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A brother sent:

:)….hey u’ll love this little girl…. checkout the look on the UN faces….GB


“And a CHILD shall LEAD”.   re

Note from WS: According to the YouTube site, this video originally came from here: The Girl Who Silenced the World at the UN on the KarmaTube website (even tho it uses the YouTube video) – which is ALSO well worth the time.  If you cannot watch videos, go here, or google ‘Severn Suzuki transcript’ and you’ll find several sites that host the transcript of the speech.

I am one who disagrees with the often said (Science / Doctors / Etc.) that claim mankind are of the Animal Kingdom.

We are a UNIQUE race of beings….Animal LIKE, but ABOVE them.

WE have SOULS….AND Creator Awareness.   Animals only the last.

This constant bombardment of “we are animals” has caused many to BELIEVE it.  Thus ACT LIKE IT.

Sex is one that comes to mind.

It seems mankind have forgotten it is a Gift…..(nice one, too) but WE NEED TO RETURN TO OUR TRUE MORALITY : ResponsiBILITY.

It seems Viagra is always before our eyes.  Now even one for Gals.

“If you are not HAVING SEX, you are not “HUMAN”.

Look what this “gotta be “human”” has done :    10 and 12 yr. old CHILDREN active in sex.

Extremely early mother / father “hood”.  KIDS themselves, trying to take CARE of a KID.  Aho?

Aids / HIV

Pornography and rampant Child Molesters (male AND female)

And now :  WE ARE ANIMALS being told AND BELIEVED!


Sex is GOOD….but choosing to “go” the “open” relationships / etc.  way (just get up and LEAVE when things get rough) instead of the Creator’s way is….well….LIKE ANY ANIMAL.

I tell you true,  Having a Sexual Organ makes you “as an animal” indeed.  This means NO RESPONSIBILITY TO ANY.  To have a  penis or vagina, well,  ALL animals have THOSE!  IT DOES NOT…  N  O  T…  Make you a MAN! (Woman).

Just another…………….ANIMAL!!!

If you SAY you are “Godly”, BE  GODLY!

Think about it.



Hard Time Tips

To ease your ‘path’…is to KNOW HOW to make WILDERNESS LIVING Easier.  Thus :

“By Hook or Crook” was a way folks got high up tree limb deadwood.  Simple: get a long branch, Strip off all BUT THE BIG END with a “hook” branch.  All others taken off.  HOOK the “hook” over the tall branch(es) and PULL Down.  (Watch your head)

To carry out cut firewood : CUT NEARLY THROUGH one “long” log..  Shoulder carry out 3, etc. pieces at a time on  shoulders or Sled.  Break apart at home. STEP on it to break.

To fast dry wood, take a strip of bark off…or more.

Children’s cheap plastic sleds can sure help carry firewood, YEAR ROUND.

If a BIG Log: cut pulling end to a “point”.  Thus won’t “dig in” when pulling out.

BARK makes most of your CREOSOTE.  PEEL and use ONLY AS FIRE STARTER!

If firewood is across a ravine or up a hill….STRETCH A STRONG ROPE ACROSS to your “landing area”.  Cut lengths short.  Pound in U-bend “Fence nails” and SLIDE the wood across on the rope.  ALLOW ROOM to SLIDE down rope.

BE AWARE  these pieces have nails…WATCH OUT when going to landing area to collect.

A large MAGNET can help recoup your nails.

I’ve used a pet cow to pull out logs.  Made a yoke with a partially inflated car inner tube.  TAPE the AIR STEM so as to not harm animal.

Travois on dogs / horses / friendly cow / goats can be made easily.  DON’T OVERLOAD.


In Kindling Splitting….put wood to be spit Upright into center of
an OLD TIRE.  ALL pieces, split, then stand upright and no needless “chasing” and  bending. (Faster, too).

If using a HAND SAW…use KEROSENE to occasionally wet (rag) the blade.  FAR SMOOTHER going.

