The Man-Separation (continents, etc.) was brought on BY MAN.  Their UNITED Arrogance to “Build a GREAT TOWER”…The “Tower of Babel,”  to simply walk up to “Talk with God.”  Never understanding this Tower WAS ALREADY MADE!  It was, and Still IS, the “heart.”
Now our arrogance will, will be humbled…and man Will return to that ONE LOVE BEING.
In fear and trembling, we will be as ONE once again.  The ARMAGEDDON “ROLL” will make it so.
“After”, there will be so FEW of us (mankind) we will SEEK ONE ANOTHER for SURVIVAL of our Species…and ONE LANGUAGE will become.  In that, WE WILL UNITE ONCE AGAIN!

Sadly to say…even THAT unity will pass away.  Over 2,000 years after Armageddon.  THEN the FINAL “Destruction” will be….and the Earth and the Heavens will change.  Our known earth, THEN, will “be destroyed” (disappear) from this galaxy’s Universe AND GO TO ANOTHER!  A DIFFERENT Dimension.   HEAVEN.

It is in THAT TIME that will be “The DAY OF JUDGMENT.”

This I was shown in “The Great Vision.”     re



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