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Hi sister ;  tho Im unable to receive ANY Emails, i can still SEND.
Hope u had a realy good Xmas.  And that uve FINILY been able to try out ur Snowshoes!

Here, pleanty of snow…somewher over 4 feet.

Snowmobils used as safe transpertation (illegely).  My shoes in storage n snowed in.
We drive r 4wd rigs over the parking / driveway area n pack it down to get in / out.  Works fine.
Even with rds cleard by Country trucks (in time), its still hard to see…”white Outs” at certin area.  4wd driveing only, n SUCKS gas! 4 trips to town n the PU has only enough gas to GET gas. Over $70.00 to fill each time. 2 1/2 fillings a wk. on mine n 1 1/2 fillings on Ms car.  LOTS of Money just to get about.  Aho? Our earning streached to the exstrame limit…n Elect. bill due any time now. Then too, Land Taxes.

The 3 doomes r looking “good” right now.  (  :   one undamaged, otker 2 still quit useabel, tho bent in in places with the snow + ice.

Yesterday i had mt eldest grandson circel each dome with his snowmobile (a # of times).  I can now (?) get out to them n get at least Some snow off. (Mite, today).  A real tireing hassel geting to them other-wise. (Im not geting any younger). (  :

As u know, life is an Adventure! Can be FUN….or a Problem.  Its all as one looks at it Ive found.
“Problems” just there to help u overcome.  Usaly with a VERY Simple salution.

I live in “2 worlds”….SALUITION “worlds”.  This house (and ALL it takes for its constent up-keep), and the “World” of SIMPLCITY.  The last, FAR cheaper!
Admittiably, less “Comfortabel” tho.  Little rm. for exspensive “add ons”.  This makes “Small” rather “Cabin Feaver(ish)”.  U and about 4 others) have learned to overcome alot of that by going out and gardening n “hunting”.  Not as easy when one has 3 OTHERS…and so many PETS, tho.  U have another advantage as well ; Shorter trips.  Here a “short” trip is 8 1/2 miles (to Skys school).  10 1/2 to one town n 16 1/2 to another.  ALL are on some ruff hills.  WIND allways, on way back.  Bikes not feasabel (ok if uve the time to do so tho).  When liveing far  closer to town, n i used the bike, it took me 40 minits to n hr. to get to town….and ALWAYS at about 3 HOURS to get back (wind).  Never a pleasent doing.  Today Im ALOT older n these hills ALONE can “kill” me.
Frankly, I prefer useing one of our Foot Scooters.  Takes even longer, but FAR MORE relaxeing.

Ive a small Back Pack on the handel bars of my main one, and carry a biger one on my back.  Good enough for grocery runs.
My bike has so many bags they act as “STOP Sails” when rideing home. REAL Work!  (To the point Ive often wanted to camp out overnite and doing a 2 DAYER on each trip)! (Searisly).

Car is best, but gas….n UPKEEP….UGH!

Cant “car pool” easily. Most in our area ‘stock up” n make far less trips.  We’ve not the rm. nore enough money to do so.  Tho I call others to tell “Im headed to town. Need anything?”….none dos so with us. sigh.

These same people all will be asking US “how do u DO it?” b4 much more time.   Seems no one WANTS till its JUST TOO LATE…then, “Panic”.  And wanting ME to do the work, as well!

I feel like Noah as he built his God Orderd boat!  Musta MADE himself “hard hearted” to be able to hear the pleads and screems for HELP, as he floated away.  Many from those he knew.  FAMILYS.  All pounding on his hull. ALL ; SCOFFERS and NON-HELPERS…..screaming as they cling to anything that would float.
People watching thier own children n loved ones slide away n slowly sink.
Now ALONE and clinging to servive themselves.  For what?

No boat to rest in, no stocked clean water….not enough food…AND NO PLACE TO LAND.
(NA USED to “be ready”…till the “civilized” SAVAGES slowly made them dependednt on THEM).

Now again we ALL “Face the Seas”.  At least you and a few others are gardening and stocking up. Naturely.  NATURE(ly).
Still, u cant feed every “pleader”.  U TOO witll have to become “hard Hearted” i guess. U will be NEEDED, “After”.  THEN, u can HELP.  (Same here).  sigh.    (Least, if WE “make it”).  Aho?

