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Sky’s First Job

Hi Heather. It’s been a long time since I emailed you. I have a couple of great testimonials for you. First, in Red Elk’s “Lessons” book, I have been practicing doing the Ku-ing for injuries. I have gotten 2 of my injuries to substantially heal VERY MUCH QUICKER than they normally would have using this technique. One time I jammed my pinky fingernail on my steering wheel as I was reaching for something in my truck. It was so hard that it almost separated the fingernail from the nail bed. It made a big white place on my fingernail and throbbed and hurt very badly. I ku-ed it for a few minutes and the pain went away, also, the white place where it had separated the nail from the nail bed became very hard to see, and almost completely went away. This happened instantly. The white place (crease) on my nail bed healed up much quicker than previous similar injuries have.

The second time I tried it, I had a very bad and pretty deep cut right along side and just under the edge of my right thumbnail. I was picking up my computer hard drive to put it back in place after we had just put new flooring in. My hand slipped as I was picking it up and there was a small but very sharp little piece of aluminum sticking out on the back of the unit that was apparently almost as sharp as a knife. It cut me about 1/8 of an inch deep or deeper, and about a half inch long, in this very tender spot. It bled badly for a minute or so, while I went and washed it off. I then thought about Ku-ing it away.

So, I worked on that for about 10 minutes right after I had gotten cut and washed the cut off. Believe it or not, it stopped bleeding VERY QUICKLY, and even stopped hurting. It looked as if it had sealed itself shut from a very deep level, working out towards the surface from the inside. The cut didn’t hurt the rest of the day. Then, it apparently got slightly infected and hurt for a couple of days afterwards, but not too badly. After that, It grew completely shut and was completely healed. I had sustained 2 other cuts on my hands, one the day before, and one the day after, while I was working around the house. These two were not very deep or serious cuts like the one I used the Ku-ing on, but the deeper, more serious cut that I Ku-ed away healed more quickly than the 2 that I didn’t Ku away.

I go to a Native American healer for some other health conditions I have. I was there 2 days after that bad cut, and I showed it to him. He was very impressed.

I am still working on being able to levitate. My NA healer friend told me of another way to do levitation, as I was not having any success (yet) with the trampoline idea that Red Elk taught. I got a mini trampoline and did what he said. I have yet to get it to work, however, my friend told me of another way, and I have gotten a little success out of that method. Here’s what he told me: He told me to put my hands down by my side with my palms facing downward like Robert Downey Jr’s “Iron Man” character from the Marvel Comics movies does when he flies. Then, imagine my body sending energy out of my palms to lift me off of the ground. I did this and the first time, I could feel my body being lifted up off of my heels onto my toes. I slightly adjusted my hand position and this made me come up off my toes and stand on my heels, it was like it shifted the weight back when I held my palms more forward. I have a medical scale here at my home (I am a licensed acupuncturist). I did this on my medical scale with the weight balanced in the middle, and after a few seconds, the weight drops to the bottom like a stone (indicating that I weigh less than the weight selected on the scale). I have done this twice on the scale and have made the scale drop to indicate a lower weight for me. I have yet to leave the ground yet though. Have any of you, maybe Adam? had any success in levitation? If you have any more advice or tips on this, I am all ears.

Also, my wife and I have been doing the anti-aging thing that Red Elk taught for a while now (a couple months maybe?) So far, neither of us has dreamed about the day of our wedding (this is the photo we are using from 4 years ago). But we are continuing to work on it. Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with Red Elk’s apprentice or grandson? I would like to talk to someone else who is working on developing the abilities that Red Elk teaches. I figured that maybe we could help each other by talking about our experiences with these methods.

Thanks again for sharing Red Elk’s pdf books with us. They are among the best books I have ever read.

Sky’s response:

Yeah Heather that is very interesting and since I said I’d like and try to continue grandfather’s teaching on the phone and in person. I feel is if this a test from grandfather or God to see if I have what it take to continue spreading the teachings and love of God if it’s ok with you and him I’d be willing to talk and teach what I know.

And so I connected the two last night.

From John on Nibiru

John, fits right in with my knowledge.   Will share this on my blog.  GB   re


From John

This is not going to be great news, but as far as I have been able to research, this is what is happening.

