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  1. Tyner says:

    Many prayers going up for you now & at sweat lodge. You are Loved+

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Thanks. Wish ALL could understand we are ALL LOVED. GB re

  3. George Baaden says:

    I heard you on C2CAM. I remember you talking about the Pyramids that the E.T.s had carved out of the Earth. And you had many pictures of such Pyramids.
    Why did the E.T.s create these Pyramids?
    Is there anyway you can repost these Pictures?
    Thanks, George

  4. Whale Sister says:

    ALL were made to SEND ENERGY to ONE…GIZA. THAT was to be an ANTENNA between Earth and Other planets.
    All Pics from other website are now permanently gone….so, no. re

  5. fredrika bolling says:

    I read somewhere [someone-perhaps those who built the pyramids] talking with william henry] that they tried to send creative energy to a certan planet and it blew it up….[they were not supposed to do that?]

    I am glad I searched for Red Elk today……sending him good wishes for new year

  6. redelk says:

    Rather doubt that. Original built (never finished) as an ANTENNA to “Others” . Send and receive. re

  7. DAVID ADAMS says:


  8. Peter Mrowczynski says:

    What you have spoken. Has spoken to me. That is all that matters. Many speak and say so little with so many words. In our world the only words of value are those which can be exchanged for the worthless currency of enslavement. Know that before you leave this earth, you have done more good with your words than most will ever do with their money. Like those that came before you, the true value of those words will not be fully appreciated or realized until there are only those you left behind and no more. Worry not that your visions do not come to pass for it only means that perhaps some of what you taught has been taken to heart by those who can truly understand. I understand as do many more than you might realize. Believe me when I say that you give those of us who are outsiders in this world a place to revel in the comfort and glory that is the love of The Creator. Thank you very much for your words Brother for they are the currency that buys joy for those of us who value love over money. Great thanks and prayers for you and your health (I will pray for your health this I promise). I only wish we could have met.

  9. Living Documents says:

    Brother Peter,
    Thank you for such a stunning letter. I’ve tried and will continue trying to reach out to anyone willing to listen. The time is going so short, at the most I would say time 25 years before all hell has finished breaking loose and few will be left to start again. It will be (maybe not in 25 years maybe more) but it still will be. Hold tight to faith, never mind the loot, everybody needs money as you should know but that is not the most important thing as you seem to understand. I thank you for your prayers, they are certainly needed every day and night and sometimes I want to go home, and sometimes I don’t. All I really want though is dad’s will. God bless you and we will meet some day. Amen – Red Elk.

  10. Judy says:

    Hi Red Elk. I see the signs of the END coming. There are disturbing signs everywhere. I wonder where or who the father is when there is so much evil all around the globe. Greed and power have won and I am so very sad. My grandchildren will never know what could have been. I hope you are not physically suffering. I am in good health physically but am emotionally very ill from sadness. love and peace, Judy

  11. MorganaSage says:

    Thanx for your years of inspiration!

  12. victor says:

    With my hands i try to capture the rain and try to moisten the earth. I want to be with nature. My father told me nothing about the beauty of the centipide, jet i found it always. Never i lied about the beauty of nature, but i did not get the point why they do, untill i was fed up as i was all grown up. Only now i can put it in a few sentences: Can we truly compete and conquer the animals? Or will we only destroy there might because, we are still inferior to them? And i think some people are inferieur to their own creation, but where are those who lie about themselves who look in the mirror? Why are they magnitised and scared at the same time? They are hypnotised, but who told them?

  13. Living Documents says:

    I read this to Red Elk, and find it very poetic. Red Elk says you will be far better off not trying to conquer the insects, etc., but companionship with them. They will show you their beauty and their thoughts. They too are like you and I – i.e. people – the centerpede people, grasshopper people, they think they are people and deal with them as if they really were, because they really are.

  14. victor says:

    You told me something beautyfull, and i will try to live with those words in memory and the memory of the spoken words from the past. I ‘ll live to that and especially what you said, because i find all those words important and to act upon them, I will see where that all takes us together. I will try to find them, both inside and at the outside of my vehicle of the soul mind and the spirit, so i’ll keep them to my hearth and try to keep them at hearth with pleasure! My soul has gone deep trough the words of my memory and i will redeem inside my body to release them one by one as all spoke to me before. My hearth it is with them. I thank you.

    In short: i will put those words trough my breath into my heart and through act into my heart again.

    I wish you ahnhamahea Long live and true prosperity for ever. Ps. in my high hopes (or prayer) i’ll send you someone to talk to, I wish this person it is someone you know.

  15. Living Documents says:

    Continue on and best of luck. My life may be shorter than I expect.

  16. Michael Feuerstein says:

    I must agree with Peter Mrowczynski. I have felt for a very long time that the timeline has shifted because a few listened and acted as best they could and can continuing and Creator has heard. Thinking of Red Elk wherever you are, and family.

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