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Survival Tabs

Interesting Site that bears checking into???

Aussy Dave sent me this.

Rather interesting. You might be interested.


I like the idea of these Survival Tabs….$24 for 180 Tabs that u can survive on for 3-4 months….even at 3months that works out to 26 cents a day for food…or $1.86 a week….even if they last only 2 weeks cause u keep munching away on them, that’s still $1.70 per day or $14 per week spent on food…these tabs provide 100% of all the vitamins & minerals etc…plus protein & carbs….old people dying & unable to eat have been given these & lived on for years in some cases…apparently they taste good & u can just put one in your mouth & suck on it till it is gone……from same Camping Survival place in NY state we got our radios from HERE. Toll free number = 800.537.1339 ………it comes with a plastic bag inside lid u can put the tabs in & then carry in pocket leaving the container free to be used as a water canteen….GB

Hey, We are DOING …despite  so little.

YOU can TOO!

Found a missing check. (Praise God)…did some wanted shopping.  Two  50 foot leanings of rope and a water repellent Lodge “Couch ” pad…3/4 size.  Not something to pack in (unless via Jogger) but I’ve  always liked their softness and thickness (3 or 4 inches).  AND excellent camp “mattress”.  Will use it in the Swag High-Bred mostly.  Can’t feel anything short of a boulder under it.  ( :

Quiet hot out and BIG winds…from the East (rare).
Doing a number on the tarp I put over the High-Bird.  I’ll have Sky help me “cauterize” it and roll it up.

OH….also bought yet ANOTHER Camouflage Tarp.  Smaller then yesterdays.  Wanna use it as a “high set” sun and rain covering to sleep under.  About “tarped out” I think.

$28.00 in pocket…$30.00 in each (2) bank accounts…plus a bit of change….AND a FULL TANK OF GAS.  I’m “siting pretty” for a change.  That TOO is Rare.  Aho?

Payed OFF another Doctor Bill.  Three “gone” now…in a week.  Praise The Lord!

BIG ones left though.  Slow but sure.  Aho?

We’re about $22,000.00 in debt…Doctors / ATV and all. Better then the over $30,000 of  a week and a half ago.  Having Ms car payed off has helped.

ALL the rigs License Plate Tags are due.  My Drivers license due too. “Petty stuff” that “eats” at any spare cash.   AND One more load of garbage to get to the  dump.  $5.00…AND $6.00 just to DRIVE there and back.  “Chew”  “Chew”  “Chew”.

(we ALL know THAT story, right?).

I know some on this list have land (homes/ etc.)  WISH ALL HAD!

Even IF no water / toilet or PLACE.

Aussy Dave long ago discovered DIRT (with clay in it). Has a FINE Place as home…AND Garage…AND Shed. Cost? Mostly SELF WORK.

“Ghost” has his being lived in too…BAGS FILLED WITH ARIZONA “SAND”.  Under $15,000.00 And SELF LABOR.

I have the 3 small domes here.  All 3 are under $700.00 on ALL Quite useable…and occasionally are.

Plus the 30 foot diameter I’m trying to finish on are Safe (run) Land. So far less then $3,000.00 on that…Plus SWEAT!

It’s amazing what ONE can do…three? UNBELIEVABLE!

As has been a habit lately, I keep looking at all the STUFF I’ve / we’ve collected.  Way WAY too MUCH!  Slowly giving away.

Folks, if you CAN buy a piece of land…DO ALL YOU CAN TOO.  “Water Be Damned”.  Learn to SKY COLLECT and learn to use FAR LESS!

Its not unusual to go a FULL WEEK without a “proper” shower.  BIRD BATHS BETWEEN!

You do NOT “NEED” ELECTRICITY…..YOU do NOT NEED a HAIR DRYER.  YOU do Not NEED a TV or PC….etc.,  not REALLY.  Buy a Solar + Wind up radio to listen too.  BOOKS.  CANDLES (save the wax to remake)….Etc. Etc., AND SOME OVERALLS!

Did OUR ancestors HAVE your so-called “NEEDS”?  BUFFALO CRAP!



Should I by land “type decision” FIRST.  Aho?

Good Luck.


Poor Man’s Drip System

My Solar Hikers “shower” has stirred  other ideas.  Told my wife SORTA…SHE ended up telling ME!  On the SAME IDEA!
We will now use Pop Bottles, punctured caps, UPSIDE DOWN on most of her plants. Fill from  buckets as needed.
We have a number of “tubs” here…filled with rain.  Using those to fill a Take-About bucket(s).
 As it is now, she “drowns” plants and needs LOTS of water.  We need water for our house, not her plants.
We THINK a One A Week good Spray down plants NEED.  Wash off dust / etc. collected….IF no rain occurs.
Anyway, gonna give this a try.
(We cant afford a Drip Hose system).