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WS / H , a goof on my part….right off the bat.  PLEASE INSERT   B4   The “then the Coming Down of the Saints.”…..make that THEN the LIVING will rise (“assention”)   (THEN:  the   saints  part).  Thank you.     re



“And the Dead Shall Rise First”

(2 Meanings?)


This morning held more then one thing to contemplate on.  One being the title of this sharing.

Have you ever given great thought to this passage?

If, as most, it means to you that those laying in their “sleep” will rise and go “up”.  “First”?  Yes.  THEN the LIVING will rise (“ascension”), THEN a DESCENDING of the masses of Godly AFTER that.  Correct?

Yes…correct…….BUT:  This morning brought on even MORE thought on this.


You’ll need to understand what the DNA is all about.  It is THE SOUL of ALL YOUR ANCESTORS…..passed down into YOU.  YOUR “Genes”.  Your CHILDREN have ALL the ancestors ….now INCLUDING YOURS !

The DNA is MEMORIES of ALL these ancestors.  “Soul” passed on to each newborn.  DNA is the “TREAD LINE” of mankind from the First Two to US.  ALL THOSE MEMORIES ARE WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US now living.

Now, with this in mind:  YOUR “Soul Line Thread” ” is NOW BEING ACTIVATED!  The DEAD ARE   “Rising” WITH-IN YOU!


Bringing on your STIRRING that ALL are NOW having!

Some run from this.  “Partying” / Sex / Booze / Drugs / Etc.


WE ARE BEING “Stirred”… Chili Beans boiling in a pot!

Discarding those “beans” that are “bad”.  Seeking only the GOOD to feast on.

MANY have an NA in their DNA blood line….(yet, in truth, ALL have…for we ALL starting from The FIRST two).

Those with an ancestor of recent Native American (blood) have a “jump”, though, than others who have only the thoughts of “white”.

Again, those with “recent” NA, have a “jump”.  As they have the STILL Strongly held CLOSER memories .  Aho?

OK, I see, through my knowledge ;  The DEAD  (who shall rise FIRST)    A  R  E    RISING……..RIGHT   N  O  W  !!!

It is TIME.

Accept or reject, I just share.




Old, invalid and tired of life. 
After weeks of pain and very little sleep….AND having “on call’ help….EVERYONE here are overworked and JUST AS Tired,  because of tending MY needs.
Age regression impossible due to excessive pain interruptions and sleep needs.  Death looking good just so ALL can REST for a change.  I’m not one to “fold” though. Not Inner Hayokah’ OR Christian.  Aho?
What to DO????
OK, has turned “lemon”….so…MAKE LEMONADE!
TO EASE MY NECK PAIN I HAVE to lay down.  That means someone MUST be on hand to GET me into bed (and up later) . 
TIRING ON ALL.  This is “showing…FRUSTRATION.  Aho?
How to make it easier on ALL of us?  Hummm….
“Reason for all.” Now to figure out a CHEAP and EASY solution.  PTL, I HAVE!
I had my wife go out and cut a10 inch wide board (on hand).  I then placed it on the top (hand rail) of my walker.  Overlapping each side by about 10 inches.  2 1 inch strips screwed on so the “table” didn’t slide.NOW I’M ABEL TO SIMPLE sit AT THE PC DESK…REST MY PAINED HEAD IN MY CROSSED ARMS AND rest or SLEEP…NO MORE NEED TO GO LAY DOWN!
SOMEONE “out here” NEEDS THIS INFO.,   DRINK UP and PTL!   re

Update – Home

Thanks to all the prays, my operation was a total success.  Both feet and lower legs now getting the blood flow needed.    My feet are no longer freezing.
They feel So GOOD!
To  OK… 2 stents to go…but may need ditto to my heart in the future.  I’m a bit short from heart to brain.  30 percent low.
This will “do for now”).  PTL!
Yet no w another problem has emerged….Fett n Legs ‘ heald.”……but TO LATE!  ALL MY MUSSELS R “GONE TO POT”.
NOIW i need to Excersise to gert full body abitys back.
This is no easy task.  Ive already been through a long / hard battle n  not emotionly or phyicly prepaird to fight yet another.
 i first need REST.  n A LOT of it!
So, in truth, I’m still at “Square One”.  
 Prayer is needed on THIS forthcoming battle now.  It promises to be a long tough one.  Aho?

Red Elk is in surgery now

I just spoke with Red Elk’s wife. One patient is ahead of him. They
ushered the family into the waiting area. It is about time they are
going to begin the procedure. If they are able to put a stint in they
will. If the blockage is too great they will keep him over night and do
a bypass tomorrow. Meachelle sounds hopeful that this will give Red Elk
more time, and more quality of life to be more independent. I have to go
to work so I’ll update you later (and/or when possible for me to do so).



