show what Homeless to Low income people can do). Ah?

    ALL 3 DOMES HAVE ELECTRICITY TO THEM (extension cord from house)…HEATERS INCLUDED. (As yet never turned on).

    Sky’s has a bathroom (toilet PortaPot) and Shower (small Galvanized Tub)….plus room to move about. It also has an “attic” (stretchable Net), a “Closet”, Pretty Blue blanket as “door”, a Cooking Area (can put camp stove on and still room for kitchen “stuff”). It seats 9, sleeps 2 A-OK, 3 “in a pinch”. Basically a “Bachelors Pad” for a 14 yr. old…..or “show offs”. ( :
    It’s bed”room” is on a ledge…..4 “Sweeping” steps to it. 4 inch foam mattress / “couch”. It’s back another 4 in. foam “mattress”. This removable for a FLOOR bed for #2 sleeper. A rolled up foam “egg” mattress fills a hole between head of bed/couch and back of Bathroom. This as bedding for #3 sleeper (floor).

    Everything “fits” neatly and nicely…allowing a VERY BIG Main Floor.

    Under the kitchen table (a slab of tree…all polished and HUNG from Willow Inner Frame), has the big camp cooler and 2 “see-through” lidded containers atop (or, if preferred, below). These 2 have Slide-Out Drawers. Can Goods / Etc. go in these.
    For PAPER Dishes and silverware (dollar store items) go into a Cheap Shop Back Pack. That too hung from willows at “table” area. ALL 3 DOMES HAVE THIS “Back Pack” SYSTEM.

    Skydome will have an added small “slab” shelf above / side of “table” as well. (Ditto” at head of his bed).

    ALL have Electric Lights. 2 now have radios. Multi Plug-Ins (all) as well. Adam hooks in his Laptop, and works as he listens to his radio. ALL Radios are WIND UP / SOLAR powered as well.

    ALL of us try NOT to use the Electricity, so use sparingly. Have gas generators…not hooked up and running. Also I have a YACHT Wind Mill (GIVEN when yacht owner decided to get a larger one). Yet another Given gift…a TINY SOLAR “Panel” (Keeps cell phone / Laptops charged). Haven’t hooked it up as yet ether. (MAY charge Radio, but its awfully small). ???

    ALL DOMES where made with NON-POWERD HAND TOOLS. Sorta. (Got tired of drilling via twist drill and borrowed a drill with Battery run capability).

    Main Tools : Small Shovel Hand Saw Trowel Hammer. (things homeless can get rather easily).

    I’ve used alot of rocks, gravel (side of road), Small Boulders (You-carry Size).

    Basic $$ was spent on Cement / Stove Pipe (CAN make my own … just was getting tired), Tape.

    #1 Dome FULLY COMPLETED (interior / walk way / water fall) and GASOLINE (to “get) : $300.00 EVEN.

    # 2 (Adams) cost (willow / fame AND Tarps : 10 CENTS! (Another close to $200.00 with fancying up the inside)

    SkyDome will be JUST UNDER $400.00, COMPLETE! (I’ve all needed to finish).

    Remember, the costs of a BASIC is ALL one NEEDS. I sorta kinda have gone “overboard” “Fancying”. Aho?

    Remember too, I’ve used ALOT (nearly ALL) of “Freebies” / Salvaged “makings”.

    Most aren’t as “lucky” as I. Few “see” anything but JUNK….ugly Rocks / Useless (but for firewood) Dead trees / Etc.
    Thus, those who do similar, well, THEIR costs will go FAR HIGHER.

    Just last night I was asked “What can I do with several (BIG) wood CRATES”! Gave her a LONG LIST of things she / husband can do. Long, but JUST a START!

    I ask YOU…what would YOU do with these?

    I tell you JUST AS TRUE….THINK DIFFERENTLY (Out Side The BOX)….”See” differently and “GO FOR CHEAP!”

    KNOW about local building laws (mine, as is : TENT…when bermed ; ROOT CELLAR). NO RESTRICTIONS. NO TAXES. NO BUILDING INSPECTORS / Costs.


    I bought a DOUBLE (long) old PORTA TOILET ($300.00) from the local OutHouse renter … then pay the $20.00 for them to clean (3 times a year.).
    This “Double” is WIDE (great for those on crutches / etc.) AND WE CAN SHOWER IN IT (Solar Water Bags)!

    We have a WOODEN (“regular”) Outhouse as well…(cut out “moon”) an all. TURNING THAT INTO A SMOKEHOUSE. ( :

    As for filming the making : no. Camera Pics only. BUT ALL 3 ARE FILMED (as is)…outside and in.

