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As you know, Russia has invaded Ukraine, and Red Elk’s prophecies are coming to the forefront of your thoughts, or else you wouldn’t be here. One of Red Elk’s favorite people…David W has been instrumental in keeping me on track to post Red Elk’s messages and he agreed to help me get his work back up on this blog. We will let Red Elk Speak for himself, in his own words, and the posts will be coming soon.

Thank you for showing up.




I searched my personal emails with Red Elk – on death – this is what came up – I am not going to fix his spelling….h

you KNOW

The hardest thing I can EVER TELL YOU…is this :   YOU KNOW

This told to me by a brother Med. Man  (Elk Chief…Rod Skinindore….ie  Elk Chief).

Im my case i was given an “impossible” thing to do.

I asked HOW DO I DO IT?

his reply;  you KNOW

Stoped me Cold.  “Quarreled” with him.  His constant reply ;  you Know.

It took me a # of years to UNDERSTAND…and he Was RIGHT.  i DID KNOW!

I will forever be thankful for his telling.

How can you KNOW something with out KNOWING “it”?

You, reader, will understand in time, that   ALL      K N O W S  All!

“Growers ” will be as frustrated as was I.  GUARANTEED.

VERY VERY FEW Of The GROWERS will FULLY Comprehend it, though….to the DEPTH of it.  Its FULLNESS.  VERY few.

Perhaps This will help ;

ALL are BORN WITH the ability to DO the THINGS of GOD.    The FULL KNOWING.

YOU STILL HAVE THAT…locked DEEP INSIDE YOUR “Pre” Emergece from your mother womb.  IT WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.  EVER!

Even Death won’t “erase it.”  Death will only OPEN the GIVEN KNOWLEDGE…”freely”….for you.  After MOMENTS, you WILL ONCE AGAIN HAVE that BORN WITH KNOWING  Fully to your’ THEN New (Soul) Body.  THEN u’ll understand.  TOTOL!

It is a shame so few will have the stamina to re-learn NOW.  In THIS Life.

Some WILL tho.  Yes, some WILL.  Ho


Our “Up-Stairs” knowledge.

Hidden (by Disobedience to GodCreator) when YOU began to go into the sinful Mans’ Way.

Again, VERY FEWW WILL FULLY UNDERSTAND….now, yet it IS a “Goal” to “Swim For”…HERE…NOW….to EXAMPLE for All (that’s left).  Thus these “Full Connectors) WILL BE HERE ON EARTH…to HELP Other ‘survivors’ along on (n toward” a NEW Life of GODLINESS LIVING!


“Big Bother WILL Reign…IN MAN!  TOTOLY!

To all: be aware to understand my twll here.

Yes, you DO KNOW.

We ALL are BORN Knowing..


We KNOW  and too, THEY KNOW.

We (of this planet) are NOT the Only SOUL BEARERS in existence.  If you DON’T BELIEVE THIS….till U fully understand…you never Will KNOW.

Till YOUR Time to “depart.

remember You KNOW.

Now , “work” on THIS “Telling”.

               GB   re

To prep or not to prep – that is the question! I have prepped, and then I have to throw out food due to a power outage that I didn’t realize took out my freezer. Then I start all over again. I was in the Northridge Earthquake, and had to stand in line for water, to not just drink, but to flush our toilets. That made a huge impact on me. I saved my water bottles and when I visited Red Elk and his family I brought the water. They used it because at the time they didn’t have a well. Since he has passed, Meachelle has put a well in. Prepping, sharing and being conscious of rotating your food supply. Once you think it isn’t necessary …. you realize you need it or should have prepared.





Hello Rosa,

Meachelle received the beautiful gifts and offerings. She was overwhelmed, especially because she will be retiring this summer. She puts her yarn supplies to good use, and is like a squirrel with the financial support. She says she hopes that you are blessed beyond all the ways that she can say thank you, because she can not say it enough times. It would have been Red Elk’s 76 birthday on June 18, 2019 and every time something likes this happens she feels very connected to his work on this earth and how it has supported her long after his passing. Red Elk wasn’t traditional, so there is nothing but the love of folks like you that create this security for her.

I am most grateful too…it shows me to keep sending messages of his teachings, and to keep the work going AM & PM as he requested. Much love and safe journeys. May you see all of the beauty in the world and enjoy your moments, every step of the way!

Thank you from Meachelle, family and me! Red Elk too!