We know that the government has been keeping us in the dark about a lot of hidden agendas. Well the one dealing with Nibiru, Nemesis, Wormwood, is the biggest cover up of all. Every 3,600 years there is a great flood and mankind is bombed back to the stone age. The only people who survive are the ones who have lived in caves or in this instance, underground cities designed for this kind of thing. Denver airport such a facility. They have been working on it for 8 years now and the original budget was 1.5 billion and it is now at 6 billion and counting. There are tunnels 5 miles away from the airport in every direction. Each level is built by a contractor and then they fire them and hire a new contractor to build another level.

The Georgia Stones are talking about the 500,000,000 people in those bunkers and some ghost cities that China has built for just this purpose. We are not on the list.

Nibiru is a brown dwarf with immense density and it has been affecting our solar system since 1987. NASA is covering up things that are happening right now and those things are going to continue to get worse right up to 2012. All the stories of Native American people coming out of caves about 3,600 years ago have stories of previous floods and them going back into caves each time. The elders of the Lakota are already starting to head back to the caves.

I think one of the reasons the Mason’s wanted to destroy the Native American culture, was to keep these stories from spreading to the white population. They are part of the elite who raided, robbed and burned the great libraries of the world that contained information about these multiple floods and what to do to survive them.

You already know about the Cross of Viracocha came out of and then traveled around the world saving people from the devastation.

The Hopi say you must build your house into the earth and it must be above 6,500 ft and be protected from winds that could reach 300 mph.

I think the economic scare is just to keep us hunkered down until it is too late to make the necessary changes. Looking at it from their point of view, we might have done the same thing. If our ancestors told us this story, we would make all the necessary arrangements for our families to survive. We would not want the general population to know about this, because it would just cause world wide panic and there are not enough facilities to save everyone. The NWO people are talking about making a new world with only five hundred million people that they have already selected. They have used propaganda and religion to keep people dumbed down, not to mention sports, Internet, TV etc.

Scientists who know about this kind of thing are never given any coverage by the media and we all know the media has been controlled for a very long time.

In 1987 myself and a friend were at art shows in Phoenix, and Sedona, Arizona, one week apart. Two CIA agents came by, one in each city, to look at our art work. My friend and I noticed that both men seems very emotional. After talking to them for a while, both eventually broke down and said they had just come from a briefing about world events to come. They said they were told of a massive series of global events that were going to devastate the world. They both were crying and saying they had children and that they were told they could not let anyone, out side their group, know about it.

As you know, I have been connecting the dots for a number of years and the penny finally dropped. Red Elk, you have had your great vision and have done your best to inform people of coming changes. I have read your work and believe this fits into that vision, if it does not, please let me know.

I am sorry if this material scares you, but you all have been looking at the same ideas for some time now. I just see that time is short and preparations have to start now.

One of the prophecies I was given when I was in my 20’s was, I would be leaving an area and taking a small group with me as the water was lapping at my heels. Now I see how this could happen.

One of the things I just found out is that if you take all the great civilizations that sprang out of no where about 3,400 years ago they all fit in a circle where the North pole was in a totally different place then where it is now. The pole shifted thousands of miles. These civilizations were advanced, but had been devastated by a world wide cataclysm.

You all are researchers and I know you will check out what I am saying. Please feel free to dispute what I am saying.



A Message from Abroad

To Red Elk:

A neighbor just came to ask if I have water…….. because the water at the campsite is off due to a leak somewhere.
He kept on complaining that the water was switched off without any warning.
I told him:”I am telling you and others already for years now, to have a rain barrel of water inside in case the water is switched off, making ourselves more independent from the system.”
He kept on complaining. I told him:”See this as a small warning, as a lesson of what might come and how dependent you/we are.” Unfortunately he kept on complaining also about his partner having a bad mood because she hadn’t have had her cup of coffee yet and can not use the toilet.
Gee, this unwillingness to think independent.
Gets time for me to continue making the plans with a friend to move to eastern Europe (there we can afford a house and garden) and live as sustainable as possible. Otherwise the community here will stand at my door….. instead of using what I share to make themselves independent and self-sustainable.
Gee (again)….. I get soooo tired of this immature mindset most people have…..
Please God, have mercy on ALL of us.



From Red Elk –

I am attempting to send this…AND A FOLLOWING ONE for u to read N THINK ABOUT!

