Some have asked my “standing” on who I vote for.  Who I “stand” with.

Well, folks , the one I “stand” with is NEVER ON THE BALLOTS!   GODCREATOR.   So, I DONT VOTE!

When I was adopted into HIS FAMILY (takes 3 + to be a FAMILY), I then became a CITIZEN of HIS “LAND”…..HEAVEN.

“On Earth, AS IT IS in HEAVEN.” 

I’ve found HEAVEN is PERFECT.  These of Earth….well, a DIRTY MIRROR of what Earth SHOULD be.

I pity…REALLY PITY….our Earthbound people.  Try as some have, their ‘choice’ is NEVER bent to REAL “Godliness”.  Always those ‘in power’ end up ‘advised’ by instigators who have SELF or OTHERS’ Ego Intent……or their OWN such.


Only ONE, friends.  Only ONE!  And NEVER PUT ON THE BALLETS!     re


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Get Out of Your Own Way and LISTEN

I’m CONSTANTLY surprised at how MANY…..ADULTS!….will NOT listen / act on the EXPERIENCE(s) of those who HAVE “Done”….and LEARNED the HARD WAY from NOT LISTENING THEMSELVES!

Dang, I’m stupid.

Age brings WISDOM….. IF wise enough to LISTEN!   Re


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Another Healing Telling (Don’t Read While Eating!)

This concerns Constipation.

Often Laxatives and Suppositories are used.  Both quite helpful.  Still, MAYBE NOT DOING A COMPLETE JOB.

Don’t cringe at what I tell here….it WORKS, and FULLY!   Females OR Males:   ENEMA!

Not once but 3 Times.  One right after the other.  FULLY ‘flush out’.

This piece of knowledge came hard to me.  At the expense of a severe Belt beating.

I was just 10 and in Mississippi visiting.  The couple there, aged.  Outhouse only.

Early one morning I saw the Old Gentleman, carrying a Douche Bag heading to the same destination.

When I entered, the seat area was very wet.  When I was accused, I told true.  This to the horror of their eldest son.  “HE DOSN’T DO THAT!….and off came the belt.

The old ones lived “for-ever”.  Keeping their bowels clean helped tremendously.  Aho?   re


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And a Child Shall Lead Them

A brother sent:

:)….hey u’ll love this little girl…. checkout the look on the UN faces….GB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sb6RmRMbBY&NR=1


“And a CHILD shall LEAD”.   re

Note from WS: According to the YouTube site, this video originally came from here: The Girl Who Silenced the World at the UN on the KarmaTube website (even tho it uses the YouTube video) – which is ALSO well worth the time.  If you cannot watch videos, go here, or google ‘Severn Suzuki transcript’ and you’ll find several sites that host the transcript of the speech.

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Astral Projection vs. Spirit Travel

A brother emailed:

I was asking about how the silver cord/astral projection works versus
‘spirit travel’. I also asked how to get to the inner earth but I
wasn’t sure if you would tell me that or not.

Sorry.  Lost I guess.  DO recall!  That was a HUGE amount of money to / for us.  Will answer here so I KNOW you get, aho?

Astral Travel via Cord is a SELF-Willed travel.  ANYTHING of / in SELF is SELF…NOT “God”.

Spirit Travel is done either unknowingly (you’re asleep and Creator “takes over”) or ON GOD ORDER.  This way is thus PERFECT.  Self is NOT involved.  Aho?

In this last there IS NO CORD.  You are FULLY Invisible to those you see.  NO ONE CAN FOLLOW OR ATTACK YOU.

You’d be amazed at how many CORD doers are “out there”.  SOME WITH VERY EVIL INTENT!

A number of CORD Doers thus actually become POSSESSED by one following your cord or by simply following you as you return.  JUMPING INTO YOU BEFORE YOU FULLY RETURN.
Then, too, an evil doer can (and DO do) “cut” your cord…..YOU are then LOST “In Space”.  NEVER able to return to your fullness.  Literally NOT ALL THERE! Part of you floating around, “lost”….till Day of Judgment (soon – 2,000 years after this coming Earth Flip).

As a Medicine Man occasionally I’m ORDERED to trace a corded evil doer.  I’m SENT to the doer…then follow that one’s cord to its OTHER end…IE: the SPIRIT the doer has sent out.
The doer can NOT see me…as my spirit is in Creator’s Righteousness…but I can easily see them.  Aho?

