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As many know, the whites have used a number of things we NA used for healing, etc.  Band-aids and surgery staples and aspirin being but a few.
ARE you aware of what actually brought the whiteman’s way into the frozen North?  What caused the Inuits’ speeding into “white ways?”

Most think guns, liquor.  NO!  Was guns and ELECTRICITY!

This telling is how it all came about up there :


For an Eskimo she was a “looker.”  Her name and parents’ name long forgotten, even by “The People.”
She was born after the Russians came (guns).  They, tho, on the coast…she, well inland.

It’s told her parents had perished when she was not far into her teen years.
Left alone, she had to do what she could to survive.  This led her into the life of a “Snowshoe Rabbit  (Prostitute).”

Over time, she worked her way to the coastal area and ended up at Seward.
Here she first saw whiteman’s electricity.  Unflickering Bright Lights that were on the stern and sidewheelers of the period.  Sailing vessels carried no electric.  Whites were just coming during this time…seeking gold.

These bright, smokeless lights came to be such an attraction to her that one night she snuck aboard a soon to part Sidewheel steamer.  A stowaway.  Aho?

Well, in time, she was found out.  The crew kept mum, so the officers knew nothing about her.
For crew and her it was a “handy agreement”.  “Bed” fed.  Aho?
During this time she learned about the lights and what was involved to “make them go” (Generator).

She was DETERMINED to bring this back to her People.

When docked in Seattle she searched for a small generator…Even “worked” (by sidewheeler) her way to San Francisco, looking.
She WAS good-looking and crews gladly payed well for her “services.”
With her goal in mind, she saved.

It’s told she only had to make 3 trips to have enough….and she found a small generator somewhere in California.  This she promptly shipped up with her to Seward.

In all her travels she observed the ship’s running lights.  She, an Eskimo, (who are known for OBSERVATION) noted there were 2 lights on the mast while at sea.  One Green.  One Red.  She noted it was the Red one that was the one that stood out in fog and snow, etc.  With that knowledge she bought, too, a Red “Globe”.  This also came with her…as well as all needed to hook the Electricity to the bulb/globe cover.

When landed in Seward she sought out several like-minded “girls.”  32 or 34 it’s told.

Knowing no trees existed in her deep snowland, she had 3 30 ft. poles cut….bought a team of dogs, made a travois of 3 poles, hooked that to her team, and loaded all the things needed on it.  Then the crew headed out.  They “worked” their way to her people.

Once there, many men traded both hides and labor.  Over time the BIGGEST IGLOO was made.  A GIANT (none before this, or after, that large, has been made).
Word is it was “more then 90 ft in diameter”  and had  MANY ‘Bed Ledges’.

This close to the Bering Sea between a number of distant villages.

The whites, by then, were making their way up.  The locals, too, where often out, alone, hunting (Prudhoe Bay area, I think).

She had her 3 poles erected as a tripod with the “LOOK FOR THE RED LIGHT” Light atop.

It cut through blizzards and mists like a sword.  Drawing many men to it.  Aho?

Well, her profession introduced Electricity to the Eskimos.  In time lighting the villages of today.  Helping to bring the Inuit into “civilization” (and, sadly to me, their downfall).

Originally, Whale Oil was used to run the generators….but eventually diesel fuel was shipped in. As it is so even now.  Aho?

Well, Sidewheel Sally got rich…and eventually the Whorehouse melted into oblivion….It’s said, “By all the “activity” within”.  Aho?

So, there you have it.  Not Guns and Liquor, but Guns and ELECTRICITY!

(As an aside, once again whiteman has “stolen” from the Indians.  DUPLICATING her Tower and Red Light.

YOU see these, in “modern form”, today, all across the world :  CELL Towers, Airport Towers, etc..  Aho?

(Well, that’s what I’VE been told)      ( :

Ho.   re


Thinking of 2 – 3 coats of Acrylic Paint over dome net.  Acrylic is like a plastic and has some “movement” allowed.  Will soak into the net and the tiny holes of it as well (I think).  If, will go WHITE, then maybe some soft gray-like paint to give it a winter camo look.  Then maybe lay some leafless willows here-n-there about the shell.  Winter “woodsy”.
Received a donation today…enough to buy a 10 gal bucket of paint (maybe 2 of ’em).  Will ask a paint company if this is a viable thing.

Put it on THICK!    Hummmmm    Ideas / Comments?  re


Ok, spent some time on dome again.  Took OVER AN HOUR to finally cut away excess netting at back window.  Don’t know WHAT that thing is made of BUT Totally RUINED one serrated edge knife…ANOTHER pair of M’s GOOD scissors…and wore a hole in my thumb knuckle with scissors handle.  My GOOD Hunting Knife had to be Honed every few strokes AND I ended up finishing by using BOLT CUTTERS on it!
After that was done I put Bubble Wrap across the window…and everything so DULL I had to RIP it to the shape needed!