This (n other) FROM a ‘sister’ WHO IS experiencing this right NOW! 
I am TRYING to NOT Send her E address as well.  HOPE I’M SUCCEEDING.  ???
Selma is from Holland…is VERY CONNECTED and FULLY “Checking” on things I’ve shared….LIVING “IT”.
We have been “together” for years.
She writes back:
Yes, i already have for a while the feeling my time here is soon over. I think i was here to show the people how to set up a sustainable as possible space….. with using thrown away materials and 2nd hand stuff. Showing different ways of gardening, eating (vegan or vegetarian and raw = no need for gasbottles nor fire), rayburn or other woodstove to cook (if they please) in winter and easier to find fuel to heat. Even the grainmill and other ideas to use human power. Told them they can use the grainmill with THEIR OWN GRAIN……. because i do not have it (hardly eat bread and only in winter a pizza for visitors). Showed them different waterfilters and told where to get them cheap. And on and on and on. NO ONE interested. Except one has a small veggie garden…… for fun!!! (at least has one). The other people quit their veggie garden.
PLUS an other exception: the lady i met here. She has had a home in Tsjech Republic with her former partner. Sold her part to him when they split up. She wants already for years to buy a home and small garden in Hungary. Hungary yet not in the Euro = cheap compared to here. She likes my idea of sustainebillity and more independent. So now she understands why i like a larger plot as garden.
Same as me: she does not want to do that moove on her own.
So….. we are making plans now. Sharing our thoughts and ideas…. and see where they match, where they differ and where we can compromise.
She is a better builder and technician than i am. And i like more in gardening, foodpreparing and housekeeping than she does. So: in that way it is a good match too.
Plus: she is a survivor. She got breatscancer in her early 30. After her breasts were remooved, she kept immediatly on working as taxidriver (her own company than) ….. when even the drains from the opertation were still in her body!!! She is tough…. and gentle at the same time.
AND: she likes my way of eating and is doing that now too!!
And we both are deffinetly hetro = straight.
We have already looked for what is on the market in Hungary at internet. And are making plans to go there when she has holiday: end of september/start of october.
Already for a while i am placing stuff i do not use now, in bananaboxes and store them.
Also in case the campside goes bankrupt/forclosed and we might have to get off here. Than at least i am in some way prepared. And what is not in boxes yet and in use; i have all plans already ready in my mind and keep on continuing storing empty bananaboxes (a real challenge to keep them stored dry and away from wasps to built their nest in it!!).
In the shed, i placed as much as possible in smaller boxes and wrote at the outside what is in the box.
Well, will see what of my dreams and ideas our Father wants to come true!!


Emails between Red Elk and a Friend

Red Elk Writes:

Yesterday the wife and I heard THE most ASTONISHING Thing we’ve EVER heard a amongst us.
3 family trying to live like pioneer farmers…2 family with young kids. One without.
At the end of there 3 season building / staying….a girl about 14 (when asked what she liked the most), said…with a BIG SMILE, “I learned to use my IMAGINATION!”
 Tech Games / etc. are ROBBING OUR Children folks.
So are the schools Red Elk!!
They take away play time, and music & art!!! They think that cramming more math worksheets down their throats –is gonna be better than letting them sit on the floor and count beans– or knit & learn to count “rows” —
I read all of this stuff that says that “whoever is in charge” of determining the curriculum in the US –has deliberately (?) shifted all our kids schoolwork into Left-brain learning, which is all LOGIC — It’s all “cram this stuff into your left brain then regurgitate it out for us on your tests” —
Logic is GREAT– but God gave us the right (artistic/imaginative) side too!! It’s like we need the male & the female — we need the logical and the artistic!!
We do not operate well as a society without developing BOTH !
Anyways, that’s my rant!!
Red Elk Responds:
We home schooled C.  She passed her g.e.d. ABOVE  the USA highest standards…at 16.  I’ve wanted to do ditto (still do) too but M and C said no.  He’s 17 now, can quit anytime he wants but in 1 1/2 years can graduate. AND GETS $41,000 Native American money UPON GRADUATING.. So I encourage him to finish regular school.
All his teachers and the Principal know my ANTI-PUBLIC SCHOOL “stand.”
“It STINKS and is Worthless in general!”.  They know TOO I pity them as the GOVERNMENT, lays down thier “rules”.   
GB   re
Friend Responds:
I understand–
That makes sense…
Stay and graduate, but at least he’s old enough to know that it’s important that he “daydreams” a lot in class!!
Red Elk Responds:
Yeah, barely squeezes by, but passing.   OK by me!
I’m SO PEEVED OFF at the CRAP burdened by GOVERNMENT!  
Friend Responds:
They try to burden us on every side Red Elk! Just step to the side– you know what the Proverbs say:
If you dig a pit, you will fall into it!
If you roll up a boulder, it will roll back on you!!
I try not to waste my energy being peeved at them & just step to the side
KNOWING they will bury themselves with the burdens they try to place on others.
Much love Red Elk,
Red Elk Responds

Good advice!  Seems too MANY “step aside”….at His cross.    Hitlers reign and on and on?  ARE we to just “Stand By”? 


