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Most across the USA are snowed in….or, in general, in Cold.

Wanna see what YOU CAN DO if “homeless”?  Now’s a GREAT TIME to go BACK YARD CAMPING!  Yup, with a tent (or tarp).  A big bundle of Fire Wood….Sleeping bag or several Blankets.

In short : GO TRY IT!

The house is but yards away.  You won’t die if “too much” for you.


Sky likes to put a “footprint” (cover on the ground and tent set up there, ON IT).  Then put a tarp over the whole (tent is only for 3 seasons).  Once couldn’t get his fire going…so STILL Camped, WITHOUT Fire.

Kid has guts.

There have been a couple of times he a buddy(s) slept in one dome.  TO “MUCH” FOR THE FRIEND(s)!  So ended up coming in. SKY did NOT want too.  If it wasn’t for his buddy(s) “crying” he would have stayed out.

Like I said : “Guts”.

The “safety” of a warm house just yards away helps “newbies”.  Nothing to cringe about “running”.  At least you’ll get a TASTE of HOW PREPARED YOU ARE!
Best to find out NOW, than when Suddenly FORCED too!

With even this SLIGHT try….it can sure give you Insight!

Seriously, GIVE THIS A TRY.  The opportunity is Here ….NOW.  GB   re


Money Stretcher “Dirt Poor” Toys

Money Stretcher “Dirt Poor” TOYS

Guess I’m still like that. All my life I’ve never had an over abundance of money…And an OVER ABUNDANCE of WANTS.

With a tiny house , mom, dad and 5 kids, dad the “town drunk: and mom over-worked…their never was “fancy stuff” come Christmas. Lucky to have a place to sleep.


Well, CREATE your OWN entertainment!

A big box = a FORT / HOUSE / TRAIN

STICKS can become SMALL DOME HOMES when you get to MY age

A Pop Straw = a BLOW GUN…or SPIT BALL “shooter”

Draw or cut from Funny Page Strips “people”, a bent heavy paper “tab” glued at base helps them Stand

PAPER DOLLS = DRAW “Clothing” / cut with TABS to hold /fold to DRESS THEM

Nut Shell boats…with SAILS

Block of thin wood = RUBBER BAND Paddle Wheeler Boats

Hand Puppets Paper Maca’ Marreninetts

And On and ON


Paper / Sticks / String / Rubber Bands / Steak Knife serrated knife for saw /

Why BUY a toy THAT PLAYS WITH THEMSELVES!? When NATURE / Cheap ‘on hand’ “tools” / and a KID, can BRING TOYS TO LIFE…all on their OWN! ????




Getting DAYS of dishes done…then C was called to a SKY Meeting at school (he’s failing)…then to home and dome clearing.

Sky is NOT “failing,” to ME…..has ALL the SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE he needs.  PASSING THE SPIRITUAL THO!!!

I HATE School “teaching”.  Quit when I was 15  (he’ll be that next month).  Can ALWAYS improve via GED, as I…WHEN HE’S READY (as I did).

I’m quite aware my spelling is SUPER BAD…BIG DEAL!  You can READ it…that’s ALL that matters. (Alot is caused by SHAKES and No Going Back Over what I type.  NO TIME!  TOO many to answer DAILY).

WS doing a SUPER Job of repairing before my writings go on the Blog / Etc..  a VOLUNTEER!!! I’m am so THANKFUL FOR WHAT SHE DOES!  HO!

Takes a GIANT load off Heather’s work (book) and YOUR’S.

I want to Home School Sky…his mom and Meachelle (my wife) won’t allow it.  C (daughter) was…and did FANTASTIC!  (Got her GED too).

In today’s world, it WILL BE RARE to GET a JOB!  Even “Fast Foods”.  Still, I understand “proper” schooling.  Why I want to continue on…in HOME Schooling.  Aho?

No, what people NEED to know is HOW TO “CONNECT” / How to LIVE withIN Nature.  THAT will FEED YOU!  Otherwise : WELFARE…and THAT will go “down the tube” too….in time.

