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My Brothers and Sisters,
You are not me.  In many ways we are alike, yet each has their OWN “way.”  I’d like to share my thoughts on my way:   FREEDOM!  At least as I FEEL its meaning.
Do you KNOW what it’s like to be “unburdened?”  To have Nothing?
Right now I have so MUCH “Things.”  I’m literally Overflowing with “THINGS”…and I’m POOR?!!    Shoot, I can barely MOVE ABOUT in this house!  Can you believe FIVE TVs?!  FIVE for gosh sake!  Only 4 living here…WHY do I/We need FIVE!!!  ???
Our closets so JAM-PACKED we need to store “everyday” clothing in BOXES and LAUNDRY SACKS!

I’m stuck.   With a Collector….and my wife is just that.  SO AM I !
I can’t  NOT blame MySELF!  (Bad grammar, but true)


I LONG for “the simple life”…..the days I was in a TiPi.  That was NOT a LONG TIME AGO!  10 years?

Gosh it was nice, but it was Lonely.  Meachelle wanted nothing to do with it.   sigh

So I bent to her Will  (it’s called marriage).  HAVE and HAD to.

Do you know what it’s like to go from an Uncluttered space AND ITS CLEANLINESS, to one of WALKING Room ONLY in a BIG Space?


Well, guess what?  I’M GUILTY.

Yup, me.

Disgusting , isn’t it…………………….

Now I want “OUT.”  Up past my brown eyes in STUPIDITY.  “STUFF!”     stuff  Stuff  STUFF!

What an idiot……………………………

Well, I can do something about it.  At least to MY “stuff.”

Methinks our Living Creator will “help” M on hers.  A FORCED lesson.  She’s not gonna like it………



A MUST “way.”

Look about you.  See the clutter.   IS it WORTH IT?

Well, no.  Nice to have, but NECESSARY?   Only you can decide.  Me?  I WANNA “HIBERNATE” IN MY MINI DOME!

Thing is, tho IT’S “clean,” ALL my “STUFF” will still be within easy reach, mere yards away. Convenient.  Aho?


(I’ve got ALOT to think about.)



Got an interview with Zeph Daniels in a few minutes.  Thought I’d Email and share this:

I may live in the NOW.

It will be The PAST we need to KNOW to get by in the FUTURE.  NOW is the time to LEARN that PAST.
“Tomorrow” will be too difficult AND can be OVERWHELMING.  THEN you’ll wish you HAD Learned the PAST.

Too late.  Too late.


Ho.   re

The podcast is here, on the 2009 Podcast & Radio Shows page. (WS)


Folks, Aussie Dave is an OBSERVER.  Here’s 2 he “found.”  I THINK I’LL GIVE #1 A TRY.  #2, I’ll WAIT!  ( :   re

Dave’s tale:
    wanted to tell u what these two animals showed me…first the rat….while moving a pile of firewood i found a rats house in it down the bottom in the middle…what really impressed me about this house was how it had first used water proof plastic for the first layer that touched the ground…then it used dry grass to form the nest…finially it used a thick layer of wool type padding out of my old bed….for the soft warm inner….that impressed me….very smart little critters…….the ladybugs taught me that if your life is threatened u can save yourself by making urself really repulsive….they can secrete a fowl smelling & tasting substance from their joints…other insects are turned off eating such a horrible thing…& the ladybug lives on….so my thought was that if your just about to me murdered…the best thing to do is poo yourself (which u might do anyway) & then wipe it all over yourself & throw it at your attacker….good chance they will lose interest in u & just want to get as far away from u as possible…(go clean themselves)….works for ladybug:)….GB


Ever hear of POTATO TOWERS?  Interesting.  Check it out on SEARCH (Google – WS).   re

Anyone here ever get to an ocean beach?
If so, one that has BELL KELP washed ashore?

For those that don’t know this kelp, it has a big “ball” on one end, the stem goes to a “point” at the other.

It’s edible, but that’s not why I’m writing this.  IT MAKES AN EXCELLENT “Deep FOG HORN” SOUND!

Small ones higher pitched.  The bigger the deeper.

All are “3-pitched.”  The more you blow (harder) into it, it changes the tone.  Aho?

To make, all you need is a knife:
Cut the “ball” half off (leaving a “horn” “mouth”).
Go to the small end and start cutting that end towards “horn” end.  SMALL sections at a time…’til you hit HOLLOW within.  Now, at that hollow inner,  begin getting it bigger ’til that hollow can fit your pursed-up lips, then Leave it there (like blowing on a Trumpet).


The sound will amaze you.

Once, my brother and I were out in a small aluminum boat in Puget Sound.  In the SHIPPING channel.  BIG Ships passing by.  Our little 14-footer just a piece of flotsam to those guys.  Aho?

Well, FOG SET IN.  My brother Jim looked for his bottle Air Horn (Carried for just this type of situation).  HADN’T BROUGHT IT!
He was Worried (rightfully so).
We were trolling for salmon and now “Fog Locked”. Could take 2-4 hours for the fog to lift.
As we were trolling I had noticed riptides here and there.  MOST CARRIED THIS BELL KELP.
I told Jim, “Watch for rips, Jim, and cruise along it, I’ll show you something.  Nature provides If you “know.”  Wasn’t long before I had a kelp aboard.

Jim was perplexed.  “WHY?”

“You’ll see in a minute,” I told him.

