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(Response to someone talking about Fukushima)

I like your analogy. ( :

Not MEANING to be a “Bible Thumper”, but something for all to think about, folks ; Scripture tells our Earth’s next “demise” will come by Fire. THAT CAN MEAN RADIATION BURNS AS WELL.
Frankly, I see Him “at work”. Keeping His WORD.
It CAN be Sun Heat fires…Nuclear war…and THIS, as well.

We, as a worlds’ race, have NOT “returned”.

As for those who are “ready to die” (Right with Him), but are CONCERNED ABOUT THIER LOVED ONES, I ask you, how “READY” ARE you? Please remember; You are NOT GodCreator….that EACH has their Path. Girls at 12 and boys at 13 are, in HIS Eyes, are THEN Adults. RESPONSIBLE for THIER Actions. The age, according to Him, YOU HAVE NO MORE NEED TO BE CONCERNED for THEM!
Thus, RELEASE your worries and REPLACE with TRUSTING Him.
At those two ages, the APRIN STRINGS ARE CUT!

So, I ask you, do you REALY Trust AND BELIEVE???

(I too have my family loved ones….I too don’t WANT to see these “go through ‘hell’ “….my differences between me and you is I UNDERSTAND …. and TRUST, FULLY, in what HE knows what is needed to make these loved ones RIGHT with Him. EVEN A HORRIBLE TIME.

If thats what it takes ; AMEN…(So BE IT!). Aho? re












Be a good example for our children!


Hi Rosa,

I was out of the country but when I got home I received a message from Meachelle and she was so overwhelmed with your generosity she wanted to make sure I got another message on the post about your support to her. I have so much to share, and will when I get a chance to talk to Meachelle. Thank you so much. I will return with more information soon.


Thank You Rosa

Dear Rosa,

Meachelle called me to tell me how thankful she was for your donations after you sold your home. She was shocked and grateful. She has been out of work due to a fall and then a dizzy spell. Your generosity seemed to arrive in a timely manner. Of course, it helps us all to know we are all looked after. Meachelle wanted to send you a card but since she doesn’t know where to send it, she asked me to post on the blog hoping you will see this and have a place to comment. I can keep the comment private or write you back.

I really appreciate your long term support of Meachelle and Red Elk’s family. It is amazing and we are all grateful.


Sky’s First Job

Hi Heather. It’s been a long time since I emailed you. I have a couple of great testimonials for you. First, in Red Elk’s “Lessons” book, I have been practicing doing the Ku-ing for injuries. I have gotten 2 of my injuries to substantially heal VERY MUCH QUICKER than they normally would have using this technique. One time I jammed my pinky fingernail on my steering wheel as I was reaching for something in my truck. It was so hard that it almost separated the fingernail from the nail bed. It made a big white place on my fingernail and throbbed and hurt very badly. I ku-ed it for a few minutes and the pain went away, also, the white place where it had separated the nail from the nail bed became very hard to see, and almost completely went away. This happened instantly. The white place (crease) on my nail bed healed up much quicker than previous similar injuries have.

The second time I tried it, I had a very bad and pretty deep cut right along side and just under the edge of my right thumbnail. I was picking up my computer hard drive to put it back in place after we had just put new flooring in. My hand slipped as I was picking it up and there was a small but very sharp little piece of aluminum sticking out on the back of the unit that was apparently almost as sharp as a knife. It cut me about 1/8 of an inch deep or deeper, and about a half inch long, in this very tender spot. It bled badly for a minute or so, while I went and washed it off. I then thought about Ku-ing it away.

So, I worked on that for about 10 minutes right after I had gotten cut and washed the cut off. Believe it or not, it stopped bleeding VERY QUICKLY, and even stopped hurting. It looked as if it had sealed itself shut from a very deep level, working out towards the surface from the inside. The cut didn’t hurt the rest of the day. Then, it apparently got slightly infected and hurt for a couple of days afterwards, but not too badly. After that, It grew completely shut and was completely healed. I had sustained 2 other cuts on my hands, one the day before, and one the day after, while I was working around the house. These two were not very deep or serious cuts like the one I used the Ku-ing on, but the deeper, more serious cut that I Ku-ed away healed more quickly than the 2 that I didn’t Ku away.

I go to a Native American healer for some other health conditions I have. I was there 2 days after that bad cut, and I showed it to him. He was very impressed.

I am still working on being able to levitate. My NA healer friend told me of another way to do levitation, as I was not having any success (yet) with the trampoline idea that Red Elk taught. I got a mini trampoline and did what he said. I have yet to get it to work, however, my friend told me of another way, and I have gotten a little success out of that method. Here’s what he told me: He told me to put my hands down by my side with my palms facing downward like Robert Downey Jr’s “Iron Man” character from the Marvel Comics movies does when he flies. Then, imagine my body sending energy out of my palms to lift me off of the ground. I did this and the first time, I could feel my body being lifted up off of my heels onto my toes. I slightly adjusted my hand position and this made me come up off my toes and stand on my heels, it was like it shifted the weight back when I held my palms more forward. I have a medical scale here at my home (I am a licensed acupuncturist). I did this on my medical scale with the weight balanced in the middle, and after a few seconds, the weight drops to the bottom like a stone (indicating that I weigh less than the weight selected on the scale). I have done this twice on the scale and have made the scale drop to indicate a lower weight for me. I have yet to leave the ground yet though. Have any of you, maybe Adam? had any success in levitation? If you have any more advice or tips on this, I am all ears.

