Email Troubles

Friends,  Adam called last night.  All his Emails to me are bounced back to him.  Seems he’s able to get mine but I’m unable to get his.
Might be awhile before I’m able to get this fixed.  Will need to take it into a Pro to do so.  Not enough money to do so at this time.
I have been sending to WS / H to add “tellings”….as well as some to Blue Otter’s Group.  I don’t see any of these added to either.  Can only surmise they have received tho and for ??? reason my PC isn’t receiving the showing of these.  ???

Still, my Blog counter rises, so seems SOMETHING is working.

I delete all I send, so can’t resend Any IF they got lost in sending.
My “Send” and my “Delete” box is empty.  I THINK this shows I AM getting these out.

Being a PC “DAH” is a constant headache and a very real problem for me. Over the years I’ve had ALL my sites Hacked and many other problems.  Extremely expensive to me.  I would not be “in this”, if it were not for “Him”.
I would drop ALL PC use and do very little correspondence at all, but troubles even in Stolen Snail Mail !   (Another constant problem).

As you can see, it’s not been easy.

“Wading out” to the masses has its woes….BUT MANKIND IS WORTH IT.

Anyway, I want to let you know what’s been going on.


(Hope THIS gets out to you…my SECOND on this)!


CreatorGod Bless!    Re

(This also means there will be delays in him answering forwarded comments, which get to him through email. – WS)


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