Hope this is useful for someone…or FUTURE someones.  Aho?  GB  re


The Real DNA

Animals fascinate me. Observing all I can as time permits.  Watching how they interact within their own species…as well as others.  This isn’t limited to the 4-legged ‘people’, but insects and worms, birds….well, All.

We all know bees and ants have their way of communicating. Elephants…even fish.  All ‘talk’…in their way.

But to be a PART of these ‘chats’….well, WOW!

Most will never obtain this ability….but, by observing, can Still “get the drift”.

“BODY Language” is now mankind’s most basic.

I’d like to let you know, though, Adam and Eve…and a number of their generations could CONVERSE…mind to mind.  This was an ability to converse with EVERYTHING.

That same ability is embedded into EVERY HUMAN BEINGS’ DNA !

The “Memory Box” we Medicine People call the “Upstairs Knowledge”.

Today, even Scientists and Psychologists / Etc. do not understand we ALL carry ALL KNOWLEDGE.

From Adam and Eve to US.  ALL, embedded in the Passed-On GENES of DNA…..the SOULS within us.

Yes, I said SOULS.  Quad-TRILLIONS of INDIVIDUAL SOULS that work together, as One….that ALL ONE making up what we call SOUL (ONE).

These MANY make ONE.  Literally EACH DNA has ALL of our ancestors’ PASSED-ON remembrances of our Former Ancestor(s).


As we go through our life, we collect knowledge too.  Our Own knowledge.  THIS IS INSERTED INTO   O  U  R   DNA “memories”.

As we create a new life (baby), through our EGG and SPERM combined ‘as one’…into the now-forming fetus.  Thus your mother and father, THEIR mother and father and THEIR mother and father…and on down to the Original two (Adam and Eve)….are EMBEDDED INTO the NEW FETUS.


MEMORY is what makes the SOUL.

Scientists and Doctors may know things like “the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone” / etc..  But they know nothing of the Psyche of man.

Without knowing, they run into perplexions they don’t understand.

One, for instance, is body TRANSPLANTS.

Blood and Skin cells die in 24 hrs, thus too short lived to do what a new Liver or Heart / Etc. does.

These ‘parts’ from a deceased one.  FILLED WITH THAT NOW ‘DEAD’ ONE’S LIFE LINE OF HIS / HER MEMORY SOULS.

A transplant patient NOW HOLDS 2 DIFFERENT Life Line SOULS!

Their own, AND that of the DECEASED.

This, in turn, occasionally gives the new recipient FEELINGS and LIKES the Getter NEVER HAS HAD!

A Non-Drinker (patient) suddenly WANTS A BEER!

The DONOR, LOVED BEER!      Etc. Etc.    Aho?

Not all getters see a change.  Why?  LIKE-MINDED WITH THE DONOR!   Thus, no change.  Aho?

Do you see the IMPLICATIONS in this knowledge?

If your bloodline were Farmers…simply mate with another of similar dna-Like family Lifeline.  YOU THEN HAVE A NEW (and, hopefully….more ADVANCED) future farmer.

Warror?  Ditto.   Presidential line….ditto.  Etc. Etc.


Scientists / Doctors do this by DNA “splitting/mixing”.  Faster.

Aliens do this to us as well.  Faster.

WE do it every time we have a child…SLOWER but NATURALLY.  EVOLUTIONary.  Aho?

ANIMALS as well.  Allowing stronger to survive…EACH TIME.

We HUMANS are breeding into to 3 types.  “Leaders,”     “Middle Management,”    and COMMON (laborers).

A 4th is now being inserted now as well : Middle Management WARRIORS.  The LEADER Warriors use THEM to use WE “COMMON Men.”

The COMMON men are “expendable”…..a “dime a dozen”.  The “Dahs” of the human “chain”.

(“Hell, we have no need to Up their abilities….they are doing just fine on their own.  They’ll Screw ANYTHING!”)

Harsh, but true.