Ever consider this word ?
I “see” it as DIS-EASE.
IE : a DIS-EASE of NOT BEING Spiritually “In Tune” WITH OUR CREATOR.
So “out of step” it “Pops Up” in forms of Sickness  
 (And yes…I include MYSELF in this as well.  SHOULD show you how “HOLY”  I AM!).    re

Plant Books

To the one looking for books of Native American Medicine plants books: I’d suggest starting only plants / etc. of the area you live in.  Then go out and find these…then use them.  ALL OF YOUR AREA First.
Be careful of WHEN TO PICK as well.  Many make the mistake of thinking said plants are useful at ALL times.  This is NOT true….so: KNOW WHEN TO PICK. Aho?   And do NOT think “Medicine” alone…but also as FOOD.  Aho?  Good luck.   re


Several telling me to go to ‘Mary Jane’.  “LEGAL THERE”.
Can they see Big Brother “floating around”…doing God Work?
If one thinks DRUGS help…yes…but SO DOES HE and WITHOUT DRUGS!
“Double Agents”…and to me ;  WORTHLESS IN GODS  MAIN CAMP!
Won’t put them in hell…..but SURE STUNTS THEIR GOD GROWTH!
Jesus had it made…3 1/2 years and OUT!  SIGH.
And I want to STAY?  Just ASKING for PUNISHMENT.  Sigh.
Dd I sound like a FOLLOWER?  NO – ONE  See; I told you “I’m NOT CHRIST”…..NOW do you believe it?  Sigh.  
Giving tiny kids CONDOMS  10 – 12 year olds.
Booze at graduation parties.
AND on AND on…
“IT’S OK”!
…..”ITS OK”
Listen, it may be YOUR Path….and you’ve a right to it….but it SURE ISN’T MINE!
OK by MAN, but YOU will be facing HIM.  Tell HIM THAT!  You’re going to Have To!

Neck/Shoulder Pinched Nerve Pain Help

I’ve 3 upper neck/back bones that’s lost their “padding”.  Now Bone on Bone. Don’t like meds (though they work) and their constant cost.  So prayed and received this:
A Foam Soft Color.  (Like for neck sprains).
I now wear this….taking off occasionally as wanted.
Works by LIFTING the weight of the Skulls weight JUST ENOUGH.  Stretching the bones from each other.  RELEIF!
 (Less then $10.00).
                                                                 GB     re
Ordered  the Clothes Washer PLUNGER last night.  Should arrive by the 11th of Oct…Then, if more donations come in, I’ll get a Galvanized PAIL Sized Wash Board.  Should be “set” then.  Intend too to get 1 larger fiberglass “pails” at BiMart store in town.  That should complete our cloths washing needs.
We can string clothesline at opposite trees.  Aussy Dave has a SUPER Big ROUND Wash Hanger, NICE, and MIGHT invest in the same eventually.
My Grandmother taught my sister and myself how to dry clothes / etc. during winter freezes.  Hang them on the line…let them freeze…beat the ice off…freeze again…beat again.  Thick things need 3 beatings.  Then drape on things indoors to finish drying.
The place looked like a tornado had hit….not a lot of room to set (4 peoples things) but the house smelled GREAT (finale ‘STEAM’ injected the homes air).  Smelled so CLEAN inside.
SUNSHINE does something no machine dryer can EVER do.  A pure blessing from God to wear or sleep (sheets) to have to use.
There’s  a HAND WRINGER one can put on a bucket.  Another to place on the outside of an RV.  My wife wants one.
I was taught (grandma again) to be SURE to FOLD Buttons / etc. UNDER a shirt (etc.) them before placing through a wringer….OR FACE BROKEN AND MISSING BUTTONS.
These hand powered wringers sure beat hand WRUNG doing.
Creating less drying time.
IF no wringer…we’ve SPANISH WINCH doing (for heavy cloth (jeans / etc.) and sheets, etc..
To do this you hook one end to a stationary post / tree….tIe a stick to the other….anD TWIST the stick.  “Wringing” out the water.
Its a slow process but effective.  Good for heavy blankets / sleeping bags / etc..
With the Hand Plunger…..FAR LESS WATER IS NEEDED.  A Plus in the water shortage we will (and in some places now) times.
Though few will do so….LOIN CLOTHS for At Home wear is a great clothing choice.  EASY to wash….COMFORTABLE to wear.
Women can drape a flat piece over their breast, tie around the neck and in back.
MANY Native American used these as daily wear.  TARZAN TOO!  ( :
If you have a piece of “woodsy” land…consider this.  Leave “regular” cloths for In-Town use.  At the same time, this allows very simple / easy / fast, washing.  A great TIME Saver.
I’m fully aware on River and Rock beating washing.  Works, but hard on you.  Still………..
If a 2 bucket (Wash / Rise)  is used:  Wash in one…then rinse in the other.  If possible save the WASH water (if using biodegradable soaps) to water your garden with….the RINSING water then poured into the (now empty) Washing one.  Use that to wash your next load.  Water saving.  Aho?
My mother did once a week washing when I was a child.  Doing so for 5 kids / self and father.  A hard task.  Heated water via an open pit fire (not NEEDED…COLD water does as well) to wash…an oval galvanized container, Wash Board.  A LOT of sweat n Hard work.  Yes, I remember………………..
Early White American gals had a bucket placed on the back of their ROCKING Chairs.  They’d set / Rock/ and HAND SPIN at the same time.  The rocking motion washing the small cloths within the bucket.
Even dirty cloths in soapy buckets in tour car works (we’ve often done so) works as you drive about, works.  UTILIZE!  Aho?
Friends, we are entering into some really rough times.  Might as well at least be aware of the SIMPLE (but Hard) ways now…for THEN.
and DON’T FORGET OUR GODCREATOR in all this coming harshness.
We CAN “make it”.  Aho?
Yes, I’m still ‘about’, still trying to help.  I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP ON YOU.  Aho?  HO!
Your brother, in HIM…..
Red Elk
A friend uses a FAR CHEAPER way to squeeze water from washed cloths:  a MOP BUCKET MOP SQUEEZER!


