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Red Elk Calls with Information


I’m certainly not dead. I am trying to earn money to pay for my medical bills and medicines. One of which is making talking sticks/dancing sticks and walking staffs. These are all of diamond willow from way up in the Yukon. They are absolutely beautiful in color and I’ve already got 5 orders. But each order takes me a week or better to do in my shape. Anyway, I want to thank the people that donate financial money for me. I use that money for medicines and the tools that I need for these sticks. I’m not writing this for donations, I’m writing this to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking and praying for people and doing work that I can do within the medicine way. I want to thank you all who are sticking with me and may God creator bless you.

PS: I’m still having trouble with this dang computer. You people take care and if you have a need let me know. Do not expect a letter in return, it’s almost impossible for me to type or write. You can leave a message on the blog and Heather will tell me.

In this I close and again I thank all. May God bless each one of you.

Red Elk

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Adam and Heather Update

Anthony is there.

Red Elk and Anthony are learning to be with each other. Two strangers in a strange land you would say.

The donations were an amazing gift to allow Anthony a soft landing.

Adam donated his time and gas money to get Anthony to Red Elk. I (Heather) have donated my sleep to make sure things are going as planned. I am available for the emergency preparedness. What if Red Elk and Anthony do not want to continue? I am responsible to return Anthony home. Although, I do not think and pray that is the outcome. I believe wholeheartedly that this is the unfolding of a new chapter for Red Elk to get his teachings out to YOU.

The path will reveal itself.



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My Personal War

As you know…I’m not in the best of health / shape…..BUT I’M STILL “KICKING”  (Ha ).  Ive received MANY “YOU need to get (buy)  this / that…Do This / That.” 

NO money and I’ll be danged if these well meaning “advisers” seem to think we are Rolling in cash.  Any spare goes on Food / Gas / Family Needs….before MY needs.  Takes $11 to over $40 to just go GET,  PLUS the cost of GETTING.  Start out with near 0, buy the time we are back, back with near 0.

It’s winter here, can’t find a plant not asleep that I CAN get from the land.  That and in so bad of shape, no WAY can I go Get even IF there were seasonable available.  AHO???
OK, body grrrr.
Getting weaker by each day.  A  “get out of bed to urinate”  a HUGE struggle.  Usually CAN’T MAKE IT IN TIME.  A 5 gal open bucket next to my bed … and at the PC.   
Left Foot  feels like a green LOG.  Right one not far behind.  Most food feeding spooned to my by others. Both arms so weak my torso sinks between the handle bars of the walker.  HARD TO TYPE…CANT WRITE!
Anyway, you get the picture.  Aho?
BUT I  AM CONFIDENT “POP” IS DOING A HEALING WORK!  I’m praising and  meaning the thanks!
Several Ways He can.   Aho?
As a teacher, I know many are like me…no Money.  WANT to be well BUT CAN’T “afford” to. 
“Stonelike” if I can EXORCIZE….LOOSING  UP  LOCKING   JOINTS. Exercising  Getting my bodies blood flowing better again.
I am rolling newspapers into “balls” (arms / fingers / hand / arms). 
Bungee cords to stretch, arms/shoulders/neck.
Lifting milk jugs.
Bungee cords to help my legs, etc., etc.
Hot seasoned tea drinking to speed blood veins within.
More Bayer aspirin…thinner / easier flowing blood.
Etc  Etc
Yes, I am FIGHTING!  PTL!   And ALL with ON HAND things.  Aho?
Today I started on my Toes.  COULDN’T BEND THEM ON THE LEFT FOOT.  Took a LOT of HURTFUL effort to get only a TINY MOVEMENT.  But have kept it up, till NOW the bend FULLY.  Right toes improved as well.
I have to THINK them to bend.  But the effort well worth it.  IT MEANS BLOOD IS GOING BACK IN !  Aho?
Helping HIM … and MYSELF as much as I can.
Soon I hope to NOT SINK between the handle bars of the walker….the arms stronger again.
                                                                                    GB    re

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Heather & Tenzing check in on Red Elk

Like all of you, we have been concerned about Red Elk’s health so decided to take a visit on Valentines Day evening in between livestreaming a Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle. It turned out to be quite the romantic Valentines Day working together all day, driving across the mountains listening to George Nori on Coast to Coast interview someone and arriving in the middle of the night to borrow Adam’s Dome home, make a fire, and find bedding in Red Elk’s truck waiting for us. We brought our own wood and it couldn’t have been more cozy. The stars were beautiful and I felt like I could pick them off of a tree, and it reminded me how long it had been since we had been camping and outside away from the city lights.

We wake up at 10:00 and call inside to Red Elk’s home, because we are not sure if he is or is not up and about and do not want to disturb him. He doesn’t answer the phone but calls right back and tells us to come on in. His wife is hauling water from the neighbors and we all go inside.

Red Elk looked heavier, and that was a bit of a relief, because I envisioned him “diminished” but instead I saw he had some weight to work with. He and Meachelle visited with Tenzing and I for a good hour and a half before they had to head to town with their daughter to go to get an MRI at the hospital and we had to return to Seattle to livestream the conference again.

Here’s the gist: Red Elk looks like he has a handle on what is wrong, and it is mainly his diabetes. He and Meachelle realized that even during that night we arrived his numbers fell way to low and could cause a Diabetic coma. They are going to have to regulate his blood sugar, when he gets his shots and his food. He couldn’t raise his hands to far up, not even to wash down all the pills he was taking.