Then went inside and custom fitted one side of bamboo curtain I’d cut to separate the bed area from the living area.  Finished by cutting a few “Tarp Hole Possibles” protrusions on the willow framing.  All this took over 2 1/2 hours and now I’m POOPED! But I’M GETTING THERE!

Now to light a fire and HOPE that bubble wrap is far enough way from the Chimney!   Sure HOPE so!  ????

Anyway, IF all is ok, she’s ready to cover with Ferro Cement and/or dirt.  WINTER TIGHT.

Got “tune-up” work inside to call it a Completed Hut yet, tho. Still, if I’m persistent IT WON’T BE LONG.  Ho   re



The following may not be one any here can use, but its still worth “brain filing”.  This is on a LADDER.  The “whites” have a tendency to build their’s Straight.  NA, tho, on a TILT.  Sides TILTED Inward towards the top.  We had no nails or screws.
This inward-towards-top allows one to TIE the top and bottom rungs on…then rungs between as needed.  Each rung well lashed.
With this method, the rungs will slip a bit as you step on it BUT THE WIDER BOTTOM “locks” the lashings on tightly.  Slipping stops and your all set to climb.  Aho?

If a WIDE ladder is needed, a straight-up MIDDLE “leg” is then added and lashed.  Supporting the wider rungs.  Aho?

I’ve used this “Tilted” ladder many, many times.  For ladders and even a “rack” to dry clothes on in the house.

You can do a fruit picking ladder by having a SWING OUT 3rd leg as well.

Like I’ve said: might not be useful info but still worth “filing.”  Aho?

FIREWOOD GATHERING:   As many know, dead limbs on trees are often abundant.  Many who camp go out and snap ’em off.  Then the ones above, bigger and dead too, are out of reach.  Climbing can be dangerous.

To get those, simply take a long, dead branch,  knock off all its side branches FROM SMALL END of main branch on towards its thicker end….BUT DO NOT SNAP OFF THE LAST Side Branch at the “top”.
THIS HOOKS OVER THE LARGER BRANCHES YOU CAN’T REACH.  Pull down and these will snap off (This is the “By Hook or By Crook” you hear about).

GB    re


I am concerned with many on my list.  Know a FEW are more ready for tough times but don’t know about many as well.  CAN YOU DO WITHOUT A JOB?  CAN YOU DO WITHOUT ELECTRICITY?  CAN YOU DO WITHOUT MEDICINES?  WILL YOU BE WARM ENOUGH?  KNOW how to stay COOL?  Stretch your WATER? Even to DRINK LESS? Can you live “bug free”?


Yes, I am concerned.

YOU have been “with me” a Long Time.  MANY warnings, many advices….Above and BEYOND “getting close to God.”

How READY ARE YOU!   ???

Only you can answer this…and only YOU can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

What we are NOW in is NOT BAD at ALL!   What looks like it WILL BE, IS!

I Love you and am worried about each of you.   Aho?    re


A brother pointed out:

To be truthful, it there is a complete breakdown of the government and they start rounding people up, I am not prepared at all. I have survival stuff for some disasters, but do not have the ability to go to a place that is truly safe. I have friends with land but it is not very high in elevation and they do not have any preparations for any kind of disaster. Lots of my friends are living on land, but most of it is exposed and they have not heeded any warnings to build shelters underground. They view that as giving in to negativity. I think the whole metaphysical world is expecting to ascend in a few seconds.
So I am left taking care of an elderly friend, who does not have anyone else to turn to and I am in a small city by the water. The right thing seems to keep helping my friend, but part of me knows I should have a safe haven built.
I would imagine a number of people you are talking to are in similar circumstances. They are worried about thier children and parents, etc.
Just being honest.


Grandfather Red Elk Replied:

And you are Correct.  Still, THE Safety is IN TRUSTING GOD.  No land needed in this, brother.  YOU are where you are SUPPOSED to be AND DOING AS YOU ARE MEANT TO.  In truth, I can “get it” too….UNABLE to get TO our “safe land”.  MY TRUST starts and ends in the Ultimate: HIM.
It was HE who told me where to look.  I did so since the late ’60s.  Finding a number of places…ALL OF WHICH WERE ‘NIXED’.  Still, He told and I obeyed.  Seems a waste of time and money.  That’s a LONG time to obey orders and see no results.  Still, He said………….then lo, THERE WAS THE SPOT.  10 acres!  And GIVEN TO US!  FREE!
Now I have a shell up only.   No water (but 2 rivers in walkable/driveable distance)….money spent on cutting into the slope and doing the shell (30 ft dome ).  So BROKE I can’t get to it but once or twice a year…..let alone Finish.  ALL IN HIS TIME!  HE is My DAD and I am His CHILD…soo  wait.  I have huge tarps that CAN cover the frame’s wire inner skin if needed.  IE, a GIANT TENT.  Won’t stop forest fires, big winds, etc. but FLOOD and EARTHQUAKE Free.  Even just THAT will be better then a “secure” house here.  I bought EXCELLENT sleeping bags for all…Below-0 ones.  Have basic HAND tools…even a SHOULDER YOKE to lug water from the closest river (“ha”!)…tho we have 4 or 5 electric generators I KNOW THEY WILL BE ABSOLUTELY USELESS as prices rise (gas, parts, etc.).  Even a small Wind Generator.  Batteries (’til THEY give out).  For the wife and family’s “weaning” only.  They aren’t ready to be TRULY “Primitive”.  Must WEAN them into it.
Shoot, bro, I may not “make it” BUT all this will BE THERE for SOMEONE WHO WILL!

I’ve been told 3 times I will live into my early 150 yrs.  Don’t WANT to!  HOPE this ISN’T true, but….time will tell.  If so, a reason for it.

Yes, most expecting to “be taken up”….odd, 3 beliefs:  Before.  During.  At the End.    Ive seen #3.  WE ARE WELL INTO #1 AND NO ONE’S “LEFT” YET.  So leaves only 2 now.  Scriptures points to #3…FULLY.
So, let ’em play their “I’m Safe” game.

Right or wrong at least I’m FAIRLY ready for #3.

Could die as I type this, or moments after sending.  NO GUARANTEE ON LENGTH OF LIFE.  Aho?

“Live for TODAY.” (basic scriptures)

I BUILD for the 7th GENERATION Ahead.  That dome & safe land more for someone else than for myself & Family.

Still, people have the opportunity to prepare at this time.  “Fatalistic” by “accepting to die” is NOT perhaps wise.  After all, He’s giving the opportunity and might well use it while you can.  He’s also given A LOT of WARNINGS.  NOT just from me, but by many.  Seems He’s TRYING to get Some “interested.”  ONLY THOSE WHO CAN, WILL.  Hopefully not in FEAR but, well, because it SEEMS “RIGHT.”

My own brother…quite well off, doesn’t intend to prepare:  “Hell brother, who would WANT to stick around if all your friends and family die?”

Not seeing he has the means to perhaps HELP them survive.

Survival to him means LUXURY Survival.  Electricity, Heat, Food, Car, etc.  In short: “If THESE Things “go” then I don’t WANT to Live.”

Doesn’t either FEEL the need or doesn’t WANT to FACE the possible need.   His path.

I love him DEARLY.  But whenEVER he “passes” we’ll still see each other Up There.  Aho?  “Death” is only a temporary parting. Aho?

So, each their own.  For those “called” to prepare, FINE….but need to be aware this might NOT be “for them”…but for some(one) NEEDING your/the “labors” you’ve put out for our human race so we CAN repopulate the Earth.

Least that’s the way I look at it.  Aho?

Nah, don’t worry.  If you are to move HE will make SURE you’ll KNOW When and Where.  Did for baby Jesus’ parents didn’t He?  ( :   GB   re


Got to thinking:  Some may be saying “If all is your mind creation…why are you in such a mess?”

( :    Shows you the state of mind you’re in!

Literally, our God, via your nagual, SHOWING what Fears, Etc. you have need to lay at His feet and let go of.

Sooo, Praise The Lord in ALL things.  (Reason for all).  Ho   re


Been thinking on Small and SPACE SAVING places.  How, for instance, DOORS.  In tiny houses they swing In or Out.  “Hitters.”  Yet a door that Slides into the wall (or one cut in half to slide into walls on both sides)…Or FOLDING doors, take out the “hit” problem.  Walls?  Folders too, perhaps AND can be of Japanese style: paper or cardboard.  Couch/Bed, hard to beat a Futon AND has storage under.

One can spend $$ and still SAVE $$ over a “standard” style house.

In “tiny” the trick is to make it Look as big as possible and have HIDEAWAYS that aren’t seen ’til NEEDED to be seen.  Hidden storage, that, when hidden, gives more floor room inside.  An abode filled with Surprises.  Aho?

In old China they were taxed on CLOSETS.  So they built their stairs to upper loft in 1 – 2 – 3 – plus STACKING “Stairs”.  Steps lifted to store within.  SMART!   Others had front “drawers” that pulled out.  These bypassed the Closet(s).  Smart, right?

