Been thinking…HARD…on making my “Wind Washer.”  Got a strong pole I can cement “set” 3-4 ft into the ground.  Put a “T” at pole top, Hook on each end of that…Heavy spring on that and rope on other end of spring (got ’em, but even a strong Bungee Cord would do).  Then to THAT an “A” Frame (angled apart at bottom).  That in turn to hook onto, say, a 30 gal. barrel PAINTED BLACK (heats water). This laying on side.  Wide-ish slot at upper part of barrel to load/unload. Perhaps 2 windcatching “paddles” towards top of “A” rope.
Spring = BOUNCE.  Paddles = Wind SPIN/TWIST and UNtwist.  So this “Bobs and Waves” about.  One on each end of crosspole.
A drain in bottom end…that drains into a Straw and Sand “filter” (to trap soap in water).  From the filter to garden, etc.  Let the WIND do the washing.
YOU get the general idea.
I’d consider DOG Toy Balls with “Bumps” on ’em.  Toss those in with washing, to help agitate.  Aho?  Hummmmm  GB   re



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