Yup, Im seeing THIS faimily cought between many deccissions.  SIMPLE…or “As Is”.

It looks like only “Dad” will be able to show us (my family) it “AINT GONNA BE “YOUR’ ” WAY”.  M and all here will be FORCED to the SIMPLE Domes…or parked, sleeping, in a car like so MANY r now needing to.
RIPED into a deccession.

At least Ive a “small boat”…n You ur own.
GB    re

Think I don’t work?  Dome work, then answered 2 snail mails and ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY SEVEN EMAILs AND 3 Needed runs to town.

(OOPS, one HEALING “Work” as well)

To top it all off…STILL  have a Few HOURS before GOING TO BED…..Other Emails DUE!

Oh, Don’t forget the PHONE CALLS!  Them too.

Any wonder I get a bit cranky and am almost always tired?   (  :   re

I’ve told this before.  But STILL Getting Requests…UN-respectable  Requests.  IE:  “re, what do I do about this? That?”    “re, I’m SPIRITUAL, PLEASE TEACH ME”…..”Where IS this / that?”      “re, what does THIS dream mean?”    Etc.  Etc.




ALMOST none (who DO send a return envelope) HAVE NO STAMP ON IT.

To those who “are SPIRITUAL”…..”Give” / “teach” / Etc. :   IF YOUR SO DA– “SPIRITUAL,”  then GO TO “HIM” AND GET YOUR ANSWERS!           DORK!!! re


This was an answer to a gentleman who had ordered SEVERAL Lessons / Etc.  LOST IN THE MAIL!  Never received.  (Happens TOO often).  The guy was NOT IRATE!  (I would have been!)

“Sweet and GODLY disposition.” UNBELIEVABLE!

He and his brother bought a trampoline to learn to Levitate.  THAT SERIOUS ABOUT LEARNING.

Anyway…sent a “gifting” via 2 boxes.  BOTH (empty boxes) TOSSED OUT AT THE DUMP by Sky!  NO RETURN ADDRESS!

I hope he reads this.  (“bummer”)

I’d like to keep in touch with him…somehow.  Aho?

SHOULD help ALL…IF they’ll pay attention.   re

Tip on “Childlike Mind”

First…OBSERVE 1-3 year olds.  SEE how they IMAGINE / PLAY.  So INNOCENT in their “curve” of learning.  Nearly nothing phases ‘em.  IMAGINATION GALORE!  Remember when YOU were a kid?  How a BOX becomes a Fort?  A HOUSE?  A HIDEY HOLE?  A SLED?

Or your blankets were turned into TENTS?  Stretched between Chairs?


That was YOU when a child.  Remember?

Remember the dark room STORY Tellings?  “Ghosts” became REAL…SCARY!!!

DO YOU REMEMBER?  (Think about this)  THAT was YOU…WAYBACK THEN!

I don’t know if you’ve children…or their age.  Grandkids?  Niece or Nephew ‘small ones’   ????

If so, DON’T complain that they’re “making a mess” (clothes and toy “pick up and put away” is okay).

I’ve taken my daughter and now MY grandkids on “IMAGINATION” “Trips.”  Taught ‘em sheets and blankets In-House “tents.” Etc.  I PLAYED WITH ‘EM!


You can so EASILY return to that.  Take off your shoes and socks and WALK ON THE GRASS out in the sun.  Go jump IN a rain puddle!  Puddle to puddle.

Squish your toes in Wet MUD.  FEEL THE EARTH Mother!

Teach your li’l GAL one how to make dirty / wet  / slimy MUD PIES!  A small BOX to “cook ‘em in.”  PRETEND TO EAT ‘EM!  (Smack Smack….”Ohhh this is GOOD” commenting)

Don’t just OBSERVE…JOIN!

Moms can have “Tea Parties” with their girl(s).  BEING A KID WITH THEM!

We adults are now TOO RUSHED!  DROPPING the CHILD to Buy Buy Buy…”Have Have Have”…and PAY!  PAY!  PAY!  40 hours (+) a week.  WEEK AFTER WEEK!  Buy a TV to “entertain” the kids with MESMERIZED (“Leave Me ALONE!”) mind DULLNESS!  We buy ‘em Toys that PLAY BY THEMSELVES!  Turn on and WATCH ‘em “run.”