His eyes were angelic though! He had a lot of spirit and life in them, and they were illuminating so much that I knew he was doing good. The light in his eyes gave me a lot of hope. Tenzing and I think if he gets his diabetes under control that he could live another 20 normal years and recover.

Red Elk during this time though had to use a walker, and his wife Meachelle was a real trooper doing everything she could for him, and he said that made him want to cry how hard she is working.

He told me I could post the pictures on the blog and he said to tell everyone, “For those of you who prayed for me I thank you, and for those of you who stopped praying for me and started praising God, I really thank you!”

~h & t

and then we end up back at the conference….

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Returned Home!

Thank you from Red Elk and family:

OK. Back and Safe. Fire Missed us by about 800 yards. Family slept in motel…I in truck (to ‘guard’ car and truck). LOUSY SLEEP! Made up for it today. ( :

Still unpacking.

Was talking with the trees about a month ago. They told me they would burn. Some though wouldn’t. “Paths” missed. Doing so towards that area right now. Adam can verify this telling.

Many animals dead. Horses to house pets. No humans (yet).

Had a great time in all this…ran into a young man. A “seeker”. Explained many things to him. He was “GLUED”.

Told him “don’t accept…TEST”. Talked about 2 1/2 hrs.


NO “BAD”…”bad” only seen as that who don’t see the GOOD of it. Aho?



GB re

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Agape Love Battling

Ok, finally getting Emails again.  LOTS.  Trying to catch up.
Notice one on “battling” (the “bad” guys).

Over the years I’ve heard several on this line.


Those who “BATTLE” are FEARFUL…thinking “Maybe”.  THAT’S NOT A TRUE GOD WARROR!

I DON’T “go in” ALONE!  And KNOW IT!  I mean I     K  N  O  W !!!     it   Aho?

No matter the number or the shape…THEY COME AT ME with FEAR in THEM!

I’ve NEVER had to “turn tail”….but They,  ALL OF THEM,  do!


‘Til YOU can do “battle” with HIS LOVE IN YOU and HE IN YOU….when it’s Already a “GIVEN”…THEY LOSE BEFORE THEY EVEN COME AT YOU!

Until you LEARN this…YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!   Aho?

(I’m aware I’m sounding “cocky”.  Trying to explain, and TRUTHFULLY, WOULD sound so.  No, not cocky, just FIRM in KNOWING!  You MUST “go” in ABSOLUTE   AGAPE  L O V E ! WithOUT WAVERING!)   Aho?  Re


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Let Jesus Be Your Baggage Wheels

Life has years of packed on “luggage”.  Years of Accumulations.
Can get rather “heavy” to carry around.
Can get painful, Spiritually….lugging all that around, daily.

Big Brother (Jesus) can HELP.



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REAL Education – Are Your Kids Getting It?

Getting DAYS of dishes done…then C was called to a SKY Meeting at school (he’s failing)…then to home and dome clearing.

Sky is NOT “failing,” to ME…..has ALL the SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE he needs.  PASSING THE SPIRITUAL THO!!!

I HATE School “teaching”.  Quit when I was 15  (he’ll be that next month).  Can ALWAYS improve via GED, as I…WHEN HE’S READY (as I did).

I’m quite aware my spelling is SUPER BAD…BIG DEAL!  You can READ it…that’s ALL that matters. (Alot is caused by SHAKES and No Going Back Over what I type.  NO TIME!  TOO many to answer DAILY).

WS doing a SUPER Job of repairing before my writings go on the Blog / Etc..  a VOLUNTEER!!! I’m am so THANKFUL FOR WHAT SHE DOES!  HO!

Takes a GIANT load off Heather’s work (book) and YOUR’S.

I want to Home School Sky…his mom and Meachelle (my wife) won’t allow it.  C (daughter) was…and did FANTASTIC!  (Got her GED too).

In today’s world, it WILL BE RARE to GET a JOB!  Even “Fast Foods”.  Still, I understand “proper” schooling.  Why I want to continue on…in HOME Schooling.  Aho?

No, what people NEED to know is HOW TO “CONNECT” / How to LIVE withIN Nature.  THAT will FEED YOU!  Otherwise : WELFARE…and THAT will go “down the tube” too….in time.

Sky know how to build his own abode….fish….some snaring….go “without”.  Things MANY DON’T.  He’s far better ‘prepared’ then ALOT of the ‘Sheeple’ of most of “civilized” man.

How many KIDS do YOU Know who can cook?  Sew?  Etc. ???  LIFE stuff!  WHO THEN IS THE “SMART” ONE”?   re

(WS – who’s kinda blushing right now! 😀 )

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There is no more pleasurable feeling, than when GIVING.

red elk

(As I was posting this, the Christmas song ‘The Gift’, about the poor orphan girl who found an injured bird and took care of it then gave it as a gift to Jesus, came on the radio.  Thank you Dad, I needed that cry. – WS)

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HEALING VIA PURITY (the Inner Heyokas’ way)

Not many can do this, yet there ARE some WITH THE FULL FAITH NEEDED.

This is presented to all…Full Faith or not.

When a “need” is presented:  FIRST ASK “HIM” IF YOU ARE TO “DO”.


CHECK, 3 Times on what you receive.

ACT ON THAT if Check-Out “ok”



IF “ok” :



Check Check CHECK!


Work DONE     Give THANKS


YOU were / are “HIS” Physical Body.  “HE”, not YOU….”did it.



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