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(Response to someoneĀ talkingĀ about Fukushima)

I like your analogy. ( :

Not MEANING to be a “Bible Thumper”, but something for all to think about, folks ; Scripture tells our Earth’s next “demise” will come by Fire. THAT CAN MEAN RADIATION BURNS AS WELL.
Frankly, I see Him “at work”. Keeping His WORD.
It CAN be Sun Heat fires…Nuclear war…and THIS, as well.

We, as a worlds’ race, have NOT “returned”.

As for those who are “ready to die” (Right with Him), but are CONCERNED ABOUT THIER LOVED ONES, I ask you, how “READY” ARE you? Please remember; You are NOT GodCreator….that EACH has their Path. Girls at 12 and boys at 13 are, in HIS Eyes, are THEN Adults. RESPONSIBLE for THIER Actions. The age, according to Him, YOU HAVE NO MORE NEED TO BE CONCERNED for THEM!
Thus, RELEASE your worries and REPLACE with TRUSTING Him.
At those two ages, the APRIN STRINGS ARE CUT!

So, I ask you, do you REALY Trust AND BELIEVE???

(I too have my family loved ones….I too don’t WANT to see these “go through ‘hell’ “….my differences between me and you is I UNDERSTAND …. and TRUST, FULLY, in what HE knows what is needed to make these loved ones RIGHT with Him. EVEN A HORRIBLE TIME.

If thats what it takes ; AMEN…(So BE IT!). Aho? re