Once located I sing a special WARRIOR / HUNTER song….this startles the Spirit of the sender and it starts to run…not knowing where the Hunter is at.  I “herd” that spirit…farther and farther from its source….STRETCHING THEIR CORD.  (The cord won’t break on its own).  Once VERY thin, I call for the “crew”.  ANGELS.  2 to 3 will show up AND CUT THE CORD of the evildoer. This has the same effect as you stretching a rubber band or Bungee Cord. LITERALLY Snapping the cut ends into two directions.  One end to the Spirit of the sender….the other to the sender.  “SNAPPING” BOTH and STUNNING Both.
In the “bad” Spirit this allows a stunned state…then the Angel Helpers take it away, PERMANENTLY.

I once asked “where are you taking it?”  The reply :  “We have a place for them.”  (Left it at that)

Now, when cut the SENDER’S End snaps back too.  STUNNING THE PERSON.  He / She wakes up STUNNED, and STAYS STUNNED.  (Part of him / her NO LONGER WITH Him / Her.  They then go through life in a very weakened SPIRITUAL state.  NEVER AGAIN to be “Strong”.  Their “abilities” never able to be again.
At best, a STRONG Sorceror is like a VERY new STUDENT of Wickedness.   A “wiccan” in limited doing.

An apprentice wiccan who can only do the common ways, and very easily handled.  Aho?

ALL “New Age” IS A DIVERSION FROM “L” to get you “High”, but “OFF THE MARK”!

Same too with drugs / etc.

CAN they get their Spirit back?  I suppose so.  Godliness CHANGE might do it…but the WICKEDNESS “Want” would no doubt be a missed “want”.  Chances are they WOULD return to the way they were.  Their former power overriding GODLINESS “change”.   EGO (self) is a hard force to overcome.

“Dad” “KNOWS THE HEART”.  The DEEP DEEP…and thus would NOT allow a Spirit Return UNLESS HE KNOWS YOU WILL NOT RETURN to the former ways.

I know of none who has been given back their Spirit, but still, IS possible. Aho?

As for your Caves Etc. question.  I’ve told you I would NOT give out these places. I meant it.
NO amount of $$ will get that info from me….EVER.

That knowledge IS ATTAINABLE to ALL…all that GET FULLY IN TUNE with “HIM”.

So, if you’re to know…ask HIM.   Aho?

Many of these places can GET YOU KILLED…or CAPTURED.

NOTHING to “play with”….so you’d have to be FULLY in HIM!  Aho?

Again, get THAT information from HIM.  I will NOT TELL.  Aho?

Ok, all herein answered.  Sorry the Snailed answer never arrived.  As told, once sent my mail/orders are completely out of my hands.  BLAME THE P.O. Machines / THIEVES.

GB    re

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How Expensive Is That ‘Cheap’?

The following an answer to one seeking if a ‘good buy’ on a certain stove (http://www.sedorestoves.com/)…said “would be cheap to fuel. A GOOD THING!”

Oh WOW!  THANK YOU.  M is CORRECT!  A pricy thing tho.  Still, CAN “recoup” in not TOO short a time.

I remember your Pellet Stove.  DON’T CARE A THING FOR ‘EM!  Do NOT ‘put out’ the HEAT for the $$ for fuel.  MY “M” wanted one when they 1st came out….and all the “Cheap Fuel” it uses.  I PUT MY FOOT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!…and FLAT HARD!!!  Told her “CHEAP NOW, but a PLOY! And we’d be spending a Small FORTUNE in 4 – 7 yrs when they ‘Catch On'”!

I’ve been proved right.  She’s NOW happy I flatly said “NO!”

MANY “cheap” being put out…like GAS (natural) Etc.  Got THAT believed and Accepted…NOW LOOK AT THE PRICE OF THIS FUEL!

So MANY “future” Thinkers”.  Willing to put out BIG “start up” costs…to make a KILLING Income in the ‘future’.

Build…lose money (for a WHILE), PUSH…and BUY STOCKS while “down / new”….then : BMWs / MANSIONS / “my” BOAT (  :   /  etc..

Profit is one thing…LYING quite another.  Aho?

Even my SUPER CHEAP DOMES are NOT wanted to be told by the media….”We’d, RUIN the GOOD OL’ BOY Club” if we revealed THIS!”