Red Elk’s Friend Responds

No no–
I agree, good point…
That’s true– the gov is literally starving people to death–and we stand on the side ….
I’ll have to think more on this!!
Red Elk Responds:
Sis, it seems possibly a HANDFUL on this planet knows The Bible we use today, are FULL of “TRICK” ‘Twists and Turns” DESIGNED to STOP us from FULL Pure Knowledge within it.  You’d be AMAZED at , AS YOU GROW,  What you’ll find…after finding “EVERYTHING”.  It will ‘Blow you Away’.
I’ve found this via TESTED FACT and IN this I KNOW I’m MISSING LOTS more!   It HAS to be as I’ve as yet seen no End to the Words continuation in over 60 years now.  Aho?
Red Elk’s friend Responds:
Why would it (our bible) be designed to stop us from purity?!
I don’t doubt what you say, because I have had some of my own experiences already… But they just “get their hands” on everything!?!
I try to focus on Christ, and who He was and what he showed us by his deep Love that he continued to LIVE within!!
Red Elk Responds:
Correct…HE KNOWS WHO HE HAS CHOSEN IN  this “DESIGN.”                    
SO many THAT we THINK AS good / godly  inside  ARE not!
Surely you’ve seen VERY respected pastors / etc. giving quick “glances ” etc to person?  You see “dirt”!  Or a quick HATE look in ones eyes?  
But IF they are TRULY SERIOUS….TRYING to overcome their ‘weaknesses’, they WILL (and DO) change.
Time after Time I (n M) have seen SEX / EGO / “Prestige / Etc.  CAMOUFLAGING the TRUE SELF.
Liked…but MAKE.
Is IN Time, one TRULY wanting to BE “Christlike”,  WILL CHANGE.

It is THESE who TRULY LOVE GOD so MUCH who are the ELITE.  # 5-6 -   (7?)  will LEAP AHEAD here in THIS life.   Maybe not leap as much as they WANT to (seems all…but its the TRUE EFFORT that HE Sees!
Some (most?) are Slow…but SERIOUS.  Thus get into One of the 7 Heavens.  He KNOWS.
WE are not to judge.   
HE KNOWS their HEARTS.  BUT…we ARE to be “Leary”!
I have been fooled so MANY times.   TEST THE SPIRIT OF  ALL   ( things).  EVEN PEOPLE.  ALL!
PRAY for those who are ‘flawed’.  HELP TURN THEM AROUND!
and DON’T think YOU are “better”.  THAT puts YOU…with THEM !   be CAREFUL lil one.
I can (and DO) look at ME.  i KNOW me and I’m not at all Pleased with myself.

Not “working my way to Heaven…but WANTING “DAD” to be “tickled” I’m WANTING.
Look at all the Denominations.  All the different RELIGIONS.
 trying to please God.  TRYING but NOT CHECKING….so go on (and on) TRYING to PLEASE HIM, and WITHOUT CHECKing, go on (and one) KEEPING THEM SEPARATED from all we are to be in LOVE UNITY with.
lUCIFER has “set” us apart WELL !
Man is made to understand COMPASSION…AGAPE LOVE.  Not Sex / Self “pleasures” / EGO keeping/  WE ARE HERE to GROW in TRUE LOVE.  “on EARTH as it IS in HEAVEN” !
Can you IMAGINE what THAT would be like.  PEACE.  
PEACE.  at Last.  And WITHOUT “waiting for heaven to GET IT!     It’s WELL as THERE!  Aho?
So, yes ; Designed indeed.  Aho?
                                                             GB   re

Fishers of Fun

Got a ‘comment’.  The sender telling a bit on his childhood days.  A fun read.  He mentioned KITE FLYING….now THERE’S something I know of!
I belong to the Kite Flyers Association.  Got ALOT of ‘em.  “Trains” (several on one line) / Controlled / Regular / Etc.