    I HOPE to put out a “How To” “hippy type” Booklet on building these.

    You got more then you asked for….sorry, but I’m having so Much FUN with this…I sorta kinda “get outta hand”.

    If you are close by, write and I’ll be glad to show….and TEACH. We live in E. Wa. State…RIGHT BESIDE THE I-90 FREEWAY! Red Elk

    PS, I see you keep referring to “it”. ONE. Theres ARE pics of the OTHERS on this Blog too. Might be interested.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I appreciate that. I wish I could see it in person, but I am across country in the state of West Virginia. A couple of years ago, I bought the DVD you did with Stew Best. A very good work and I hope to see you 2 work together again. I’m getting older, but think I could half-way put together one of these. It reminds me of a wickiup I saw on the Youtube bushcraft channel. Will send some $ for the great info. Thank you.

  4. I want to send you a donation, but I cannot find your snail mail address on your web site. Please send me address info. Thank you.

  5. Whale Sister says:

    What about using the PayPal ‘donation’ button? Or are you not wanting to use PayPal at all?

  6. I like to use money orders.

  7. Whale Sister says:

    (this is Red Elk’s answer! 😉 )
    Well THANK YOU! But won’t hold you to it. Never do.
    Adam’s Dome (#2) IS a Wikiup. Apache style BUT with Rain / Snow “igloo” entrance. Down in their country there’s not much of that. Aho? AND this is FIRMER made. But still, a Wikiup. Aho?

    My first a LONGER type. Ojibway like.

    Sky’s (#3) a HUNGARIAN Gypsy “BENDER”.

    All 3 are basically of the same standard Wikiup “back round” tho.

    MANY abodes, WORLD ROUND, had THE SAME SIMPLE Design and Doing.


    If planning to build…AND Cheap / Simple….you ought to. READ THE MANY MANY Back-and-Forths there (“comments”).

    Also search “TINY HOUSES” and MANY others similar, on Internet Search.

    You may be just a “dreamer”….but…WHY JUST DREAM? GB re

  8. Yes. I did read Build A Cabin On a Shoestring Budget, and most ( but not all ) of the articles and links on your web site. I listen to all of Stewart Best’s updates with Larry Taylor and Mr. Best mentions you frequently. Do you plan to do any updates with him? Also, if you build another dome, I hope you tape it and offer it on DVD. I’d jump at the chance to buy it. I want to send you a money order for the info you offer if you’ll send your or WS’s address. Take care and God bless.

  9. Whale Sister says:

    I did, via email. Is the email you gave WordPress still current?

  10. Just checked my e-mail and I have the address. After reading about energy exchange, I wanted to donate. I probably would not have even thought about it if I hadn’t read that. I guess most of us don’t realize the time it takes to maintain an informative website like this. I’ll stop at the P.O. on the way home from work tomorrow and get the m.o. in the mail. Thank you.

  11. Whale Sister says:

    Up to them. We 12 don’t ask. Aho? re

  12. Hello WS and RedElk,

    According to the confirmation receipt information on the USPS website, the money order arrived at your post office on 12-16-2010. Please let me know if you received it. I’ll hold on to my receipt until you let me know.

    Any snow in your area? We got 6-7 inches in my area this week and the temp. got down to 5 degrees F.

  13. Whale Sister says:

    Snow? sure. So far, over all, somewhere above 4 ft. Cold? yes…down to 13 + below 0(F). Being these domes are not constantly lived in (heated) there is some bending in on 2 domes. This due to my being unable to keep them cleared of snow / melt and freezing (ice). Both easily re-bent when all melts off. Willows are “springy”. All 3 are very much still useable ‘as is’. Actually the Ice formed has been like being Cement Covered….which
    strengthens them…..something that has been my intention all along (sprayed on Papercrete). Remember, I’ve built for HOMELESS and those with VERY LOW Finances…for those who would not be able to cement theirs. AS LONG AS ONE CLEARS OFF SNOWS, they will NOT be bent-in damaged.
    I’m more then VERY PLEASED at how WELL the 3 are doing under the circumstances. Aho? re

  14. WS, did the $50 money order arrive last week?

  15. Whale Sister says:

    I don’t know. He’s having trouble receiving email, so until that gets fixed I’m not able to ask or forward your comment.

  16. Whale Sister says:

    YES…way behind on mailing thanks AND XMAS CARDS! THANK YOU! re

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