We are NOT ANIMALS…..We / YOU…can BETTER YOURSELF.  Simply change your ways….do G(O)OD(ly) things.  THIS IMPROVES YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN.  As THEY “catch on” to this, and repeat, then YOU have STARTED a FUTURE that is ALL OF LOVE! re

PS:  Watch some doctor or psychologist or scientist or ? read this and “run with the ball”.  CLAIMING IT ALL AS THEIR “FINDING”.  Ol’ Red Elk will never get credit or a CENT out of it.  No ‘fame’. No NOTHING.  Just another theft from an ignorant savage).   re


Few realize what it takes to feed the masses.  In this case, I will use commercial fishermen as an example:   YOU may see (Basically) a BOAT.  Then the CREW.

It takes FAR FAR MORE THEN THAT to catch a FISH!

It takes the Nuts and Bolts, the TRANSPORTATION to GET those nuts / bolts to the boat MAKER.  Roads for those trucks to travel.  Laborers to build THOSE.  FACTORIES Built to MAKE the parts.  Laborers….even to the “lowest” SWEEPER….just to help BUILD THE BOAT.

THOUSANDS, World Wide….Miners to Paper Workers….WORLD WIDE….just to BUILD THE BOAT!

Then the NETS / Etc.  ON and ON….the WORLD’S WORKERS “provide”.  Aho?

Then, once fueled and tested, and crew assembled…the boat goes to sea.  Out to cast its net.

The oceans are VAST.  But they prevail.  Some days are good…some not.

One never knows…but go on, trying.  Aho?

I, Red Elk, am a crew member.  One who “casts the net.”  But that’s ALL I am.  Without HUNDREDS behind me….the boat wouldn’t BE there…OR be able to go out.

To those who back me AND THE BOAT….the boat CAN go forth to fish.

The Creator is the Fleet Owner.  HE OWNS and see to ALL Needed to “get His Fleet” on the waters.

WITHOUT YOUR HELP….WITHOUT YOUR BEING A PART….this could not be…OR go on.  We ALL “Have a part”.  NEED each other.

I just cast a net.  YOU SUPPORT that DOING.

Either by donations OR BY PRAYER.

Donations brings the fuel needed.  PRAYER MAKES THE JOURNEY SAFE.


Thank You ALL, for being a PART of THIS JOURNEY.

I LOVE to Fish!




GB   re.


I’m NOT KIDDING (not a ‘pun”)….TODAY, for SOME, this MAY be a WISE Form of transportation.

Sending this TO MAKE YOU THINK!

EAT your “Auto” if needed, as well.

Dogs   . goats…NOT JUST HORSES have made Draft Animals for CENTURIES.

I’ve ran sled dogs…winter sled / summer cart.

A local 4-Her boy uses goats. An ADULT here uses his PET BISON!

I’ve used our pet OXEN (before eating).

Can’t see much hope tho, with a “herd” of Chihuahuas.  sigh

You can use A dog (or more) to pull you on BIKE (Check “search”)  OR Foot Scooter.

Before horses the NA used Dogs to TRAVOIS their household makings.



A brother emailed this to Red Elk:

sounds like an incredable world down there….inner sun…unreal….makes Mother really special….GB

He answered:

It has its Ups and Downs.  Downs is “Extinct” species that are NOT extinct….thus DANGEROUS TO Physical Man.  Then too, ONE STEP ABOVE the NEXT Levels….and THOSE : Mostly DEMON(ic).  They have to Pass Through Direct below, to get up HERE.

SO…”Ups and Downs”.  Aho?

Even MORE amazing…the Life BETWEEN are (here) land and the ROOF of Next Down.  What we call “Earth” (Dirt / Etc.).  Yes, THERE!  “Rock Flyers” / “Fairytale” beings / Etc.

But to top THAT is the 7 LEVELS ABOVE US!  7 Layers of the one we call HEAVEN!

Told ya….MUCH mankind has No Idea of.  Aho?   re


Time to Take a Break!

Watch/Listen to this link here!


In my MOUSE / Pack Rat telling…I’d like to note “THEY WON’T LISTEN”…..DID, ‘til just over 1 1/2 yrs. ago.  Now, NOTHING.  Even the HOUSEFLIES won’t hear!