Sky and grandma like to go out in spring’s breeze and fly ‘em.  Seems there’s no age limit to the joy of “just dinging around in the breeze” with ‘em.

Some daring souls use ‘em to do some fantastic “shots” using a camera….HIGH UP shots of the “Below and All Around”.  See for yourself…visit KITE PHOTOGRAPHY on internet search.  Even tell how to rig up your camera.  COOL! (Some go ‘house-to-house’ and people pay ‘em for pics of their land / place “from Above”).

My VERY FAVORITE is KITE FISHING!  Gotta teach Sky this one yet.
I’ve used a tiny kite to “slide” my lure down the ‘wind shoot’ of the Yakima river…after trout along too bushy areas to fish from immediate shore.  VERY Effective!  Used this to go almost a 4th of a mile away shore on ponds nearby.  Flew to the other side, released my rigged hook, and slowly troll back.  No need for a boat.  EQUALLY Successful!
To get the kite past YOUR shoreline can be a hassle….so I use 2 poles.  One for kite (and leave That up)…#2 for fishing.  This way I don’t have to constantly try to launch the kite…just pull Kite Line in to rehook (enough string beyond that to keep the kite still up).

Another way of fishing is By FAR my most enjoyable way :  Face Mask / Snorkel / Fins / Innertube with bait line and Fish “Keep” line tied to me….and LAMINATED Fishing License….CARRIED WITH ME (This has saved me TWICE from ‘illegal’ fishing).
Swim out, look below for the fish AND SIZE you want….lower your OLD rod (and OLD Reel), baited, to the fish.  Tease ‘em / Anger ‘em…and WHAM…”FISH ON!”   Really LARGE(er) ones CAN GIVE YOU A “Nantookit” Sleigh Ride!
When I do this type fishing, I’ve YET to come back “skunked” and ALWAYS WITH MY FULL LIMIT! (Much to the anger of jealous others, fishing)
Don’t forget to put a DIVER’S Flag on your tube if in a lake with boats about.  Aho?

I’ve done unusual things in my life.  If its not dangerous and looks like fun and looks like I’m capable of trying things out…I GIVE IT A GO!

Hope this “whets” some appetites.  Boys / Girls / Moms / Dads or Grandparents : GO HAVE SOME FUN!

Life is Too SHORT to be just filled with “worries”.  Aho?     Re


Hi sister ;  tho Im unable to receive ANY Emails, i can still SEND.
Hope u had a realy good Xmas.  And that uve FINILY been able to try out ur Snowshoes!

Here, pleanty of snow…somewher over 4 feet.

Snowmobils used as safe transpertation (illegely).  My shoes in storage n snowed in.
We drive r 4wd rigs over the parking / driveway area n pack it down to get in / out.  Works fine.
Even with rds cleard by Country trucks (in time), its still hard to see…”white Outs” at certin area.  4wd driveing only, n SUCKS gas! 4 trips to town n the PU has only enough gas to GET gas. Over $70.00 to fill each time. 2 1/2 fillings a wk. on mine n 1 1/2 fillings on Ms car.  LOTS of Money just to get about.  Aho? Our earning streached to the exstrame limit…n Elect. bill due any time now. Then too, Land Taxes.

The 3 doomes r looking “good” right now.  (  :   one undamaged, otker 2 still quit useabel, tho bent in in places with the snow + ice.

Yesterday i had mt eldest grandson circel each dome with his snowmobile (a # of times).  I can now (?) get out to them n get at least Some snow off. (Mite, today).  A real tireing hassel geting to them other-wise. (Im not geting any younger). (  :

As u know, life is an Adventure! Can be FUN….or a Problem.  Its all as one looks at it Ive found.
“Problems” just there to help u overcome.  Usaly with a VERY Simple salution.

I live in “2 worlds”….SALUITION “worlds”.  This house (and ALL it takes for its constent up-keep), and the “World” of SIMPLCITY.  The last, FAR cheaper!
Admittiably, less “Comfortabel” tho.  Little rm. for exspensive “add ons”.  This makes “Small” rather “Cabin Feaver(ish)”.  U and about 4 others) have learned to overcome alot of that by going out and gardening n “hunting”.  Not as easy when one has 3 OTHERS…and so many PETS, tho.  U have another advantage as well ; Shorter trips.  Here a “short” trip is 8 1/2 miles (to Skys school).  10 1/2 to one town n 16 1/2 to another.  ALL are on some ruff hills.  WIND allways, on way back.  Bikes not feasabel (ok if uve the time to do so tho).  When liveing far  closer to town, n i used the bike, it took me 40 minits to n hr. to get to town….and ALWAYS at about 3 HOURS to get back (wind).  Never a pleasent doing.  Today Im ALOT older n these hills ALONE can “kill” me.
Frankly, I prefer useing one of our Foot Scooters.  Takes even longer, but FAR MORE relaxeing.

