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In 2011 – I received a request to have Red Elk do an interview with Spirit Investigators. This is one of my favorite interviews. H

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I’m loading several new-to-the-blog posts in the back end here, most taken from his pre-blog mailing list in late 2009 to early 2010, and some that were previously on the blog but lost in the crashes.  Even tho they’re basically just a few months’ worth, Red Elk was PROLIFIC back then!  I’m editing them for reading comprehension before posting, but my brain still gets tired so it will still be a couple weeks.  One or two I’ll post as ‘New’ because they’re That Important; the rest will be dated according to their original dates.

I also just found out that all the links to the podcasts were *also* not restored, which means I’ll have to hunt them all down again in order to link them.  Right now just the Nov 2009 interview with Zeph Daniels has been restored.  Besides Prophecykeepers and Feet to the Fire, if anyone else knows of any interviews that are still online that we can link to, if you could comment with the link it would be much appreciated.

In other news, we are still working on what will be done with the various audio lessons.  His family does want to sell them, and it may be done through iTunes or one of the other services.


Happy Birthday Red Elk!

Red Elk turns 72 years old! And says he feels every minute of it!

Blue Otter is going to reschedule the live interview with Red Elk for June 20, 2014…Friday, 5:00 p.m., join in for a “fireside” chat. You can LISTEN HERE then or find other programs you will enjoy.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
You’ll know Dr.’s interview with me is audible and runs a number of hours. Another one will be coming shortly covering almost all of what she does BUT two things are added that I’ve never shared except personally with others. This is: #1 How to bring a person who is very close to dying, hours or days short of being dead, returning them back to health and wanting to live. #2 How to take one who is dead, has not been bled out and is not in terrific physical condition back to living again. This is NOT, I repeat NOT calling up the dead….which is a No No!

What people do not understand is that each of us choose to die. Some do die, but they are not in bad physical shape (like ran over by a train, etc.). We have 3 days to talk to that dead person’s spirit and soul. 3 days and once you talk them to returning to breathing again. The next set of audibles that will be coming on the blog, tell of this, the Why of this, and the How of this.

I myself have no proof that I am to die 3 more times. All I can do is wait and see. Test Test Test. But, I do not want to find out that when I pass away I won’t be back. I have too much yet to share with the world, including these last two lessons.

There are still much I won’t share. I tell you true, if there is something you must know or need to know, go to your knees, ask the creator and expect an answer. Test that answer at least 3 times. If it seems to waiver, or stop, it is not of our God. It is of the deceiver lucifer. I will go on teaching as much as I can, as I can. I’m tired, I’m very weak, I’m sore, I shake, but I will continue for the sake of my brothers and sisters of Earth.

As usual, I wish you well, I thank you for your prayers and for the donations that have been given.

God Bless,


Truth is Spirit Day 1



Mel’s Hole…AGAIN?

What got me ‘public’ was Mel’s Hole.

I don’t like untruths.  This hole was told of on Coast-to-Coast/Art Bell.

Told and LAUGHED AT!  Ticked me off.

The hole IS.  Personally been there before, in 1960 or ’61.

Called ‘em and TOLD ‘EM SO.

I’ll stand by ANY who are falsely accused.

Well, now KOMO TV News (out of Seattle, Wa.) called me…wanting an interview.

Told ‘em I was willing, but………

NO MEDIA HAS TOLD THE TRUTH on this.  Urban Legends to Newspapers.

I’d share, they’d EDIT….and ALWAYS make it out as a “bald -faced” LIE.

OK, one more chance.  We meet today.

What they SAY and When it will be on air (IF), I have no idea.

We don’t get that channel here, so will never know.

So folks, IF it IS put on, and you ‘catch it’…..know This:  IT  IS  TRUE and STILL there AND OFF LIMITS by our MILITARY.   Re

Mel’s Hole – Curious

Mel’s Hole Curious

WS has told me she’s fielding a large number of Emails asking more on Mel’s Hole.

No need to, friends.  READ ABOUT IT and stop the queries.

Yes, its real.  Yes, its there…and it is a DANGER to searchers.

I should know….MUCH “Black Government” activity HERE (us/house) after backing Mel’s telling.  OUCH!

DON’T COME TO ME TO ASK anymore.  The dang thing isn’t IMPORTANT.  Your SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT worth FAR MORE!

I wish you’d search more for THAT then any Hole.  THAT’S WHAT MAN NEEDS TO KNOW…not some dumb HOLE!  re

Was JUST about to go to town.  A knock on door canceled THAT!  3 on the porch.  One a friend and “brother,” with 2 “unknowns.”  A FILM CREW!

“We’d like to do a Documentary on you / domes.  Would you allow it?”

2 1/2 hours later they ran out of film tape.  “We’ll try to get back tomorrow.”


Ran outta film at Skydome…want more on that.

Both are into ECOLOGY.  Both FULLY AWARE folks do NOT “save the world” by DENUDING IT! Want to show what “REAL ECOLOGY” IS!

“Less is BEST”…”NATURAL verses DESTROY.”  These 2 are REALLY INTO IT!  Do documentaries on USA Events.  Cancer marchers / etc. BIG “news” stuff. “People Helping PEOPLE” stuff. Aho?

They came, they saw…THEY WERE CONQUERED!

The sound man lives very close by.  Love the 1st two…but SKY’S was “THE WHOLE CAKE”!


Later the cameraman said his partner had a request……………”I want one re…want in my back yard.  Will you teach me how? I’m very serious about this”….???

Told him : If YOU do ALL THE Labor AND PAY FOR MY GAS…and Supply me with some ciggs…yeah, I’ll help.”

So, we’ll see.  Aho?

All 3 told me “We have a newspaper reporter (SEATTLE TIMES!) who would like to meet you.  Can she?   Would you mind?”

So, another “we’ll see.”  ????


Book on building?  IF THIS DOCUMENTARY Gets Out…AND a “HOW TO MAKE” one as well….no!  FREEBIE, as the ones in my blog.

Seems I’ve been given no choice.  LOOKS LIKE “DAD” WANTS AS MUCH “OUT” AS I CAN.  Why?  I SUSPECT “Time IS SHORT!”.  Aho?  re