Or get ‘em Video Games and expensive game players…to SIT ON THEIR REARS and “Get ‘em OUTTA YOUR hair”…WE ARE KILLING THE ACTIVE Childlike MIND!

They grow FAT “arsed” “Playing.”

Was a day when they RAN OFF the fat!  Bikes, pull wagons, foot scooters (we have 4), STILTS (remember THOSE?), Swimsuit running in the RAIN, Etc.



We adults often spend MORE TIME with playing with our DOGS than we do playing WITH OUR KIDS!

We let TECHNOLOGY do OUR Work now!

In this WE    LOSE!


MACHINES take over what WE used to do / have: the IMAGINATION!

And we wonder where we “went wrong”………………………

THEN get on your Trampoline………………….


OK, REMEMBER NOT TO PRETEND you are “flying”…instead, ENJOY “flying!”


It will only be FOR A MOMENT!  (The “shock” of staying up will drop you)  BUT YOU, and any WATCHING, will KNOW YOU DID!


#2 is FAR HARDER!  ‘Cause Now YOU are trying.  ADULT takes over!

The old “I” gets in the way.


Frustration Now “sets in.”

GO “BACK” and have FUN!  “Screw” the “I”!  RETURN TO THE “BALL”…OF PLAY!  Aho?  re

(Thank you So MUCH for the cigs.  Had only 5 LEFT…and no $$ for more)

GB!  re


I would like you to know, it does Not make me feel good to “chew out”…nor to turn down those seeking advice.  It literally “turns my stomach”.

Over the years I’ve received THOUSANDS of Emails and Letters from folks “wanting”.

There are so MANY “out there”, Seeking.

When they stumble across one who understands and cares…and is open about it…they “jump right in”.

Try as I might, they keep “returning” again and AGAIN.

Suddenly I’m a GOOD FRIEND…and a “Pen Pal”.

Rarely giving in return.  My job is terribly “underpaid”….to say the least.

I am not writing this to “ask” or “hint”.  I am writing so you can understand the reasoning of WHY I do as I do (“jump” / Turn Downs / Etc.).

It is very upsetting to have constant “What about This / That” returns….people WANTING, but it seems not wanting enough to seek their answers from our Creator.  As often as I tell…”GO TO HIM and ask”, they totally ignore this telling.  Always seeking a SHORT CUT : ME!

Its one thing to deal / handle 4 or 5…or even 10.  Quite another to “do” with TENS OF THOUSANDS!

WS can verify SOME of the FLOOD of Emails I’ve received.  So too can my Post Master!  (Ever take home your daily mail in a NAVY SEA BAG!?!)

Frankly, I’m surprised I’m still Alive!  ANSWER EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Tho not all received the return.

MAIL HAS CONSTANTLY COME UP “Missing”!  Still does, too.

Believe me, I get some irate people from this.  (By the way, the POSTAL POLICE…a FEDERAL POLICE FORCE few know exists…has caught one of the thieves.  Now heading to “5 to 10” (YEARS in a Federal Prison)  THIS IS AN AUTOMATIC SENTENCE.  No “Buts” or “I’m sorries”…BAM! Off to judge and prison.

Over the years, I’ve “lost” ALOT of mail !  OUTgoing AND Incoming.

Friends, I CAN NOT “HANDLE” being a constant “Pen Pal”.

(In snail mail, most NEVER EVEN SEND A STAMP to return their answer(s)!)

The worse is those few EXCHANGE GIVERS who DO  give Some $$s / Etc  then expect  THAT   “Pays” for ALL help thereafter.  (‘Til the day I die,  I guess).

“GO to HIM,” I tell.     MOST DO NOT!

Well, maybe this will explain why I’ve been forced to do as I do.

Tell me, would YOU do DIFFERENTLY?

If so, “methinks you’re talking out of your” skivvies”!



That’s what I’m trying to Teach,   ANYWAY!

HE IS THERE FOR YOU, Just as HE’S there for ME!

DON’T try to take a “short cut”….I AM NOT HIM! Aho?

