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There is a book that was written in the late 60’s, and publicly published by two publishers that discusses the reality of earth shifts  (its the crust that shifts, not the entire planet.  Its just as bad.)…before the CIA classified it and shut it away as much as they could.  Then a few years ago the CIA ‘sanitized’ (another term for redacted, but less messy-looking and obvious) and released 57 of the 232 pages, and you can download those pages on their website among all the other declassified documents there.  Its called ‘The Story of Adam and Eve: A History of Cataclysms’, and the pages released are the story of the last two cataclysms – Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden, and Noah.  And the proof of such that the author Chan Thomas gathered from varied sciences, histories, indigenous tales, pretty much everything they could get their hands on for 20 years.  Including shocking revelations about Genesis being FAR more accurate than people believe.  And how the ‘ice age’ didn’t happen like is currently thought.  Its frightening and really interesting in equal measure.

And its just ONE FOURTH of the information in that book.

If anyone out there happened to buy a copy before the CIA got a hold of it…its up to you what you do with it, but the world does need to know this story.


(if anyone is wondering what happened to me with regards to this blog…it wasn’t my path to continue, tho I seem to keep being un-removed from the blog’s admin list.  Red Elk left it to Heather to continue distributing his teachings.)