Ive a small Back Pack on the handel bars of my main one, and carry a biger one on my back.  Good enough for grocery runs.
My bike has so many bags they act as “STOP Sails” when rideing home. REAL Work!  (To the point Ive often wanted to camp out overnite and doing a 2 DAYER on each trip)! (Searisly).

Car is best, but gas….n UPKEEP….UGH!

Cant “car pool” easily. Most in our area ‘stock up” n make far less trips.  We’ve not the rm. nore enough money to do so.  Tho I call others to tell “Im headed to town. Need anything?”….none dos so with us. sigh.

These same people all will be asking US “how do u DO it?” b4 much more time.   Seems no one WANTS till its JUST TOO LATE…then, “Panic”.  And wanting ME to do the work, as well!

I feel like Noah as he built his God Orderd boat!  Musta MADE himself “hard hearted” to be able to hear the pleads and screems for HELP, as he floated away.  Many from those he knew.  FAMILYS.  All pounding on his hull. ALL ; SCOFFERS and NON-HELPERS…..screaming as they cling to anything that would float.
People watching thier own children n loved ones slide away n slowly sink.
Now ALONE and clinging to servive themselves.  For what?

No boat to rest in, no stocked clean water….not enough food…AND NO PLACE TO LAND.
(NA USED to “be ready”…till the “civilized” SAVAGES slowly made them dependednt on THEM).

Now again we ALL “Face the Seas”.  At least you and a few others are gardening and stocking up. Naturely.  NATURE(ly).
Still, u cant feed every “pleader”.  U TOO witll have to become “hard Hearted” i guess. U will be NEEDED, “After”.  THEN, u can HELP.  (Same here).  sigh.    (Least, if WE “make it”).  Aho?

Yup, Im seeing THIS faimily cought between many deccissions.  SIMPLE…or “As Is”.

It looks like only “Dad” will be able to show us (my family) it “AINT GONNA BE “YOUR’ ” WAY”.  M and all here will be FORCED to the SIMPLE Domes…or parked, sleeping, in a car like so MANY r now needing to.
RIPED into a deccession.

At least Ive a “small boat”…n You ur own.
GB    re

Email Troubles

Friends,  Adam called last night.  All his Emails to me are bounced back to him.  Seems he’s able to get mine but I’m unable to get his.
Might be awhile before I’m able to get this fixed.  Will need to take it into a Pro to do so.  Not enough money to do so at this time.
I have been sending to WS / H to add “tellings”….as well as some to Blue Otter’s Group.  I don’t see any of these added to either.  Can only surmise they have received tho and for ??? reason my PC isn’t receiving the showing of these.  ???

Still, my Blog counter rises, so seems SOMETHING is working.

I delete all I send, so can’t resend Any IF they got lost in sending.
My “Send” and my “Delete” box is empty.  I THINK this shows I AM getting these out.

Being a PC “DAH” is a constant headache and a very real problem for me. Over the years I’ve had ALL my sites Hacked and many other problems.  Extremely expensive to me.  I would not be “in this”, if it were not for “Him”.
I would drop ALL PC use and do very little correspondence at all, but troubles even in Stolen Snail Mail !   (Another constant problem).

As you can see, it’s not been easy.

“Wading out” to the masses has its woes….BUT MANKIND IS WORTH IT.

Anyway, I want to let you know what’s been going on.


(Hope THIS gets out to you…my SECOND on this)!


CreatorGod Bless!    Re

(This also means there will be delays in him answering forwarded comments, which get to him through email. – WS)

A brother emailed:

I was asking about how the silver cord/astral projection works versus
‘spirit travel’. I also asked how to get to the inner earth but I
wasn’t sure if you would tell me that or not.

Sorry.  Lost I guess.  DO recall!  That was a HUGE amount of money to / for us.  Will answer here so I KNOW you get, aho?