(Anymore, all I wanna do is crawl in a hole and SLEEP).   re

(Yes, yes I can vouch!  The first time I went down to help there were THREE LAWN BAGS COMPLETELY FULL of letters.  It took 3-4 FULL weekends to get it down to ONE bag, AND do the hundreds of emails!  He dictated, I typed.  Oh, there were a few that weren’t answered – because the person sending them forgot to include their name and address in some fashion.  No way TO answer!  — WS)

Chief Dan Evehema of the Hopi Sends A Message to Mankind 

Photo From Brenda Norrell, Indian Country Today

I am very glad to have this time to send a message to you. We are celebrating a time in our history which is both filled with joy and sadness. I am very glad that our Hindu brothers have given us this opportunity to share these feelings with you because we know many of you are having the same troubles.

We Hopi believe that the human race has passed through three different worlds and life ways since the beginning. At the end of each prior world, human life has been purified or punished by the Great Spirit “Massauu” due mainly to corruption, greed and turning away from the Great Spirit’s teachings. The last great destruction was the flood which destroyed all but a few faithful ones who asked and received a permission from the Great Spirit to live with Him in this new land. The Great Spirit said, “It is up to you, if you are willing to live my poor, humble and simple life way. It is hard but if you agree to live according to my teachings and instructions, if you never lose faith in the life I shall give you, you may come and live with me.” The Hopi and all who were saved from the great flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit at that time.

We Hopi made an oath that we will never turn away from Him. For us the Creators laws never change or break down. To the Hopi the Great Spirit is all powerful. He appeared to the first people as a man and talked with them in the beginning of this creation world. He taught us how to live, to worship, where to go and what food to carry, gave us seeds to plant and harvest. He gave us a set of sacred stone tablets into which He breathed all teachings in order to safeguard his land and life. In these stone tablets were made, instructions and prophecies and warnings. This was done with the help of a Spider woman and Her two grandsons. They were wise and powerful helpers of the Great Spirit.

Before the Great Spirit went into hiding, He and Spider woman put before the leaders of the different groups of people many colors and sized of corn for them to choose their food in this world. The Hopi was the last to pick and then choose their food in this world. The Hopi then choose the smallest ear of corn. Then Massauu said, “You have shown me you are wise and humble for this reason you will be called Hopi (people of peace) and I will place in your authority all land and life to guard, protect and hold trust for Me until I return to you in later days for I am the First and the Last.”

This is why when a Hopi is ordained into the higher religious order, the earth and all living things are placed upon his hands. He becomes a parent to all life on earth. He is entitled to advise and correct his children in whatever peaceful way he can. So we can never give up knowing that our message of peace will reach our children. Then it is together with the other spiritual leaders the destiny of our future children is placed.

We are instructed to hold this world in balance within the land and the many universes with special prayers and ritual which continue to this day.

It was to the Spider woman’s two grandsons the sacred stone tablets were given. These two brothers were then instructed to carry them to a place the Great Spirit had instructed them. The older brother was to go immediately to the East, to the rising sun and upon reaching his destination was instructed to immediately start to look for his younger brother who shall remain in the land of the Great Spirit. The Older brothers mission when he returned was to help his younger brother (Hopi) bring about peace, brotherhood and everlasting life on his return.

Hopi, the younger brother, was instructed to cover all land and mark it well with footprints and sacred markings to claim this land for the Creator and peace on earth. We established our ceremonials and sacred shrines to hold this world in balance in accordance with our first promise to the Creator. This is how our migration story goes, until we meet the Creator at Old Oribe (place that solidifies) over 1000 years ago. It was at that meeting when he gave to us these prophecies to give to you now at this closing of the Fourth World of destruction and the beginning of the Fifth World of peace. He gave us many prophecies to pass on to you and all have come to pass. This is how we know the timing is now to reveal the last warnings and instructions to mankind.

We were told to settle permanently here in Hopi land where we met the Great Spirit and wait for Older Brother who went east to return to us. When he returns to this land he will place his stone tablets side by side to show all the world that they are our true brothers. When the road in the sky has been fulfilled and when the inventing of something, in Hopi means, gourd of ashes, a gourd that when drops upon the earth will boil everything within a large space and nothing will grow for a very long time. When the leaders turned to evil ways instead of the Great Spirit we were told there would be many ways this life may be destroyed. If human kind does not heed our prophecy and return to ones original spiritual instructions. We were told of three helpers who were commissioned by the Great Spirit to help Hopi bring about the peaceful life on earth would appear to help us and we should not change our homes, our ceremonials, our hair, because the true helpers might not recognize us as the true Hopi. So we have been waiting all these years.