Knife in hand and about 6 minutes later I was done.  Raised the “Horn” end and blew into the other.  YOU’D HAVE THOUGHT WE WERE A BATTLE WAGON!  DEEP and LOUD!

No ship problem.  Never got any salmon but DID make it safely through the fog.

I was at a Family Reunion, walking the beach with M and C and M’s dad.  Walked to the shoreline, and got a “horn.”  Cut it and began blowing it “3-pitch.”  Beach had MANY strollers.  All turned to see.

Father-in-law intrigued…wife and daughter too….so I got them one.  Different lengths.  All 4 of us now a “musical band” as we walked.
2 men approached.  Asked “HOW DO YOU DO THAT?”   Showed ’em and they got their own and whittled away.  Me “supervising.”
Turns out they were both Horn Blowers from a Big City California orchestra….out on vacation.  They got to wondering… WHITTLED FINGER HOLES ON THE STEAM, and LO!  Had “REAL” Horns!  One TUBA and one TROMBONE!  Man, could THEY PLAY!  FanTASTIC!

So, any ever get to the beach…………………………

Enjoy.    GB   re


Been looking at local trees as I drive by….thinking “survival shelters.”  Has dawned on me that many’s out-reaching big branches could form quick and easy…and INTERESTING structures IF PLACED UPSIDE-DOWN with trunk straight up.  “Pre-Made” Wall BRACES!

A “Future Experiment?”   Anyway, something to “Brain File.”

Would be easy to plant these and cover with rush leaves/Long weed “sheathing”/tarp “wrap-around”/etc. to hold heat (SAFE fire) IN and Snow/Rain OUT.

Thought I’d pass this possibility on to you as a fun backyard possible project for a Garden “shed”/”Tent”/etc.    GB   re


As you might guess, I and M like boats.  We’ve BOTH wanted a small Schooner.  Just ONE and ONLY One:  The TANCOOK WHALER SCHOONER.  She’s STILL a dream to BOTH of us.
The Tancook called Son-Of-A-Gun about our Perfect dream.
Just to have you drool, look up Tancook Whaler Schooner.   Wooden Boat Magazine has HER!  And BEAUTIFUL Shots of her.

She’s a BEAUTY and the Smallest Size we’d want.  50 – 55 ft the biggest.  Both sizes takes 2 to 3 to sail. (the 40 just 2).

Please, satisfy an old man’s love and take a look.  Would ya?   GB    re


Not at all sure any here will be interested.  As all know, I’m building a mini “hobbit hut.”  I still have lots of “stuff” to go on and complete more…such as another hut with bathroom, etc.
Still, “stuff” about.  HUGE STUMPS, STONES, etc.  These I intend to incorporate into the wall of #2.
Our property here is DRY.  Sage country. Water hard to come by.  Aho?
I came across an article on a gal (landscape designer) in California.  She too has “problems.” NOW DOESN’T!  Has made a “Magical Meadow” by using rocks, etc. AND IT LOOKS GREAT!
She’s “right up my alley” in REASON of doing.
She DOES have water and now uses Far FAR LESS. Now a “backyard Paradise.”

With my mini in THIS type of setting….WOW!  And I do NOT NEED water to do so.  NOR the MONEY she used to do so.  YOU CAN TOO!

When I started building I started with stone steps up the slope to the entry.  WITH LANDSCAPING IN MIND, as I could.
Her doing on her land an INSPIRATION to me.

With SALVAGED Material and Time…if interested, YOU CAN TOO!

Due to water unavailability I long ago decided to “plant” Plastic “Flowers,” tucked here-n-there in stone “piles.” Wanting to turn a mystical area between Freeway and Side Road.  Getting rid of the “junk” as I go.  This li’l Earth Dome in “her” type “setting” will, in time BE DONE. (My intent anyway…and always  has been).  Aho?
Anyway,   if interested.  GB   re


A sister sent:
Hi RE,
I found this guy’s postings on YouTube and then went to his website.  And, look — he’s not out for money.  Selling a big ebook for $5, and its got good reviews too.  Really cute place only 14 x 14.

RE replied:
Thanks sis…..tho I’ve seen similar line “Smallys,” this one I’d rank #2 of all.
Passing this on.
Tho none (but one) I’m sending to ARE looking to build…worth a look.  Aho?  (PS, hope THIS gets to you.  Trying a ‘Forward’ button.  See what happens).  GB   re


Been thinking…HARD…on making my “Wind Washer.”  Got a strong pole I can cement “set” 3-4 ft into the ground.  Put a “T” at pole top, Hook on each end of that…Heavy spring on that and rope on other end of spring (got ’em, but even a strong Bungee Cord would do).  Then to THAT an “A” Frame (angled apart at bottom).  That in turn to hook onto, say, a 30 gal. barrel PAINTED BLACK (heats water). This laying on side.  Wide-ish slot at upper part of barrel to load/unload. Perhaps 2 windcatching “paddles” towards top of “A” rope.
Spring = BOUNCE.  Paddles = Wind SPIN/TWIST and UNtwist.  So this “Bobs and Waves” about.  One on each end of crosspole.
A drain in bottom end…that drains into a Straw and Sand “filter” (to trap soap in water).  From the filter to garden, etc.  Let the WIND do the washing.
YOU get the general idea.
I’d consider DOG Toy Balls with “Bumps” on ’em.  Toss those in with washing, to help agitate.  Aho?  Hummmmm  GB   re