The following may not be one any here can use, but its still worth “brain filing”.  This is on a LADDER.  The “whites” have a tendency to build their’s Straight.  NA, tho, on a TILT.  Sides TILTED Inward towards the top.  We had no nails or screws.
This inward-towards-top allows one to TIE the top and bottom rungs on…then rungs between as needed.  Each rung well lashed.
With this method, the rungs will slip a bit as you step on it BUT THE WIDER BOTTOM “locks” the lashings on tightly.  Slipping stops and your all set to climb.  Aho?

If a WIDE ladder is needed, a straight-up MIDDLE “leg” is then added and lashed.  Supporting the wider rungs.  Aho?

I’ve used this “Tilted” ladder many, many times.  For ladders and even a “rack” to dry clothes on in the house.

You can do a fruit picking ladder by having a SWING OUT 3rd leg as well.

Like I’ve said: might not be useful info but still worth “filing.”  Aho?

FIREWOOD GATHERING:   As many know, dead limbs on trees are often abundant.  Many who camp go out and snap ’em off.  Then the ones above, bigger and dead too, are out of reach.  Climbing can be dangerous.

To get those, simply take a long, dead branch,  knock off all its side branches FROM SMALL END of main branch on towards its thicker end….BUT DO NOT SNAP OFF THE LAST Side Branch at the “top”.
THIS HOOKS OVER THE LARGER BRANCHES YOU CAN’T REACH.  Pull down and these will snap off (This is the “By Hook or By Crook” you hear about).

GB    re



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