I tell you, RESEARCH of OLD WAYS around the world can pay off….filling your pocket book…or at least not robbing it to nudity.

In-floor or in-ground “hidey holes” with lifting lid/floor panel another way to have alot out-of-the way.  So MUCH can be done!  SAVING BUILDING COSTS AND TAXES.

I’ve Often thought a metal culvert can be the Center Support for all the roof rafters on a round roof (some of our Native Americans had these type roofs).  This can hold a cooking fire/heat place AND be the Chimney, all at the same time.  With such one can insert a HOT SMOKE metal oven and ABOVE THAT, as the smoke continues rising, a SMOKER for meats.  All one unit. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?

Gee, I LIKE thinking.  LIKE knowing different ways and things of the ancient past.  Then See if it could be incorporated…Combined!…today.

Man’s past holds “secrets” that we could use today.  Things that don’t put one in debt (“slavery”) to a bank or Companies.

To use “white” is good, used wisely.

To learn more NATURAL ways are a $$  AND EARTH Saving way too.

You don’t need alot of money…you need alot of KNOWLEDGE.  Its FUN, folks!    GB    re


Gettin’ the Chill Out

Report:    Water Pressure Release Valve replaced.  Despite 17°F, no FREEZE!  We have water again.  PRAISE THE LORD!  Found & Fixed another leak as well.   MinI Dome: took out inner pipe spark arrester and put on outside on top of exit hole.  2 now there.  Built a BIG fire, as usual; some smoke at first but have cut an exit hole (very small) at apex of main room.  Didn’t take long and smoke cleared (wasn’t much), and ‘draw’ took effect.  WORKING FINE now.  Still….???  That top hole will be about an 8 inch circle when fully done…”coning” to about 4 inches on top.  Using a tomato stand (aka cage – WS)enclosed in vinyl tarp…fastened to the net.  Sure hope all this will do the job, finally.  Been a hassle.
BIG uncovered rear “window” hole in back that yet has to be finished….so fire only able to raise enough heat to take off the inside chill ’til then.

Think that’s all I’ll do on the dome 2day….gotta prepare under the house (insulate pipes, etc.) during the next few days.  Far more important than the dome at this time.  Aho?

ALOT better today then 2-3 days ago.  A REAL “downer” then.  EVERYTHING went wrong.  U  G  H !!!        PTL    GB   re


Last spring I saw on the side of the free(YAHOOOO)way, a BRAND NEW 1/2 ton Pickup Bed Liner.  Turned around and got it.  A LITTLE marred from falling off the delivery (?) truck.  NO Cracks, just road scrape.  Would make a good TINY “TENT” ROOF!   Amazing what you can find blown off campers, RVs, etc.    ( :    re


Things I’ve gotten FOR FREE and using on my Mini Dome building: Logs, Firewood,  2x4s (toss offs),  Dirt (County ditch clean out),  Rocks, Gravel (rd. side),  Sand, Willow trees,  Bark, Tarp, Wind Generator,   Containers, Wire,  Fence Poles, Net, Colored Bottles (windows), Blankets, Sleeping bags, Pillows, Pots and Pans, 7-11 Knives, Forks, Spoons, Water container.

Bought Items:   Cement / Mortar (Under $100.00)

Stove Pipe and Cap  (- $100.00)

Paint  ($20.00)

Fake Flowers  ($12.00)

Metal Tower for generator ($10.00)

Bath Tub $10.00)   (To be in #2 dome)

Rubber Gloves   (- $6.00)

String   ($3.49)

TOOLS Used:   2 hand shovels  (short and long handles), Garden Trowel, Rake, Hammer, Hatchet, Knife, Lug Wrench, 7-11 Big Gulp Cups, Rubber Gloves, Flashlight, Hand Saw, Pliers.

The chimney could be handmade and save $$ on that.
The cement replaced with Mud/Clay/Weed mixture and save $$ on that.

Things needed to make:  DETERMINATION, Occassional Help,  KNOWLEDGE

Advice:  Start with a general plan.  Do NOT stick TO the general plan (be flexible).
Let the EARTH and Materials “Lead”.


USE YOUR IMAGINATION.  (The “Childlike Mind.”)

Expect goofs and LEARN/UTILIZE.

Study American Indian SWEAT LODGE and ABODE building.

Think SMALL.  START Small.  Expand afterwards, only.



Know a “Gnome Home/Hobbit Hut” has NO MISTAKES in making.  These just ADD TO IT’S NATURAL LOOKS.

Remember:  you are NOT building a “White Man’s” house, you are building a PLACE TO LIVE and Keep Warm/etc.


Red Elk