Things I’ve gotten FOR FREE and using on my Mini Dome building: Logs, Firewood,  2x4s (toss offs),  Dirt (County ditch clean out),  Rocks, Gravel (rd. side),  Sand, Willow trees,  Bark, Tarp, Wind Generator,   Containers, Wire,  Fence Poles, Net, Colored Bottles (windows), Blankets, Sleeping bags, Pillows, Pots and Pans, 7-11 Knives, Forks, Spoons, Water container.

Bought Items:   Cement / Mortar (Under $100.00)

Stove Pipe and Cap  (- $100.00)

Paint  ($20.00)

Fake Flowers  ($12.00)

Metal Tower for generator ($10.00)

Bath Tub $10.00)   (To be in #2 dome)

Rubber Gloves   (- $6.00)

String   ($3.49)

TOOLS Used:   2 hand shovels  (short and long handles), Garden Trowel, Rake, Hammer, Hatchet, Knife, Lug Wrench, 7-11 Big Gulp Cups, Rubber Gloves, Flashlight, Hand Saw, Pliers.

The chimney could be handmade and save $$ on that.
The cement replaced with Mud/Clay/Weed mixture and save $$ on that.

Things needed to make:  DETERMINATION, Occassional Help,  KNOWLEDGE

Advice:  Start with a general plan.  Do NOT stick TO the general plan (be flexible).
Let the EARTH and Materials “Lead”.


USE YOUR IMAGINATION.  (The “Childlike Mind.”)

Expect goofs and LEARN/UTILIZE.

Study American Indian SWEAT LODGE and ABODE building.

Think SMALL.  START Small.  Expand afterwards, only.



Know a “Gnome Home/Hobbit Hut” has NO MISTAKES in making.  These just ADD TO IT’S NATURAL LOOKS.

Remember:  you are NOT building a “White Man’s” house, you are building a PLACE TO LIVE and Keep Warm/etc.


Red Elk



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