Our ECONOMY is BASED ON LIES OF CON-MEN…..and WE GO ALONG WITH IT!  ‘Til now Most of our masses “can’t LIVE” without ELECTRICITY or a CAR or …. well, you get the picture.



HOW STUPID ARE WE!   Well, “idiots” : DAMN STUPID!

Now the FREE THINKERS will….W  I  L  L   be “OUTLAWED”.  CRIMINALS!  Simply because We are NOT ‘FOOLS’!   A DANGER to the “National / Economy SOCIETY”.

A danger TO THE CON MEN!  Aho?   re


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Man? Or ….. Mouse?

I am one who disagrees with the often said (Science / Doctors / Etc.) that claim mankind are of the Animal Kingdom.

We are a UNIQUE race of beings….Animal LIKE, but ABOVE them.

WE have SOULS….AND Creator Awareness.   Animals only the last.

This constant bombardment of “we are animals” has caused many to BELIEVE it.  Thus ACT LIKE IT.

Sex is one that comes to mind.

It seems mankind have forgotten it is a Gift…..(nice one, too) but WE NEED TO RETURN TO OUR TRUE MORALITY : ResponsiBILITY.

It seems Viagra is always before our eyes.  Now even one for Gals.

“If you are not HAVING SEX, you are not “HUMAN”.

Look what this “gotta be “human”” has done :    10 and 12 yr. old CHILDREN active in sex.

Extremely early mother / father “hood”.  KIDS themselves, trying to take CARE of a KID.  Aho?

Aids / HIV

Pornography and rampant Child Molesters (male AND female)

And now :  WE ARE ANIMALS being told AND BELIEVED!


Sex is GOOD….but choosing to “go” the “open” relationships / etc.  way (just get up and LEAVE when things get rough) instead of the Creator’s way is….well….LIKE ANY ANIMAL.

I tell you true,  Having a Sexual Organ makes you “as an animal” indeed.  This means NO RESPONSIBILITY TO ANY.  To have a  penis or vagina, well,  ALL animals have THOSE!  IT DOES NOT…  N  O  T…  Make you a MAN! (Woman).

Just another…………….ANIMAL!!!

If you SAY you are “Godly”, BE  GODLY!

Think about it.



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The ‘Savage’ Vs. the ‘Civilized’

Readers : my wife and I are ‘spatting’…..over WATER!   She’s “gone white” on me…I’m a ‘savage’ to her (at the moment).  Buster water pipes….Frozen water source.  “I WANT MY MORNING SHOWER!!!!!”

That and this:  “and YOU want to move up to even WORSE (conditions)!”

Yes, I do.  “WORSE” will look DARN GOOD before to long.  “Savage” will look DARN GOOD soon, too.

We two are VANGUARDS…running AHEAD of the masses.  ALWAYS ‘In Front’.

This is just ‘another case’.  Aho?

Water will be the least of the problems, but one worthy of being told about (family disagreement).


So, 3 against 1 in this house.  Sky (Grandson) ‘half n half’…so maybe more like 2 1/2 against one.  ALL over WATER “WANTS”.

Many (reading) have teens…or a mate who DONT WANT  A  N  Y  HARDSHIPS. Want the ‘sweet SOFT life’.  THIS WILL CREATE HEAVY STRIFE In Your Marriage / Etc.

Will  I   “fold”?  Nope, I intend to get as ready as I can.  ALL here will NEED what I’m striving for…..A PLACE TO LIVE.  That’s IT!!!  An ABODE to keep warm in.


I will continue on the ‘path’ given…and those here will be THANKFUL I DID SO…..LATER!


Will it be YOU?

Well, expect “disagreements”.  DONT “Push”.  Simply grit your teeth and go on GETTING THINGS READY.

You are NOT alone!      re

“Downsizing”?  Yes, but more like STRIPPING!


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It’s a Car! It’s a Plant! No – It’s a Shrubbery!

And I thought I had IMAGINATION!!
On the run?  WHO’D KNOW!    (Watch the short Video).    re

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“No Money Man”

Mark Boyle, rich guy, went ‘no cash’ and is loving it…and teaching others to do the same.

Mark Boyle’s ‘Moneyless Man’: Why I Live Without Money (VIDEO)

No Money Man: the Thrifty Adventures of Mark Boyle

Live Q&A with Mark Boyle

The Freeconomy Community


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