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I’m building to please my wife…thus: “BIG”.

Frankly I don’t know if it can be afforded, HER way. All I can do to get to town anymore…let alone get to the property AND HAVE the materials needed. (Looks rather bleak).

Still, DO have whats needed to TENT (cover) it…IF and WHEN I can get back up there.

Meachelle (“M”) does like what I’ve done with “Sky’s Dome”. Sees it as a SPARE Liveable “home”. At $450.00. (the amount to get / stay a week / return and refill the Pick Up)…it’s DONE (but clean-up). Furnished and all.

THAT is a LIVABLE ABODE Most CAN afford.

Knowing her, shed pack it full of “must have” “STUFF”. So…a simple dome (like Adams) that cost 10 CENTS, can hold THAT ‘crap’.


Even one to hold Fire Wood. AHO.

This ‘life’ is a KISS doing. Even the “small ones” CAN BE MADE BY 10 YR OLDS (under adult supervision)!


A FAMILY Affair. Aho?

In my three minis, we have Electric via an extension cord to the house. This, for HER. I can do quite well without.

ANYTIME YOU “NEED” ELECTRIC, be it from On Line to a Generator / etc., YOU FACE BREAKDOWNS AND FUEL, etc., Problems. MORE MONEY as we ADVANCE” INTO “THIS TIME”.

Friends, this is NOT yesterday…it’s NOW time..AND WILL GET WORSE!

There WILL be a “Yesterday” “come back”. This will give people a FALSE sense of “security”. Yet will be only a TEMPORARY “breather”.

OK, a serious of Mini Domes verses Government Subsidized (tax $$) motel rooms, etc. THESE WILL BE ONLY FOR a LIMITED TIME. Eventually you’ll be Out on the Streets again.


Oh, and don’t RENT land…at least LEASE IT
(7 to 10 years if you can). OR OWN!


Science and High Tech IS “New Age” based, friends.

Filled with Just ENOUGH Truth and Usefulness to be accepted as ALL True.

Once the vast majority are receptive….THEY ARE “CAPTURED”! I.E., “controllable”.

“ENSLAVED” to SERVE the controllers.

They “play” you like a Flute!

Using you to pay Taxes / Etc., so THEY can PARTY…at YOUR Expense.

In this they lead you AWAY from GOD…convincing you that YOU a GOD(s). Stealing your very SOULS essence.


THEY say “Look, you ARE GODS…See? Buy a PLANE ticket…Get the ELECTRONICS to Harness the sun / wind / water. SEE WHAT WE OFFER YOU? We offer you GODPOWER!” “Follow US!”.

And you FALL FOR IT.

This all started in the Churches. Turning mankind into UNGOD-LIKE “GODS”. and enslaving YOU into THEIR “Zombie SERVANTS”.

Yes, they Party” at Your expense.

Its like this: “Feed them enough BS and in time they will think it’s ICE CREAM!”.

Savoring every bite.



Red Elk asked me to add something from an email he shared with WS:

We’ve been programmed into it from the time we’re tiny children, not unlike domestic animals. My generation was the first raised with TV tho NOT with computers which came along later, but we also still went outside…but succeeding generations have been more and more ensnared. Outside of the few who have chosen to learn things outside of the tech, many don’t think they can survive without it. Even when God keeps reminding them they can by taking it away.

I too lack construction knowledge but NOT common Sense.
I’ve three MINNY domes here, and still the still incomplete BIG one on our other property. That is 30 diameter INSIDE x 19 1/2 High.
It’s a combo of Eskimo Igloo (long entryway overhang) / ONION shaped (but “cut” on the FLAT base (near center). A Loft with Bed Room there AND below it.
“2 bedrooms” this way. A flat topped Wood stove for heat and cooking In the CENTER. Seating with Storage around all but Bedroom and Doorway.

One BIG off-shaped (gnome) widow and on 1/2 the BIG doorway (again; Gnome odd-ball shape).

As you enter the Half Door you can turn left (via the OPEN half of full door…this to the Bathroom…n to the kitchen Proper”. It has a storage shelf across the upper back.
THIS part is a long DOG PEN RUN. Cyclone pen…6 ft tall. Exit door (#2) at far end.

Cooking area at front side.
U can cook there or at dome center one.
All-in-All, the whole has Space Galore. Other the the dome sections roundness being broken up by the small bed.rm. All else there wide open (less stove). Guests can sleep on the storage seats or floor. 5? 6-7?.

I used cut cedar to pound into the soil. Then put PVC PIPES onto each, as the Studs. 2 inches

Built like a Sweat Lodge (Plains style). 3 pvc piping incinerated these up-rights (which are gathered towards wards the top).
“Tied” together at the studs via Zip Locks and brass wires.

I held the framing up with a nailed together 2×4 with “cross” board near the top.
Then rolled on CHICKEN WIRE over the whole DOME part and locked this onto all the framing.

