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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Red Elk and Red Elk, Red Elk. Red Elk said: A new page was created pulling together all Red Elk audio/video as heard on Coast 2 Coast – Art Bell – […]

  2. Matthew Michael Mandell (Seahorse) says:

    I have not heard the Language of the birds spoken directly to me until I understood myth, the bible and Red Elk. I know the Thunderbird will reclaim the egg and nurture it fully for the next generation. Lets fly NOW before it’s too late for some, so the stalk can deliver.
    I love, Matt

  3. Matthew Michael Mandell (Seahorse) says:

    ‘A’ law of three.. learn more from the west, see if it feels right in the east…(does it come from love?) and fuse! And away we go again?

    (to moderator- sorry for the repeat, please edit this sentence out and remove the previous comment that does not address love- if this feels right to you… I am so greatfull for this forum, to the moderators, Red Elk and Micheal, your web designer.)
    Matt with LOVE and Peace xx

  4. Living Documents says:

    Would be nice. TRYING my BEST to make it so. Aho? re

  5. Mark says:

    Howdy Red Elk,

    I recently found you while searching out Ed Casey…and found a lot of what I had been told being repeated, by you. One thing you didn’t touch on that I thought should be brought to your attention is in the 114 Hebrew characters of Daniel 12:7, the number 2010 shows up 42 times in an equidistant letter spacing search using code finder software. I’d bet you know Dan 12:7 off the top of your head, even if you havn’t associated the chapter and verse with it. I had a definite experience. That was back in ’07…I did let a few TV preachers (and locals too) know at the time, guess that didn’t do much good or maybe it did. But it wasn’t made common knowledge. Write if you like, no demands here. I hope the day finds you well, and perhaps the information gives you something more to work with,


  6. Whale Sister says:

    Mark: dont know anything about this. I tell only what I KNOW…..(Seen / Heard / Experience). Got my hands full with that.
    If its OF GOD, He’ll OPEN THE DOORS TO SHARE. The trick is, is to Let HIM….YOU will not need to “hunt” those to tell.
    Just TRUST. Aho? GB re

  7. David W says:

    ah haaaaaaaaaaa. comments not blocked here hehehe:) Hello Heather and Whale Sister 😉

  8. Whale Sister says:

    That’s because the posts all have a comment time limit. Hi!

    Just FYI I’m not supposed to be an admin here anymore, but that keeps not happening…

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