Also, my wife and I have been doing the anti-aging thing that Red Elk taught for a while now (a couple months maybe?) So far, neither of us has dreamed about the day of our wedding (this is the photo we are using from 4 years ago). But we are continuing to work on it. Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with Red Elk’s apprentice or grandson? I would like to talk to someone else who is working on developing the abilities that Red Elk teaches. I figured that maybe we could help each other by talking about our experiences with these methods.

Thanks again for sharing Red Elk’s pdf books with us. They are among the best books I have ever read.

Sky’s response:

Yeah Heather that is very interesting and since I said I’d like and try to continue grandfather’s teaching on the phone and in person. I feel is if this a test from grandfather or God to see if I have what it take to continue spreading the teachings and love of God if it’s ok with you and him I’d be willing to talk and teach what I know.

And so I connected the two last night.

Red Elk’s Memorial Invitation

There will be a service for Red Elk in Ellensburg WA Saturday September 26, 2015. We are planning to have the service at Kiwanis Park in Ellensburg from noon to four, but continual sharing is welcome. Adam and a few other people will be camping out at Red Elk’s house for a few days. Adam will be getting to Red Elks place on Friday.  Everyone is welcome to camp-out at his place for a few days. Bring a dish to share, we are doing a potluck.


WS / H , a goof on my part….right off the bat.  PLEASE INSERT   B4   The “then the Coming Down of the Saints.”…..make that THEN the LIVING will rise (“assention”)   (THEN:  the   saints  part).  Thank you.     re



“And the Dead Shall Rise First”

(2 Meanings?)


This morning held more then one thing to contemplate on.  One being the title of this sharing.

Have you ever given great thought to this passage?

If, as most, it means to you that those laying in their “sleep” will rise and go “up”.  “First”?  Yes.  THEN the LIVING will rise (“ascension”), THEN a DESCENDING of the masses of Godly AFTER that.  Correct?

Yes…correct…….BUT:  This morning brought on even MORE thought on this.


You’ll need to understand what the DNA is all about.  It is THE SOUL of ALL YOUR ANCESTORS…..passed down into YOU.  YOUR “Genes”.  Your CHILDREN have ALL the ancestors ….now INCLUDING YOURS !

The DNA is MEMORIES of ALL these ancestors.  “Soul” passed on to each newborn.  DNA is the “TREAD LINE” of mankind from the First Two to US.  ALL THOSE MEMORIES ARE WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US now living.

Now, with this in mind:  YOUR “Soul Line Thread” ” is NOW BEING ACTIVATED!  The DEAD ARE   “Rising” WITH-IN YOU!


Bringing on your STIRRING that ALL are NOW having!

Some run from this.  “Partying” / Sex / Booze / Drugs / Etc.


WE ARE BEING “Stirred”… Chili Beans boiling in a pot!

Discarding those “beans” that are “bad”.  Seeking only the GOOD to feast on.

MANY have an NA in their DNA blood line….(yet, in truth, ALL have…for we ALL starting from The FIRST two).

Those with an ancestor of recent Native American (blood) have a “jump”, though, than others who have only the thoughts of “white”.

Again, those with “recent” NA, have a “jump”.  As they have the STILL Strongly held CLOSER memories .  Aho?

OK, I see, through my knowledge ;  The DEAD  (who shall rise FIRST)    A  R  E    RISING……..RIGHT   N  O  W  !!!

It is TIME.

Accept or reject, I just share.



Well Intended Advice


Before GIVING ADVICE….THINK…but IN the receivers Moccasins.
It’s so EASY to give “advice” when not doing so…causing HURT…not HELP.   re

The Broken Nose

Having my wife push against the broken cartilage of my nose. Trying to get the nose beautiful again.  ( :  OUR Granddaughter visited, saw, and asked, “Is your nose SWOLLEN, Grampa?”  duh
She (AND the Other, grandson) sure CHEWED OUT both their mom and Sky or NOT taking “proper care”  of me.      (  :
It is NOT their fault.  I TRY TO DO FOR MYSELF so they can “have a life”.  Aho?
They actuary DO do a lot.  I’m thankful for them.   PTL!
My arm finally quit bleeding. Cuts were rather deep . Past the skin….took meat as well.  Pulled all that off.  All,  I THINK.   ( :  
Another book  out.   “The Agenda” .  written years ago and lost when my server messed up my blog.  (STILL trying to get all back…thanks to Heather /  +  ).
Anyway, still alive and KICKING…though a real day-to-day challenge.
GB   re

Happy Death Song

Awoke a few minutes ago from a WONDERFUL DREAM!

A young man and his mother (?) brought the grandfather here…to prepare him for his funereal. (He was dead). As I did so I could see their pain. Sure loved the old guy.

So a SONG began forming in my head. One of Pure JOY! I began singing it, quickly at first. Then increased the “volume”….till the 2 came in and started singing with me. Skip Jumping around the old ones casket as I continued. JOY REPLACED SADNESS! We were CELEBRATING HIS LIFE…his Jokes / his Wisdom…his LOVE.

No bad memories. NONE! Just all the HAPPY TIMES each had with him.

This was continued at the actual funeral….MANY ENCIRCLING HIS GRAVE. DANCING. SINGING THE “JOY DEATH Song”. DANCING Native American Style Left to Right in a circle as the ‘shovelers’ would HOP as they coverd his “past”.

Each shovel tossed “on Q” as THEY had THEIR Feet “going’.


The song is still with me as I type.