Once that was done I then kicked loose the 2×4 “holder”.

As expected (and HOPED) the whole dome SHRANK DOWNWARD n EXPANDED OUTWARD. Tightening the whole into a STRONG Structure! The dome measurements were AFTER this support “kick”. Aho? (The BASE Diameter remained the same). Thus it has an “onion-like”shape (but NOT severe). Rather attractive, to be honest.

The dog pen was a ‘kick’ to do. 10×20. Done in about an hour by my (then) 14 year old grandson and myself. Once the fencing was all connected we simply took at end each, picked it up and placed it where we wanted it. With a slight “bend “between and side and backside of the dome. This left a “gap”. More pvc framing and wire filling that gap and allowing plenty of room for toilet / sink / TUB and a bit of cabinet space.
Not crowded, but still on the small side. Aho?

We are looking toward a cement mixed with dirt flooring. Flat stones set in as part. White Sand to fill gaps and keep all “airy” and Light. IE; White sand Grouting. Aho ?

By the way, I may raise the LOFT Ladder to give more main floor room.. Swing up via a pulley and line.

The Dog Pen section will have a SHED Roof…PLANTED with grass and flowers (Alaska Trapperson Style Cabin). Bending and BLENDING a Square to a Round (dome) side. Thus not look ‘out-of-place’ at all. Aho?

At this time…less Cat Work, I’ve less then $1300.00 into this…INCLUDING A GIANT HEAVY WHITE TARP that will cover all. VINYL.

Will then be a Fancy TENT till we can get proper material together to “permanent” it all. Also have rolls of thick insulation to put on before the tarp.
With the stove we have all should be comfortable during are extreme winters there. (12 to 14 foot snowfalls).

“CAT work” included a deep cut-in to hill side. This to cover with dirt. Only the Dog Pen will show its ‘shape’…and remember That TOO will have a Dirt Roof…planted. Aho?

I’m one who likes to bring the OUTSIDE…IN.
Keeping all GNOME Simple.

Go to “SHOESTRING CABIN” and see my 3 minny domes. This will give you an idea of what I mean. Its a HUB, by “Ghost”.

Scroll down a bit to see ours.


This gave my wife the ‘push’ I needed to do the big one.

So, basically, by more salvage and thinking Out-Side-The-Box, our MOVE TO Dome shouldn’t cost us more then 5 to 6,000.00.

It’s a long way from complete. So far from our house here the gas is prohibitive. Went up twice to work on it. Planned a 1 wk per ‘doing’. LIGHTNING STORMS EACH WEEK…Day AND Night. Had to call it a useless trip and come home.

Basically most was me doing. 3 times my grandson came and helped. Once 3 others as well.

Its set there, framed and cover ready, for 4 + yrs now. Standing firm and ready throughout the winters/ Etc. To date, I’m quit pleased. Aho?

Good Luck.

In HIM…re

First Gnome Home Pictures
Cost $350


There’s quite a debate going on, on the use of certain things that prevents Radiation.

“Get THIS / “Get THIS” ways.


FULL Faith.

My input was not “put on”.

Hummmm. Guess the “God Believer” isn’t much of a believer as he says.

Guess too the others.

“Slips” are “showing”. Aho?

One thing on this “Get” is FEAR!

Like they ard Afraid to Die? Afraid to FACE a “Being” they THINK they SAY they “believe IN”?

Look folks, I know the “impossibles”. ALL Medicine People…Good AND Bad… THAT’S WHAT MAKES US “MEDICINE” Men / Woman.

We have LEARNED. Learned to understand and “Work The Dream”. Learned the UNSEEN in the today’s “Reality(s)”

THAT’S what make US “Medicine” people…and YOU…NOT.

FULL BELIEF in the TRUEReality. The “Unseen”.

The FACT that this, YOU call “real(ity)” is TRUE…and it’s NOT, at ALL, true. ONLY THE WORLD of SPIRIT is REALLY TRUE!

Without this mental ‘break through’…YOU ARE DESTINED to “0 ” to VERY SLOW Spiritual Growth.

Without it you will rarely (If not slowly) NOT be able to ‘do’ “The Things Of Christ”.

So, forget it…go out and buy “live” things to your hearts content. You will NEVER be a REAL CHRISTIAN (Christ FOLLOWER).


Will You Now?

You will “sleep” in your Own “bed”.

I’ve a number who read and agree and then ‘tra-la-la’ off. DOING NOTHING.
It’s gonna catch up with you!



Responsibilities YOU TAKE ON

Sure am disgusted with Stupidity. People that pay No attention to warnings. Many here let their pets and livestock perish…BURN TO DEATH….DESPITE GIVEN SUFFICIENT TIME TO ‘Get Ready’ to RUN.
“Never Happen” thinking. Then, when it DID…all they could think of was their OWN ‘Skin’. In effect; MURDERING THEIR ANIMALS!