Astral Travel via Cord is a SELF-Willed travel.  ANYTHING of / in SELF is SELF…NOT “God”.

Spirit Travel is done either unknowingly (you’re asleep and Creator “takes over”) or ON GOD ORDER.  This way is thus PERFECT.  Self is NOT involved.  Aho?

In this last there IS NO CORD.  You are FULLY Invisible to those you see.  NO ONE CAN FOLLOW OR ATTACK YOU.

You’d be amazed at how many CORD doers are “out there”.  SOME WITH VERY EVIL INTENT!

A number of CORD Doers thus actually become POSSESSED by one following your cord or by simply following you as you return.  JUMPING INTO YOU BEFORE YOU FULLY RETURN.
Then, too, an evil doer can (and DO do) “cut” your cord…..YOU are then LOST “In Space”.  NEVER able to return to your fullness.  Literally NOT ALL THERE! Part of you floating around, “lost”….till Day of Judgment (soon – 2,000 years after this coming Earth Flip).

As a Medicine Man occasionally I’m ORDERED to trace a corded evil doer.  I’m SENT to the doer…then follow that one’s cord to its OTHER end…IE: the SPIRIT the doer has sent out.
The doer can NOT see me…as my spirit is in Creator’s Righteousness…but I can easily see them.  Aho?

Once located I sing a special WARRIOR / HUNTER song….this startles the Spirit of the sender and it starts to run…not knowing where the Hunter is at.  I “herd” that spirit…farther and farther from its source….STRETCHING THEIR CORD.  (The cord won’t break on its own).  Once VERY thin, I call for the “crew”.  ANGELS.  2 to 3 will show up AND CUT THE CORD of the evildoer. This has the same effect as you stretching a rubber band or Bungee Cord. LITERALLY Snapping the cut ends into two directions.  One end to the Spirit of the sender….the other to the sender.  “SNAPPING” BOTH and STUNNING Both.
In the “bad” Spirit this allows a stunned state…then the Angel Helpers take it away, PERMANENTLY.

I once asked “where are you taking it?”  The reply :  “We have a place for them.”  (Left it at that)

Now, when cut the SENDER’S End snaps back too.  STUNNING THE PERSON.  He / She wakes up STUNNED, and STAYS STUNNED.  (Part of him / her NO LONGER WITH Him / Her.  They then go through life in a very weakened SPIRITUAL state.  NEVER AGAIN to be “Strong”.  Their “abilities” never able to be again.
At best, a STRONG Sorceror is like a VERY new STUDENT of Wickedness.   A “wiccan” in limited doing.

An apprentice wiccan who can only do the common ways, and very easily handled.  Aho?

ALL “New Age” IS A DIVERSION FROM “L” to get you “High”, but “OFF THE MARK”!

Same too with drugs / etc.

CAN they get their Spirit back?  I suppose so.  Godliness CHANGE might do it…but the WICKEDNESS “Want” would no doubt be a missed “want”.  Chances are they WOULD return to the way they were.  Their former power overriding GODLINESS “change”.   EGO (self) is a hard force to overcome.

“Dad” “KNOWS THE HEART”.  The DEEP DEEP…and thus would NOT allow a Spirit Return UNLESS HE KNOWS YOU WILL NOT RETURN to the former ways.

I know of none who has been given back their Spirit, but still, IS possible. Aho?

As for your Caves Etc. question.  I’ve told you I would NOT give out these places. I meant it.
NO amount of $$ will get that info from me….EVER.

That knowledge IS ATTAINABLE to ALL…all that GET FULLY IN TUNE with “HIM”.

So, if you’re to know…ask HIM.   Aho?

Many of these places can GET YOU KILLED…or CAPTURED.

NOTHING to “play with”….so you’d have to be FULLY in HIM!  Aho?

Again, get THAT information from HIM.  I will NOT TELL.  Aho?

Ok, all herein answered.  Sorry the Snailed answer never arrived.  As told, once sent my mail/orders are completely out of my hands.  BLAME THE P.O. Machines / THIEVES.

