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Welcome August 1

The beginning of a month always brings new insight. Today on my Facebook Page, David posted this meme of Red Elk. I love getting small messages with powerful impact.


July 13, 2019

I received a voicemail at 9:52 a.m. from Meachelle Osborn:

Yesterday Meachelle went up to Cle Elum to get Lynnsay and when she got back Rosa was there, and just getting ready to leave. She visited and took them out to lunch. Meachelle got her on the way to the ocean to go more south instead of going toward Seattle. Meachelle shares how Rosa is a very lovely lady, shared more with her, and looking for a place to find her freedom after she has made many sacrifices in her life and now she is moving around to see what she can find. She is really really really neat and I want you to post another thing saying I can’t say thank you enough.

That’s the gist of my message from Meachelle to Rosa…I can tell by her exuberance of meeting you Rosa that you really touched her heart and she doesn’t feel so alone after her husband’s passing. Interestingly enough you came almost a month after his birthday, and the timing is just beautiful.