It is known that our True White Brother, when he comes, will be all powerful and will wear a red cap or red cloak. He will be large in population, belong to no religion but his very own. He will bring with him the sacred stone tablets. With him there will be two great ones both very wise and powerful. One will have a symbol or sign of swastika which represents purity and is Female, a producer of life. The third one or the second one of the two helpers to our True White Brother will have a sign of a symbol of the sun. He, too, will be many people and very wise and powerful. We have in our sacred Kachina ceremonies a gourd rattle which is still in use today with these symbols of these powerful helpers of our True Brother.

It is also prophesied that if these three fail to fulfill their mission then the one from the west will come like a big storm. He will be many, in numbers and unmerciful. When he comes he will cover the land like the red ants and over take this land in one day. If the three helpers chosen by the Creator fulfill their sacred mission and even if there are only one, two or three of the true Hopi remaining holding fast to the last ancient teaching and instructions the Great Spirit, Massauu will appear before all and our world will be saved.

The three will lay our a new life plan which leads to everlasting life and peace. The earth will become new as it was from the beginning. Flowers will bloom again, wild games will return to barren lands and there will be abundance of food for all. Those who are saved will share everything equally and they all will recognize Great Spirit and speak one language.

We are now faced with great problems, not only here but throughout the land. Ancient cultures are being annihilated. Our people’s lands are being taken from them, leaving them no place to call their own. Why is this happening?

It is happening because many have given up or manipulated their original spiritual teachings. The way of life which the Great Spirit has given to all its people of the world, whatever your original instructions are not being honored. It is because of this great sickness-called greed, which infects every land and country that simple people are losing what they have kept for thousands of years.

Now we are at the very end of our trail. Many people no longer recognize the true path of the Great Spirit. They have, in fact, no respect for the Great Spirit or for our precious Mother Earth, who gives us all life.

We are instructed in our ancient prophecy that this would occur. We were told that someone would try to go up to the moon: that they would bring something back from the moon; and that after that, nature would show signs of losing its balance. Now we see that coming about. All over the world there are now many signs that nature is no longer in balance. Floods, drought, earthquakes, and great storms are occurring and causing much suffering. We do not want this to occur in our country and we pray to the Great Spirit to save us from such things. But there are now signs that this very same thing might happen very soon on our own land.

Now we must look upon each other as brothers and sisters. There is no more time for divisions between people. Today I call upon all of us, from right here at home, Hotevilla, where we to are guilty of gossiping and causing divisions even among our own families; out to the entire world where thievery, war and lying goes on every day. These divisions will not be our salvation. Wars only bring more wars never peace.

Only by joining together in a Spiritual Peace with love in our hearts for one another, love in our hearts for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, shall we be saved from the terrible Purification Day which is just ahead.

There are many of you in this world who are honest people. We know you spiritually for we are the “Men’s Society Grandfathers” who have been charged to pray for you and all life on earth never forgetting anything or any one in our ceremonials. Our prayer is to have a good happy life, plenty of soft gentle rain for abundant crops. We pray for balance on earth to live in peace and leave a beautiful world to the children yet to come. We know you have good hearts but good hearts are not enough to help us out with these great problems. In the past some of you have tried to help us Hopis, and we will always be thankful for you efforts. But now we need your help in the worst way. We want the people of the world to know the truth of our situation.

This land which people call the Land of the Freedom celebrates many days reminding people of the world of these things. Yet in well over 200 years the original Americans have not seen a free day. We are suffering the final insult. Our people are now losing the one thing which give life and meaning of life — our ceremonial land, which is being taken away from us. Hotevilla is the last holy consecrated, undisturbed traditional Native American sacred shrine to the Creator. As the prophecy says, this sacred shrine must keep its spiritual pathways open. This village is the spiritual vortex for the Hopi to guide the many awakening Native Americans and other true hearts home to their own unique culture. Hotevilla was established by the last remaining spiritual elders to maintain peace and balance on this continent from the tip of South America up to Alaska. Many of our friends say Hotevilla is a sacred shrine, a national and world treasure and must be preserved. We need your help.