GB    re

A sister wrote:

Wado RedElk;

We always Do Ceremony & ask Spirit to show us which trees can be taken; then every spring for every one tree taken, we plant 3 in its place; Much of the wood we are harvesting, are tree killed by the ice storm that hit SouthEast Iowa & NorthEast Missouri and really killed off alot of tree. All the Brush that is gathered up are piled around the bases of the the giant Cedar trees for homes for all woodland creatures that can be see or unseen; We never take with out asking and being showed, and always do ceremony and give Thanks for the offering as we give offerings of tobacco, sage, and Sweetgrass; And we re-plant; It is the way my Grandfather taught us, he is now past, but he managed the land well here; We have sacred Burial grounds back on parts of the land that is considered sacred and no tree, or grown breaking or even hunting has ever been alowed on that piece of ground; we all were taught to respect it from very young; And My family still does and always will as long as we can; But we do have some family that do not respect the land as we do; and it really angers me sometimes; We have all always been taught to respect the land, and never take more than we need; For it provide for us just what we need; Yes we have to careful with how much water we get to use each week; or each day we have figured we cannot use over 50 gal, and we all seem to manage, that is with also watering 5 horses to we have on the land too: and we of course have around 30 laying hens, that pretty much provide for around 18 family altogether; most of the time we do not even take money for the eggs, we take a couple of hours of labor for them after every 10th dozen eggs; That is just the way my mom does it or we barder for something some else may have that we need;  One lady my Mother trades for yarn that she makes beautiful afgan blankes, and sweaters, and Booties, and the like; that she also trades, I do jewelery work, and make prayer fans, and never have to kill a bird one, just take walks throughout the woods, and pick up what is gifted to the forest floor; and go from their just letting Spirit to lead me; I did real well this year with Turkey, Hawk, and even a Couple of female eagle feathers, that were on the ground just below a giant eagle nest by chance so I sat under it and gave offering, and praises for such a gift; I will be a Blessed Christ Mass at this home for sure this year; Bountiful Blessings To you and your Family Always;

Creator Made the way I am and I do not change that for no one; My Family and I live where we do for simple things, Not nessarily easier, but oh so simpler for sure; we go gather what we need for a day or two then we kind of hibernate for a few days, until we have to go out and do the Hunter/Gather things again that our people have done all down through the ages of time; Blessings Abound wouldnt have it any other way;

May all be Blessed with Enough To Spare

That All be Blessed with Enough to Share;


So GOOD to Know “YOU” ARE STILL “AROUND”.  PRAISE to HIM!  Now to get OTHERS to understand and do likewise.

Hope you don’t mind, but would sure like to put this on my blog.  Let others “SEE”.  Aho?   GB  re


The following an answer to one seeking if a ‘good buy’ on a certain stove (…said “would be cheap to fuel. A GOOD THING!”

Oh WOW!  THANK YOU.  M is CORRECT!  A pricy thing tho.  Still, CAN “recoup” in not TOO short a time.

I remember your Pellet Stove.  DON’T CARE A THING FOR ‘EM!  Do NOT ‘put out’ the HEAT for the $$ for fuel.  MY “M” wanted one when they 1st came out….and all the “Cheap Fuel” it uses.  I PUT MY FOOT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!…and FLAT HARD!!!  Told her “CHEAP NOW, but a PLOY! And we’d be spending a Small FORTUNE in 4 – 7 yrs when they ‘Catch On'”!

I’ve been proved right.  She’s NOW happy I flatly said “NO!”

MANY “cheap” being put out…like GAS (natural) Etc.  Got THAT believed and Accepted…NOW LOOK AT THE PRICE OF THIS FUEL!

So MANY “future” Thinkers”.  Willing to put out BIG “start up” costs…to make a KILLING Income in the ‘future’.

Build…lose money (for a WHILE), PUSH…and BUY STOCKS while “down / new”….then : BMWs / MANSIONS / “my” BOAT (  :   /  etc..

Profit is one thing…LYING quite another.  Aho?

Even my SUPER CHEAP DOMES are NOT wanted to be told by the media….”We’d, RUIN the GOOD OL’ BOY Club” if we revealed THIS!”

Our ECONOMY is BASED ON LIES OF CON-MEN…..and WE GO ALONG WITH IT!  ‘Til now Most of our masses “can’t LIVE” without ELECTRICITY or a CAR or …. well, you get the picture.



HOW STUPID ARE WE!   Well, “idiots” : DAMN STUPID!

Now the FREE THINKERS will….W  I  L  L   be “OUTLAWED”.  CRIMINALS!  Simply because We are NOT ‘FOOLS’!   A DANGER to the “National / Economy SOCIETY”.

A danger TO THE CON MEN!  Aho?   re