(Note from WS in 2016 – the link is OLD information.  We all know now how things are working, but I thought RE’s answer was important to restore to the blog.)

A brother sent:
Articles like this one make me think that it might be time for me to rapidly come up with a master plan for leaving the country:


Red Elk answered:
Read it…but is this actually TRUE?  Or is it “antsy” folks putting out Fear/Hate tactics?  We WON’T KNOW FOR SURE ’til it “IS.”
I’ve foreseen LONG ago things like this, yet must “wait and see.”
It IS inevitable tho.  Eventually.  ALL added into the time of the Anti-Christ “savior.”

Brother, I’ll take ANY shots “required” BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THEM USELESS WITHIN MY BODY.  I DO, BUT HOW MANY others do?

Remember Scriptures telling His Believers (TRUE ones, not the Half A– ones) can take POISON and NOT BE AFFECTED BY THEM?

Well, you either accept HIM (Word) on this Or…………………..

There are ACTUAL Known CHRISTIANS who have PROVEN this to be a Fact!  I myself being one.  Ciggs!  DRINKING POOPY WATER!   Guess its TIME to SHOW…or prove to yourself your UNBELIEF.  One thing for SURE, We TRUE Ones FULLY BELIEVE what is SAID.  No “if, whens,  or buts”….

WE WILL BE HEAVILY TESTED as That “day” approaches.  HEAVY!

Time to Clean Up our “ACTS.”  And MOST   A R E   “ACTS.”   Aho?   GB   re



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