Where is the freedom which you all fight for and sacrifice your children for? Is it only the Indian people who have lost or are all Americans losing the very thing which you original came here to find? We don’t share the freedom of the press because what gets into the papers is what the government wants people to believe, not what is really happening. We have no freedom of speech, because we are persecuted by our own people for speaking our beliefs.

We are at the final stages now and there is a last force that is about to take away our remaining homeland.

We are still being denied many things including the rite to be Hopis and to make our living in accordance with our religious teachings. The Hopi leaders have warned leaders in the White House and the leaders in the Glass House but they do not listen. So as our prophecy says then it must be up to the people with good pure hearts that will not be afraid to help us to fulfill our destiny in peace for this world. We now stand at a cross road whether to lead ourselves in everlasting life or total destruction. We believe that human beings spiritual power through prayer is so strong it decides life on earth.

So many people have come to Hopiland to meet with us. Some of you we have met on your lands. Many times people have asked how they can help us. Now I hope and pray that your help will come. If you have a way to spread the truth, through the newspapers, radio, books, thought meeting with powerful people, tell the truth! Tell them what you know to be true. Tell them what you have seen here; what you have heard us say; what you have seen with your own eyes. In this way, if we do fall, let it be said that we tried, right up to the end, to hold fast to the path of peace as we were originally instructed to do by the Great Spirit. Should you really succeed, we will all realize our mistakes of the past and return to the true path – – living in harmony as brothers and sisters, sharing our mother, the earth with all other living creatures. In this way we could bring about a new world. A world which would be led by the great Spirit and our mother will provide plenty and happiness for all.

God bless you, each one of you and know our prayers for peace meet yours as the sun rises and sets.

May the Great Spirit guide you safely into the path of love, peace, freedom and God on this Earth Mother.

May the holy ancestors of love and light keep you safe in your land and homes.

Pray for God to give you something important to do in this great work which lies ahead of us all to bring peace on earth. We the Hopi still hold the sacred stone tablets and now await the coming of our True White Brother and others seriously ready to work for the Creator’s peace on earth.

Be well, my children, and think good thoughts of peace and togetherness. Peace for all life on earth and peace with one another in our homes, families and countries. We are not so different in the Creator’s eyes. The same great Father Sun shines his love on each of us daily just as Mother Earth prepares the sustenance for our table, do they not? We are one after all.

Chief Dan Evehema, Spiritual leader, Eldest Elder Greasewood /

Roadrunner Clan Society Father / Snake Priest / Kachina Father.

From Hotevilla, Arizona, Hopi Sovereign Nation.

Dan Evehema moved on to the Spirit World on Jan 15, 1999. He is watching and praying for us.

While on ‘ranting’…I guess my ‘ranting’ will make for some Really MAD Bible people out there.  Thinking I’m TRASHING THE WORD OF GOD!

Nope, TRASHING the MANY “Add-Ons” MAN HAS COATED His PURE Word with.  Things the “believers” have been Hood Winked to ACCEPT AS “His WORD”!   CONTROLLERS to the SLAVERING of ALL “GOD” BELIEVERS!

Plain and Simple CRAP that folks have accepted!

For instance; TITHE.  Now THERE’S a TRICK for you!





MAN has done that!  NOT HIM, but your “leaders”!

Check it out for yourself.  WHERE HAS HE CHANGED IT!!!!  ???

So, if “they” want CASH as “tithe”…and EXPECT YOU TO BELIEVE THIS IS HIS WAY….I’d suggest you GO by “His REAL Word”…the UNCHANGED Word…and buy a “cow” and tie THAT on the Leaders Lawn!

To do as THEY tell, YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING HIS WORD…you are following THEIR “Word”!



A Letter To Red Elk

Elevator Floor or Long Drop?