Sky know how to build his own abode….fish….some snaring….go “without”.  Things MANY DON’T.  He’s far better ‘prepared’ then ALOT of the ‘Sheeple’ of most of “civilized” man.

How many KIDS do YOU Know who can cook?  Sew?  Etc. ???  LIFE stuff!  WHO THEN IS THE “SMART” ONE”?   re

(WS – who’s kinda blushing right now! 😀 )

Readers : my wife and I are ‘spatting’…..over WATER!   She’s “gone white” on me…I’m a ‘savage’ to her (at the moment).  Buster water pipes….Frozen water source.  “I WANT MY MORNING SHOWER!!!!!”

That and this:  “and YOU want to move up to even WORSE (conditions)!”

Yes, I do.  “WORSE” will look DARN GOOD before to long.  “Savage” will look DARN GOOD soon, too.

We two are VANGUARDS…running AHEAD of the masses.  ALWAYS ‘In Front’.

This is just ‘another case’.  Aho?

Water will be the least of the problems, but one worthy of being told about (family disagreement).


So, 3 against 1 in this house.  Sky (Grandson) ‘half n half’…so maybe more like 2 1/2 against one.  ALL over WATER “WANTS”.

Many (reading) have teens…or a mate who DONT WANT  A  N  Y  HARDSHIPS. Want the ‘sweet SOFT life’.  THIS WILL CREATE HEAVY STRIFE In Your Marriage / Etc.

Will  I   “fold”?  Nope, I intend to get as ready as I can.  ALL here will NEED what I’m striving for…..A PLACE TO LIVE.  That’s IT!!!  An ABODE to keep warm in.


I will continue on the ‘path’ given…and those here will be THANKFUL I DID SO…..LATER!


Will it be YOU?

Well, expect “disagreements”.  DONT “Push”.  Simply grit your teeth and go on GETTING THINGS READY.

You are NOT alone!      re

“Downsizing”?  Yes, but more like STRIPPING!


Beautiful out.  Going to “broom off” the domes and shovel snow off porch.  14 to maybe 16 inches and still coming down.  “Brooming” is using a broom to push upward from inside.  Did this when in my TiPi.  All snows fall to base and goes up-ward.  INSULATING the whole.  FAR WARMER inside, then.  LOVE IT!

The whites kept their roof nails sticking above the shingles, to CATCH snow.  Today we put out Big Bucks to insulate the daylights in the attic.  Just another way to make someone rich.  Aho?

The common man is so STUPID (in my eyes).

My domes have old blankets over the frame (Sweat Lodge way), with tarp over those.  Snowfall is “broomed” off from INSIDE (push against the inside).  It then slides down and slowly collects all around.  Insulating the ALL.      I LOVE THE STUFF!  (Guess you can call this “Snow Berming”)

Folks, why FIGHT winter?  USE IT and be COMPATABLE with it.  Aho?

Gonna get our snowshoes out and take Sky for a Walk-About.  Get him used to these.

If any are interested, I’ve owned / used a number of styles.  I WON’T USE BUT THE “OJIBWAY” STYLE now.

FANTASTIC “All Around” design.  IVENS SNOWSHOE Co. is where I get ours (3 or 4 pairs).

Decided best to make Tire Rubber “Chaps” instead of full Mukluks.  High enough to strap above the knees.  LESS SWEAT PROBLEMS.  Aho?

Plenty of good SNOW ICE CREAM makings, right outside our door.  (  :

Also got out my Converted Water Ski.  LOVE THIS like you wouldn’t believe!  I took off the skeg and foot “step-in”.  Screwed in good metal “eyes” at top sides.  Drilled a hole at tip (pull rope) AND the BACK.

(Going downhill I walk behind it and hold it back / steer)

I load this with my winter camping gear (AND Fire Wood).  Keeping the load VERY low.  Try to go 10 inches high.  Never above 16 inches.  Use the “eyes” to crisscross rope over the load.


