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I searched my personal emails with Red Elk – on death – this is what came up – I am not going to fix his spelling….h

you KNOW

The hardest thing I can EVER TELL YOU…is this :   YOU KNOW

This told to me by a brother Med. Man  (Elk Chief…Rod Skinindore….ie  Elk Chief).

Im my case i was given an “impossible” thing to do.

I asked HOW DO I DO IT?

his reply;  you KNOW

Stoped me Cold.  “Quarreled” with him.  His constant reply ;  you Know.

It took me a # of years to UNDERSTAND…and he Was RIGHT.  i DID KNOW!

I will forever be thankful for his telling.

How can you KNOW something with out KNOWING “it”?

You, reader, will understand in time, that   ALL      K N O W S  All!

“Growers ” will be as frustrated as was I.  GUARANTEED.

VERY VERY FEW Of The GROWERS will FULLY Comprehend it, though….to the DEPTH of it.  Its FULLNESS.  VERY few.

Perhaps This will help ;

ALL are BORN WITH the ability to DO the THINGS of GOD.    The FULL KNOWING.

YOU STILL HAVE THAT…locked DEEP INSIDE YOUR “Pre” Emergece from your mother womb.  IT WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.  EVER!

Even Death won’t “erase it.”  Death will only OPEN the GIVEN KNOWLEDGE…”freely”….for you.  After MOMENTS, you WILL ONCE AGAIN HAVE that BORN WITH KNOWING  Fully to your’ THEN New (Soul) Body.  THEN u’ll understand.  TOTOL!

It is a shame so few will have the stamina to re-learn NOW.  In THIS Life.

Some WILL tho.  Yes, some WILL.  Ho


Our “Up-Stairs” knowledge.

Hidden (by Disobedience to GodCreator) when YOU began to go into the sinful Mans’ Way.

Again, VERY FEWW WILL FULLY UNDERSTAND….now, yet it IS a “Goal” to “Swim For”…HERE…NOW….to EXAMPLE for All (that’s left).  Thus these “Full Connectors) WILL BE HERE ON EARTH…to HELP Other ‘survivors’ along on (n toward” a NEW Life of GODLINESS LIVING!


“Big Bother WILL Reign…IN MAN!  TOTOLY!

To all: be aware to understand my twll here.

Yes, you DO KNOW.

We ALL are BORN Knowing..


We KNOW  and too, THEY KNOW.

We (of this planet) are NOT the Only SOUL BEARERS in existence.  If you DON’T BELIEVE THIS….till U fully understand…you never Will KNOW.

Till YOUR Time to “depart.

remember You KNOW.

Now , “work” on THIS “Telling”.

               GB   re

To prep or not to prep – that is the question! I have prepped, and then I have to throw out food due to a power outage that I didn’t realize took out my freezer. Then I start all over again. I was in the Northridge Earthquake, and had to stand in line for water, to not just drink, but to flush our toilets. That made a huge impact on me. I saved my water bottles and when I visited Red Elk and his family I brought the water. They used it because at the time they didn’t have a well. Since he has passed, Meachelle has put a well in. Prepping, sharing and being conscious of rotating your food supply. Once you think it isn’t necessary …. you realize you need it or should have prepared.