Hello everyone,

My name is Heather and I am handling all of Red Elk’s social media.  You can write me at heather@tkweb.com and put the subject matter Red Elk.

He hasn’t been well lately, so I will do the best I can with the time I have to rebuild the blog because about 1/3 is only left after we lost everything due to a server crash that couldn’t be repaired by the host.

While I was staying there – he put me up in his Gnome Home (in which I have all the e-mails regarding building this Hobbit Hut). I loved it! I will begin by sharing this with you until I have the time to build this site for you.


And I am Whale Sister, former co-admin.  Please direct all blog business and questions to Heather.

Red Elk was my mentor for 15 years, so I can answer questions at zhora(at)anthroland.com (copy and paste and replace the ‘(at)’ with @ ), but I’m about as diplomatic as the totem that is my icon: the wolverine. 😉


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  3. Matthew Michael Mandell (Seahorse) says:

    message from Australia and the Heart.

    Best wishes to you and our brothers and sisters Red Elk.
    I now, as of the last 2 weeks, understood that my easterly winds are stronger than the west, and that I have been sailing both with alternating intensity. Life itself is my mirror, and now is time for ‘shem’ to create the bridge to the east.
    I love my soldiers and their wives but do not know how to farewell without creating doubt. I understand that big brother will help through this rewiring process, and confirm the elimination of government that has held strong till now.

    Do you know of a person in Australia that can assist, or do you, as I believe, that this is a solitary road, with only I to make the checks and balances along the way.

    I am evolving rapidly without meditation, and this is my last reach before my head hits the water at my own hand.

    for all ‘data’ to be found out in the open, why am I the only one in my country that may feel the need to share the working of the brain, let alone be able to see that ALL is about the brain and rewiring it, and the world as a perfect fractal of this our collective minds.

    I understand that you do not reply personally, though a ‘dot’ in a reply could be ‘yes I hear you’ and 2 dots meaning ‘I choose not to answer’ 😉

    Thankyou for you words of Wisdom, the time you have taken to allow your knocking to be heard, and I am looking forward to spending time creating with you.