Something to consider:    LISTEN when something is Told.  LISTEN to what/how YOU Say.

Once a number of us were sitting around, sharing, when one said to all:  “What’s in Most of nature that you know that that has the BEST EYESIGHT?”    Eagles and owls (Day/Night), were their answers.

Then they looked at me.  “Flies.”

“WHAT!  Flies?”

“Yes, multifaceted eyes. Fast.  Ever try to swat one?  They ZOOM!  Flies.”

Asker:  “Well, I meant of the Birds……..”

“I have given the answer to the way your question was asked.  CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY!”

“You all here did NOT hear the QUESTION!  LISTEN.  Don’t just ASSUME.  These two are a Big Problem with people.  They Hear ONLY what they WANT To Hear, and act on that assumption.

LISTEN FIRST.   Ask CORRECTLY FIRST.  Then you’ll not get a Wrong Question or give a Wrong answer.  Aho?

LISTEN!  Even when YOU are speaking.  Aho?”

(I am in your shoes…but trying to follow my own advice.)

GB    re



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