Heather’s Journey

Dear Red Elk,
Thank you for giving me the time to come see you Feb 9.  I told you I had some
questions for you.  The questions come from a period in my life where I had
contact.  I am giving you a copy of the letter I wrote Art Bell last year.
This should give you an idea of what I am searching for.  An answer?  An
affirmation?  I don’t really know.  I just know that I need your wisdom.
Thanks for being there,
P.S.  Did you get the second scarf yet?
Sometimes, when I’ve had a cocktail, I want to call
you on the air and tell you this.  I admidt I have
tried, but I always get a busy signal.  I am relieved
the next day I didn’t get through.
I want to take you back to my experiences with UFO’s.
I never claimed to see Aliens.  So I want you to
understand that first.
I was traveling by night to go see my grandfather with
my best friend at the time in 1993.  I was taking 8
east through San Diego, somewhat along the boarder of
Mexico through to Tucson.
There are a lot of closed down air force areas there
and scattered nuclear sites.
As we were driving along a big white light appeared
behind us.  We were not looking for anything at all.
We were going on vacation.
This big white light appeared with some yellow ones on
it’s side.  It came up fast behind us, I was driving
my friend looked behind us and freak-ed…it’s huge
she said, it is so big, like three football fields.  I
didn’t look back.  I didn’t ever speed up.  Just drove
We journeyed along and it would appear and disappear
as we came close to cities and then reappear as we
left them.  The ships would hide in the formation of
the stars above. They would play with us.  IT’s the
only way to describe it.
We started taking many trips to the desert just to
play with them.  There were times when as many as 50
would appear in a field, doing amazing tricks, just
appearing was amazing.
We would get out of the car and we would chase after
them, and sometimes they would turn around and chase
after us…we would run back to the car screaming,
like little kids.
A shaman once told me we acted like children and
that’s why they were in contact with us.
They seemed to follow along the route of the train
tracks and sometimes it seemed like information was
being thrust-ed into our heads so fast it was like our
synapses were snapping and we were geniuses.  I
remember once the thought came into my head that they
were digging underground and dropping the dirt on the
train (going a certain speed it wouldn’t notice the
weight) and then taking it off and dumping it
somewhere else.
One night, the moon wasn’t there.  Then it was there
bright as could be.  Then it turned into a cone and
then a cheese shape.  It was like a hologram.  It was
like a port-hole.  I wasn’t sure if it was a test
conducted by the military of holograms in the air or
We were made a promise once (in our heads) that they
would not take us on the ship but show us them in the
daylight.  We were on our way back in rush hour
traffic about to hit the 10 freeway into downtown LA.
Keri (my friend) was all pissed off because we hadn’t
been on board yet.  I said, “Don’t you remember, they
aren’t taking us on board, they are showing us them
during the day.”  She said, “Yeah, well they didn’t do
that either.”
All of a sudden behind us in rush hour traffic a
silver ship appeared () like that but horizontal.  It
had many little strands of silver that made it up.  I
said, LOOK!  She looked and said “I missed it!”  I
looked to her driving at the time and there it was on
the side of her I said “There!” and she looked….as
it left us it disapated from the bottom up, now
looking like () this but slightly angled.
We kept saying, “This has to be on the radio! Everyone
had to have seen it!”  As we approached Hollywood
boulevard or Melrose Blvd., I can’t remember, we saw
the disc circling above us.  We heard screams and
yells on the streets and we said, “Finally people see
it! They really see it!”
When we got there, it was a gay pride parade.
It later circled around our golf course (this is when
I lived in Hancock park) up in the air.  We saw light
forms in the trees and huge spiders we have never seen
came down in 3’s as if to warn us.
Anytime we talked against them they would disappear on
our travels.  One time when I was looking at this huge
craft with a little one attached I was scared they
were going to abduct us.  I wrote a note saying if we
disappeared it was them.  Keri got so mad at me
because they disappeared after I wrote the note.  She
made me throw it away and then they came back.  That
was on a trip to Idaho…we went through Vegas….They
were overhead as huge as can be over Vegas!
One night we went out in the field and these little
lights, I call them probes danced all around our car
and hands.  If anything was making the crop circles, I
always believed it was them.  Some sort of
communication, data retriever, non touchable but solid
light of many red, orange, yellow colors.
Later, our experiences started to darken.  There were
little mechanical things working on what appeared to
be digging and they had lights on them, as if they
used the lights to not bump into each other.  One
night we went off of Side Winder road.  There was a
pyramid of probes and we were going towards it.  We
found ourself to a flat land over a military type
base.  There was these strange plane/ufo’s triangle
type machines that filled up with huge gas pumps that
were glowing liquid inside.  They had three lights,
two went on each side of them and one down the middle.
That was during a time of med-fly spray warnings.  Med
fly my ass! A police officer appeared out of nowhere
and cornered us in.  He talked about these two girls
who were there the week before who disappeared …we
had been there the week before.  Our lives were
basically threatened covertly that we would disappear
and die,(by the hands of Mexicans crossing the
boarder, as he put it).
I went back to the desert two years ago, and nothing.
Just one big white light once.  Bummer.
So we have the technology, I can tell the difference
between a military UFO and a real one.  The military
flies in formation, the real one dances with us.

This one is tricky!


Hi Rosa,

I was out of the country but when I got home I received a message from Meachelle and she was so overwhelmed with your generosity she wanted to make sure I got another message on the post about your support to her. I have so much to share, and will when I get a chance to talk to Meachelle. Thank you so much. I will return with more information soon.