That “Telling” brought a response…another “in touch” having the same problem…”THEY AREN’T LISTENING TO ME, EITHER!”

Odd, ALL the 100% FULLY RELIABLE ‘Signs’ I’ve used, NO LONGER ARE!  I mean Not at ALL!  Furthermore, NO NEW ONES ARE REPLACING THEM!


Why?   Well, IN Scriptures it tells :  “In those days, the BAD will become Good and the GOOD will become BAD”.   WE ARE NOW IN “THOSE TIMES”!

This is just PART of the GREAT CHANGE(ing)!

LOOK at our LAWS that now PROTECT and “EXCUSE” the WRONGDOERS!  A “Spank” instead of a good THRASHING.  “Whistle Blowers” now “The CULPRITS” / Etc.


Yes, we ARE “In Those TIMES”.

THAT’S “WHY”!    re


We’ve been invaded by Field Mice and now Pack Rats (1st cousin to the Peruvian rat called CHINCHILLAS) this year.  For ??? reasons they will NOT hear me and stay out.  WARNED ‘EM “Go, STAY GONE…or Die”).  Ok, their choice.  Time to ‘war’.

We are not ‘killers’ here…tho the mice, well, the HERD of mice, are just TOO MUCH.  Setting mouse traps.  Gotten LOTS too….but still, just not our “thing”.  Aho?

My wife sent me on a “mission”…”GO GET A LIVE TRAP”.  Well, just back.  $90 (+tax )    for  the    smallest   is      TOO  much.     Did get Regular types tho…PLUS Sticky Strips AND Poison.  NONE OF WICH I LIKE TO USE.  Gonna leave it up to “the Warden”. She will probably say “no…return ‘em”  ( I HOPE).

So, what TO do?  “Iz ah IDIOT”….GO BACK TO THE OLD WAYS!

My dad…1/2   Native American  and    1/2   White,  did this… but with a Twist”…COMBINING the 2.  Taught me in my youth.  THAT’S what I’ll be doing the next 2 days!

Dad used a PLASTIC BUCKET…Stretched a heavy Paper Sack over the top….Towards the CENTER he cut “Pizza” strips….baited the center tip(s)…put Water (about 5 inches deep – DEEPER FOR RATS) in the container…put 2 – 3 wide stick RAMPS to the top of pail.  Then set this where he chose.  Mice (AND “rats”) smelled the food…climbed the ramps, walked toward the baited tip(s).  THE “CUT” unable to hold their weight, AND THEY SLID IN.

Drowning isn’t a nice way to die  (been close to THAT 3 times in my life…UGH!)!

And killing not my way anyway.  So will add some food at the DRY bottom and HAUL the “catch” a long way from home.  Release ‘em there.

My father was rather “vindictive”.  When someone “crossed him”…he’d do this too…RELEASING at THIER Yard!  “Let the SOBs Have ‘Em,” he’d say.  (Not MY way tho).

I’ve noticed the New Traps today….ones with “names”…have their Names / Logos on CHINISE MADE Traps.  What USED to be QUALITY has gone to “Looks Good…HAS THEIR NAME…so I’ll Buy it”.  IVE FOUND THE CHINESE “Short Cut”…WEAK SPRINGS!   Springs that OFTEN Break Backs / Etc. but the poor beasts are STILL ALIVE! (I’ve had to “do ‘em in” myself, with a hit on the head).  DANG!  If you HAVE to Kill…KILL QUICKLY!

Wish THOSE makers lived ‘just down the road.”  AND the Once EXCELLENT USA COMPANY “heads” who have “Buy Cheap, Sell High” ‘money grubbers’….. I would do a LIVE Trap and RELEASE ‘EM in THEIR YARD!

Poisons WORK, but then the poor beast crawl off and die…OFTEN in YOUR WALLS!    UGH, the SMELL!

(If my wife chooses this, I’ll move to one of my Domes and let HER trace the stench!)    ( :

Anyway, this trap is a CHEAP and EASY “winner”.   Good Luck.   re