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  1. andrew alfred says:

    Hi brother redelk i think my father everyday for giving life and making love everyone in this planet earth that heaven but its full of sin by listing to u brother u make me a better man am 22 year old a young man doing right loving everyone loving above hate.But its one thing i do not understand i have this pain inside of me and mind that I keep thinking how am living ok to stay alive and knowing half of the world is bad from the lack of food, and my girl said to me why do i carry the world on my back thinking and thinking.But i say to myself this pain come from seeing things in the world that should be free to all of us loving each other and doing right things so your father can rest and donot have to watch us doing wrong living in sin.Brother redelk what so hard loving each other some people make me sick But i still love them as brother and sister everything u say is true why not start now love is the key not war hate Etc..You now brother and i now to man i wish to talk to u in person realy but one i will met u love u man thanks and if u need money i can give u some 100 dollar if that ok bob marley said wisdom is better then gold.and us good heart people know that write back please love brother redelk.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    I too actually cry (privately) for ALL our people…and All that HE has made. Don’t do it often…but there ARE times…………… sorta just “hits me”. Aho?
    So I know what you are saying.

    Still, all have their own path. I pray tho, they locate that “mind” that says “Something’s wrong here”, and begin an honest search.

    Due to some much Add-Ons, Changes and Taking Away in the churches today….its really a wonder to me ANY “break through” and see the VERY thin PURE GOLD in our Creator’s Word. It IS there tho. We 12 know this, follow it, and walk in inner peace that only that Fine Line has.

    Meanwhile, just continue praying for ALL. Aho?

    If I need anything, “DAD” will lay it on your heart. It’s not my ‘way’ to tell . Occasionally I DO let others know of “problems”….THEN tell of the ANSWERS “HE” PROVIDES. “He” DOES Answer! Aho? HO !!!

    I wish you well, my brother….VERY well! GB re

  3. William Michaels says:

    it is noted that most of your videos have been blocked from you tube for bogus reasons. a sign of what is happening in the world as we know it (the dream as it were) while most of what you share tests well it is disturbing that i can no longer share it with people who need it. though i seem not to be able to use most of it at will have seen enough in my few years to recognize some by experience and other checked by Bible ( p prefer to study the part that mos Christians seem to think unnecessary.

  4. Whale Sister says:

    What videos? Ones uploaded by redelkaudio2? redelkaudio2 is not Red Elk, just a fan.

  5. Anne says:

    A lot of the ones on this page.

  6. Anne says:

    Is still a bona fide place to buy the great vision dvd? It’s under the name PureBulk on PayPal check out.

  7. Living Documents says:

    I am not sure, let me check. I know we want to direct people to Stuart Best, Best Videos. I’ll be back.

  8. April Dehm says:

    None of the videos work 🙁

  9. Whale Sister says:

    Unfortunately this happens every time YouTube updates. I’ll see what I can do – probably just linking to the channels would work. For a while anyway. Thanks for letting us know!

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