My NA Ancestors did this.  Theirs tho were often 20 ft. long.  Steam Bent the tip.  Glides behind like a breeze.  10 to 15 inch width.  THIN single board.  UNDULATE as you go along….”fitting” the contour of the land.  Aho?

Bought my ski at a ‘cheap shop’.  $5.00.  “Eyes” another $4.00.

Used a Like Ski to make a DOG SLED.  Used an old Lawn Mower Handle.  Ran Cocker Spaniels with our daughter aboard. Gave it to a ‘cheap shop’ after I got malamutes and a freight sled.  THEY SOLD IT IN 4 DAYS!  $25.00 !!!

I’ve taught a number how to make DOG HARNESSES out of old jeans.  Each leg does one dog.  This “doing” from the way the Eskimo in Greenland did, long ago.

Other then having CRAZY coast livers pass by (freeway)…Winter CAN BE FUN!

Why not try it?  GB    re


The Real DNA

Animals fascinate me. Observing all I can as time permits.  Watching how they interact within their own species…as well as others.  This isn’t limited to the 4-legged ‘people’, but insects and worms, birds….well, All.

We all know bees and ants have their way of communicating. Elephants…even fish.  All ‘talk’…in their way.

But to be a PART of these ‘chats’….well, WOW!

Most will never obtain this ability….but, by observing, can Still “get the drift”.

“BODY Language” is now mankind’s most basic.

I’d like to let you know, though, Adam and Eve…and a number of their generations could CONVERSE…mind to mind.  This was an ability to converse with EVERYTHING.

That same ability is embedded into EVERY HUMAN BEINGS’ DNA !

The “Memory Box” we Medicine People call the “Upstairs Knowledge”.

Today, even Scientists and Psychologists / Etc. do not understand we ALL carry ALL KNOWLEDGE.

From Adam and Eve to US.  ALL, embedded in the Passed-On GENES of DNA…..the SOULS within us.

Yes, I said SOULS.  Quad-TRILLIONS of INDIVIDUAL SOULS that work together, as One….that ALL ONE making up what we call SOUL (ONE).

These MANY make ONE.  Literally EACH DNA has ALL of our ancestors’ PASSED-ON remembrances of our Former Ancestor(s).


As we go through our life, we collect knowledge too.  Our Own knowledge.  THIS IS INSERTED INTO   O  U  R   DNA “memories”.

As we create a new life (baby), through our EGG and SPERM combined ‘as one’…into the now-forming fetus.  Thus your mother and father, THEIR mother and father and THEIR mother and father…and on down to the Original two (Adam and Eve)….are EMBEDDED INTO the NEW FETUS.


MEMORY is what makes the SOUL.

Scientists and Doctors may know things like “the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone” / etc..  But they know nothing of the Psyche of man.

Without knowing, they run into perplexions they don’t understand.

One, for instance, is body TRANSPLANTS.

Blood and Skin cells die in 24 hrs, thus too short lived to do what a new Liver or Heart / Etc. does.

These ‘parts’ from a deceased one.  FILLED WITH THAT NOW ‘DEAD’ ONE’S LIFE LINE OF HIS / HER MEMORY SOULS.

A transplant patient NOW HOLDS 2 DIFFERENT Life Line SOULS!

Their own, AND that of the DECEASED.

This, in turn, occasionally gives the new recipient FEELINGS and LIKES the Getter NEVER HAS HAD!

A Non-Drinker (patient) suddenly WANTS A BEER!

The DONOR, LOVED BEER!      Etc. Etc.    Aho?

Not all getters see a change.  Why?  LIKE-MINDED WITH THE DONOR!   Thus, no change.  Aho?

Do you see the IMPLICATIONS in this knowledge?

If your bloodline were Farmers…simply mate with another of similar dna-Like family Lifeline.  YOU THEN HAVE A NEW (and, hopefully….more ADVANCED) future farmer.

Warror?  Ditto.   Presidential line….ditto.  Etc. Etc.


Scientists / Doctors do this by DNA “splitting/mixing”.  Faster.

Aliens do this to us as well.  Faster.