I’m willing to BET they will be the first-in-line to SUE, too!


It is THESE type who should be HEAVILY FINED…and NO “COMPENSATION” for their losses, at ALL!

Give them a Taste of THEIR Responsibilities!

WE were prepared…in ADVANCE. Whether the GO order was given or NOT.


The FIRST thing WE thought about was FOOD AND WATER for our dogs (to take With Us…”IF”). THEN OUR NEEDS.

Worked out fine.

Places set up for horses to people…and animals in between. TOLD ABOUT before the fire got to them.

Granted, a herd of cattle is hard to pre-save. A few, MAYBE (if you can catch them).

Still, many “CAN SAVE(d)” were NOT.

AND now its almost always SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT!

“WHY WEREN’T THERE MORE FIREMEN!” (well, most here are VOLUNTEERS. Are YOU a volunteer! Where were YOU!).

oh, you poor thing!!!


Returned Home!

Thank you from Red Elk and family:

OK. Back and Safe. Fire Missed us by about 800 yards. Family slept in motel…I in truck (to ‘guard’ car and truck). LOUSY SLEEP! Made up for it today. ( :

Still unpacking.

Was talking with the trees about a month ago. They told me they would burn. Some though wouldn’t. “Paths” missed. Doing so towards that area right now. Adam can verify this telling.

Many animals dead. Horses to house pets. No humans (yet).

Had a great time in all this…ran into a young man. A “seeker”. Explained many things to him. He was “GLUED”.

Told him “don’t accept…TEST”. Talked about 2 1/2 hrs.


NO “BAD”…”bad” only seen as that who don’t see the GOOD of it. Aho?



GB re


If possible consider a CAR TOP CARRIER, or a small Utility Trailer and “ball” to fit.

Options that make a small car BIG.


Give Thought

Give Thought to the fire in our area!

Oddball…this event, sorta FUN (For ME but not others).  We here are like a Yo-Yo.  Conflicting ‘tellings’. Up / Down.  Aho?
Knowing what we have (to lose) verses what we have (to GO)….”TAKE” about 7%.  Loss (if so)
Deciding what we NEEDED (to be Semi-Comfortable) versus collected SUPER Comfy “stuff”….will, a learning experience indeed.  I PRAISE “HIM” FOR THE LESSON!
To see the ENORMOUS ‘Pile’ of sleeping bags AND TENTS, we’ve enough for US (4) AND NUMEROUS OTHERS ‘in need’.  To pack these AND our FAMILY needs is certainly a challenge.
In time, ALL will be facing similar preparing.  Leaving your comfort…to LIVE.  And the things you take WILL BE EVEN MORE “pared down”….perhaps three TIMES more.
Don’t say I haven’t forewarned you.  “Tomorrow” holds MANY surprises.
Consider what we are going through.  We are not alone either.  Recent emergencies have been shown on TV…WORLD events.  YOU may be “on TV” yourself, at ANY TIME.
May I suggest a home “walk through”…taking what you THINK you need.  PILE THIS in ONE PILE. Then LOOK AT THAT PILE!  Now go through IT.  Paring down.  Do a THIRD TIME.
Might “break your heart” – “leaving behind”…but can you LIVE by taking your “precious collection” (dolls / clothing / Etc.) NO, you CAN’T!
Do you have the MEANS to TAKE what you’ve decided TO take?
Bikes CAN’T take a lot.  Even CARS are limited.
Stop NOW and think for “THEN”.
You’ll be surprised what  you decide what MUST be left behind.  ALMOST ALL OF IT!
Near 100%!
I’d like to share the HUGE PROBLEMS many in our area ARE having: HORSES!  “Pets” and “Businesses”.  Talk about near PANIC!  One horse trailer…5 or more horses. One truck to pull two at a time…and to WHERE?
Literally IN DANGER themselves, because of these EXCESSIVE “collections”.
My wife’s 7 DOGS are excessive as well…but at least they are little (Chihuahuas).  I couldn’t convince her 2 was enough.  3 Tops.  But 7!???



Seems we will b OK (for now)…a lot of WHITE smoke (steam smoke).  At least close to us here.  Scanner says 2 or 3 homes lost too, now.  Still moving South Eastward but NO WIND!  So SLOW!  What a BLESSING!  PTL (Praise The Lord)!  Told Sky and friend of his…”if a ‘no go’ at least it was EXCELLENT practice”.  Aho?  Helicopters seem to be heading  AWAY.  Or to the Firing Range to refill???
Anyway, an interesting day THIS has been.
How “ready” were we?  Even two rolls of toilet paper and port-a-potty WITH “privacy tent”.  Tell you anything?  ( :  
Now, again, HOW READY ARE  Y  O  U ! ?????