Well, went to our Safe Land / Dome. Shared expenses with Adam.
I wanted and DIDN’T want to go. Seemed OK but somehow not quite right.

Warned Adam about HUGE amount of deer and to go slow. He dropped to 39 mph. Slow to him but 30 would have been better. Hit a big doe. His Pick Up fixable. Deer limped off to die (broken leg dangling). Sigh.

His trailer brakes acted up…he adjusted them OK though…My neck “went out” during the night and HIS tailbone…Ate chili with what I’m allergic to, right lip and hand still swollen…couldn’t locate my allergy pills (forgot to add to my small “Walk-Away” kit)…So weak I fell 3 times and then ALMOST twice into the camp-fire…Adam stopped a fourth fall while I was water dowsing for a friend.
And I’m gonna RUN!????

Adam feels the same way about himself…

Shoot, I couldn’t even run to take a Pee! Yup, WET MY PANTS before I could stand from a sit-down position.! EVERY DROP!

Nothing I could do about it…no spare clothing…


I slid to the bottom of my sleeping bag and rolled off its side onto Adam.

“WHY?” asked a sleepy Adam.

Well Adam, you took the only FLAT spot! (True, too).

First night I layed on a good size stone. Adam said “I cleared the area…there’s no stones”.

He was right…it was a petrified pine cone.

Must of been 400 ft round! Damn…

After hiring a Back Ho and a Crane it was finally dug out and removed. By then I was dead tired and placed my bag over the hole. Immediately folded and slipped into a fetal position. Slept like a baby….till I had to pee again.

Was like climbing out of a GRAVE!

Did “my thing” and headed back. The bag was GONE! Deep below all the dirt that caved in on my climb up.

Laid on top…till the red ants found me. Then crawled over to the big pine-cone. Slept there…bent kinda funny. (Sleep on my back).

Yup, we was CAMPING…and Having FUN!

The dome now needs some major repair. Can Do though. IF I can stay on a ladder and IF I can LIFT a ladder!

Well, despite all Adam and I met and shared with a fellow “hillbilly”.

That alone was worth the WHOLE TRIP.

On the way home (a day earlier than intended) Adam top off his fuel tank. “We’ll make it to AM/PM in Thorp on this, and fill up there”.

I told him he should stop before and get 5 more gallons first.

“Nope, well make it”.

Pride goes before a fall.

Three towns from his targeted station we ran outta gas. LESS THEN A FOURTH OF A MILE FROM A STATION!

He had a gas can, full, so pulled that out. Then I heard some mumbling. Then some more searching. He came up with a gas transfer hand pup.

“I’m ALWAYS PREPARED!” he said.

“Wheres the nozzle to your can?”

Adam said, “I forgot it…”

Then the hand pump broke. Brand New too! But pumped enough to get us to the station. PTL!

Adam wants to learn, but not wanting to Hear. ALWAYS learns the Hard Way….and a deers life was a strong lesson to him (I HOPE).

So…we talked about a “Run Kit” for the elderly during this adventure: DUAL SURVIVAL FOR THE ELDERLY

A card with phone #s for UROLOGIST, SURGEON, 911, Lawyer, Next of kin, Boy Scouts of America, Heart Specialist, “Catheters R Us”, Cell Phone Service, etc., and A match. ( :