Dear One!
I would like to ask You a question. I heard that You have mastered Your body, soul and mind, and preform all kinds of “magic”. How does one do that? I have read many things. First that to do that You have to pretend and be that person. Faith and patience will do the rest. Is this true, is it how You made it? I see now that I am currently living in the past because all I wish for doesn’t come true right here, right now but I believe it will come true in the future. Is this also true? What can I do to become like a child? I believe that anything is possible and that we are all one, but is that enough?
Thank You for sharing Your sacred knowledge with me.
Red Elk Responds:
No, it is not true.  I have told you “the way” – CONNECTING TO THE CREATOR.
That the Great One is a LIVING ENTITY.
As real as you and I.
Learn THAT and you enter the “door” of “Magic”.
“Magic” is “Magic” ONLY TO THOSE WHO SEE YOU DOING what you have learned is NATURAL.
Additional thoughts from Red Elk on this subject:
“Press my button” HUNDREDS are asking (in different ways).  Well, I’m NOT “GOD”….and there’s only ONE ELEVATOR BOY/GIRL;  EACH, Alone.
Most will NEVER “do”….because THEY ARE TOO LAZY TO LIFT A FINGER!  Aho?   Oh, and by-the-way, I’ve “Mastered” NOTHING.  Only ONE has held THAT Title (still does, too).  No, I’m still just an Apprentice.    re

Well friends, I could send Many E-s on this controversy, but think it’s not needed.  ALL have made up their minds.  To me, “Pro” or “Con,” it really doesn’t matter.  I’ve just given my insight(s) all along.  NOT EXPECTING ANY TO AGREE.

I’m a REPORTER….not a “PROPHET.”   And I’m Certainly NOT GOD.

Like all, I, too, make mistakes.  That’s why I tell all to CHECK.  CHECK.  CHECK.

It ends up in YOUR hands then.

One thing I learned Way Back in my early teen years is that people are often full of smiles and “nice-ity”….for whatever reason tho, ONLY AT YOU.  Then have a tendency to “back stab.”  NEVER coming to YOU but BEHIND your back.

I’ve become used to it.  Still happens.  Sad, but that’s the way it is.

This is not a decent way to be, as far as I’m concerned.  I’d rather be disagreed with and even Chastised, then to meet a Lying One.  Think MORE of that one then the other(s).

If YOU have something you don’t agree with, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE IT WITH ME…or simply ask me to take you off your list.

Know I’ve TOO MANY “Pen Pals” as it is.  One less wouldn’t get me upset. I WILL LOVE ALL OF YOU!  And will to the end.  Aho?   GB    re



                          thanks bro….yep paul sayin woman should be quiet  not speak would have turn many woman any from the bible….last nite i read the bit when Jesus said before Abraham I AM…..then when they picked up rocks to stone him he ‘Hid Himself’….i thought about this…then i thought INVISABILITY…..Jesus may have practiced invisability then…not just hid himself the normal way … &  then He left the Temple….lesson by example….if someone is trying to kill u….RUN…get outa there….don’t hang around….GB

Already getting “dissenters” on my statement on Paul.  EXPECTED tho.  Like pulling teeth without novacaine.  People’s “toes” being “stepped on.”  Aho?

                  what Paul was doing…with all ‘his’ churches all over the place & Jesus example, two different things….still paul had big part to play & is much loved…many follow paul not Jesus….GB

Shoot brother, I Love him TOO…but WILL NOT FOLLOW A RULE THAT “CAPTURES” ME into a “LAW!”
Therefore I do NOT “bow” to a “RULE.”  Why toss out WHY CHRIST CAME and exchange it for a “rule” again!?

The 10 Commandments were Set Down to SHOW the IMPOSSIBILITY of Getting ‘there’ by ‘Doing’ these 10…and IT’S TOLD IN SCRIPTURE that WE NEED The SACRIFICE of JESUS TO  get FREE.  Aho?   re

           musta been pauls pharisy upbringing…they were a pretty full on mob….like JB i can’t remember any rules paul came up with off hand…but prob. heaps in there as u say…still no point throwin the baby out with the bath water…still lots to learn from paul…u can’t hang out with Jesus like he did & not learn something…GB

I Didn’t cast him off, brother.  Just busted him.  Paul didn’t “hang out” with Jesus.  He Never met Him.  Only saw Him as a BRIGHT LIGHT on the road to Damascus.   re

    wow…ur right….why did i just assume he was one of the apostles?….he is such a strong figure in the NT….he really did turn it into his church/es/religion hey?….sucked most in too….Catholic church comes to mind….paul clones:)….wonderful insight from u my brother…thanku…..GB