WE do it every time we have a child…SLOWER but NATURALLY.  EVOLUTIONary.  Aho?

ANIMALS as well.  Allowing stronger to survive…EACH TIME.

We HUMANS are breeding into to 3 types.  “Leaders,”     “Middle Management,”    and COMMON (laborers).

A 4th is now being inserted now as well : Middle Management WARRIORS.  The LEADER Warriors use THEM to use WE “COMMON Men.”

The COMMON men are “expendable”…..a “dime a dozen”.  The “Dahs” of the human “chain”.

(“Hell, we have no need to Up their abilities….they are doing just fine on their own.  They’ll Screw ANYTHING!”)

Harsh, but true.

We are NOT ANIMALS…..We / YOU…can BETTER YOURSELF.  Simply change your ways….do G(O)OD(ly) things.  THIS IMPROVES YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN.  As THEY “catch on” to this, and repeat, then YOU have STARTED a FUTURE that is ALL OF LOVE! re

PS:  Watch some doctor or psychologist or scientist or ? read this and “run with the ball”.  CLAIMING IT ALL AS THEIR “FINDING”.  Ol’ Red Elk will never get credit or a CENT out of it.  No ‘fame’. No NOTHING.  Just another theft from an ignorant savage).   re


When planning for our future…always keep your children in mind.  Being (at any time now) our electricity bills will go ether sky high, or even non-existent.  At best, intermittent.

Consider kids “bore” so easily…prepare for this eventuality by buying  NON ELECTRONIC GAMES!

Like: Playing Cards / Board Games / Marbles / Etc., AND INSTRUMENTS.  NA type Drum / Harmonica / Simple Flute / Didgeridoo / Pick-Up Jacks / Jump Rope / Crayons / Puzzles / Etc.  AS WELL AS BOOKS!

Keep these simple, as well as easy to store.

To them, And for YOUR “sanity”….DON’T FORGET THEM!   Aho?   re


The Bathroom Doorway

SkyDome's Bathroom Doorway

The Side Window

SkyDome Side Window

Adam just left.  He and I spent yesterday and today in fixing up the inside of Sky’s Dome.

Yesterday was SUPER!   But TODAY…BEYOND “SUPER”  —-  UNBELIEVABLE !!!   WOW!   WOW!    WOW!!!!

For those who have recently visited….tho just DAYS AGO…NOW would be STUNNED!

The Sleeping Ledge (dirt held back by Vertical cut poles) NOW LOOKS LIKE YOU’VE WALKED TO AN OLD ANCIENT ENGLISH COTTAGE!  A PICTURE painting!

“Wall” now a ‘FENCE’….MANY flowers….MANY (new) HORIZONTALS holding the ‘fence’ together.  MORE moss added.  I mean THIS is BEAUTIFUL!

Bed Side, “Ol’ English.”  Opposite, MODERN “rustic.”

Simply change your seating position and be in “Another” “WORLD”!!!

Again, Pics (yesterday) and TODAY taken.  Looked GREAT Yesterday…but NOW?  SUPER!!!!

An AMAZING DIFFERENCE from BEFORE Yesterday (“Plain”) to Yesterday (REALLY Nice!) to TODAY :  WOW SUPER!!

THIS IS A MAGAZINE-on-CABINS / COTTAGES-places Building now.  Maybe even COVER PAGE!  And STILL Far from DONE!

WATCH FOR THE PICS IN MY BLOG.  SHOULD be up in a week or so.

GB   re


GOT A DONATION TODAY!  Went to Habitat for Humanity.  BOUGHT A BIG (new) RUG!  COVERS ALL GRAVEL (I’m concerned of) now!

ALSO, cut the Horizontal poles and now the INSIDE WALL (dirt) is ENCLOSED!
This thing is going up (inside) FAST!
Can be used as of this Monday, tho still not completed!   PTL!
Will be gone Friday through Monday at the last of this month.  Doing a Seminar on Saturday (Oct 30th) in Kettle Falls, Wa.   GB   re