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Are YOU DOING Anything?

Bought 3 more arrows today.  As long as I could get (32 inches).  Will continue doing so as I can afford.

I’m SO GRATEFUL that I’ve been physically preparing for many many years.

SOMEONE will benefit, even if not I or mine.  Aho?

News this morning showed me things are “close”.  FAR closer then I had hoped for.  Time IS “speeded up” indeed.

What I had THOUGHT would take Years now under MONTHS….and in some cases : WEEKS.

Been doing all I could/can to foretell….and so FEW have paid attention.  Certainly NOT in SPIRITUAL. Our  ONLY Safety is in “HIM”.  Meanwhile, next to “Him”,  KNOWLEDGE is KING.

OK, if you WON’T “connect”…GO to LEARNING.  Gives you “extra” time.  Aho?

STUDY THE VERY OLD WAYS.  Of your GREAT GREAT Grandparents.  That far back.  THEY lived as WE will.



GB   re

A Worthy Addition

Watching mid evil farming methods. Fascinating.  One that caught my eye was the
use of GEESE in weed control.  STILL USED TODAY! Check it WEED GEESE


Remember, BOTH ARE EDIBLE THEMSELVES.   START ANEW in early spring.  You eat  THEM 
after garden plants are picked. Butcher them out for you during winter. No winter
feeding needed. Aho?  A WIN WIN GARDEN "TOOL"(s).

We've done similar with RABBITS.  Sold and Ate in late fall.../bred and sold in spring
/summer/fall. Fed on natural plants...never ever bought commercial feed.

Their droppings were FANATIC Fertilizer  AND TO RAISE  G I A N T  EARTHWORMS. 

Utilize.  GB   re

Transition Time

To all, 

We world wide, are in a gifted transition time.  A time to experiment in and do without gas/ electricity / foods.  Though things look good…this is to trick you literally.  Man is falling into a deliberate  trap!    DON’T BELIEVE YOUR GOVERNMENT “TELLINGS”….OR POSSIBLY DIE .

We are in a real mess and the truth is hidden so man won’t panic.
For gosh sake ;  WAKE UP!   “PANIC”!
This WON’T  last long.      2 – 3 years.
Remember:  NO electricity.   NO gas.   NO Foods.
START PRACTICING      N  O  W   NOW    NOW!   re

Limited Physical Abilities

I’m not the only one with now limited abilities and looking to get around them.
THIS CAN HELP:  On Google search type in : Disabled and Productive.  


Though not for everyone….one source not often used is a simple ZIP LINE.  IF Hillsides are available, one to a series of these “stretched cords” can save on power machinery (Trucks / Etc) to Wheelbarrows or even Animal moving. 
I know of a farmer who used such in firewood gathering…shooting cord-wood across a steep reveen.  Saving valuable time and physical moving.
Wind TREE using:   Not all have a consistent wind or breeze…..still, if there Occasionally, a move tree branch can be “harvested” to wash buckets of cloths to even sawing wood.  Not to be laughed at.  Let NATURE do at least Some of your weekly chores.  These moving branches can also PUMP AIR into sunken water tanks and on into your Home…as an Air Conditioner. Allowing Earth Cooled Air to enter.
There are other “devices” that can be made….quite often cheap with salved finds, a bit of ‘outside the box’ thinking and some physical labor.
ALL the above ARE In USE in some areas/areas and homes.   THINK UP MORE!  GB  re

What Makes Reality?


It’s simple…..CONSISTENT and CONSISTENCY T H I N K I G it is.

In truth, this is simply a DREAM that is BELIEVED so CONSISTENTLY….that it (?) becomes CONCRETE in your MIND.

The more who THINKS the SAME WAY makes it More and MORE a “true” FACT.

For those who can THINK OTHERWISE, it is THOSE who become / are “DFFERNT”. It is THOSE who KNOW THIS / THESE things mankind has MASS CONCRETED…..Do NOT NEED BE for that / those Indiviguals who THINK “OUTSIDE THE “BOX”.

Medicine People THINK (dream) Differently and thus can DO the “Impossible”.


Know this and WORK THE / THIS D R E A M!



Might Be Useful

 Before my now Physical limitations,  Adam / Sky and I considered PRE-BUILDING a number of hidden “camp spots”.  Places leveled and ‘tent ready’…with a twist.  PRE-CUT framing material hidden a bit aways from each spot.  Walk in with Pre-Cut GOOD tarp….pull out the hidden frame(s)…put tarp over and you’re all set to spend time enjoying.  Need to relocate?  Off withe tarp…hide the frame again n then off to next spot.  Aho?
This is not a new idea,,,both Native Americans and Eskimos did just that.  Using stones / etc. as cover “tie downs”.  These “stone rings” can still be seen occasionally in parts of North America,
If you are discovered and need to move….no ‘biggy’, as you’ve many OTHER spots in “walk to” distance.  ALL PRE READY.  Aho?
This can be done with a small LOW backpack tent as well….no Pre Cut Framing needed.  Just a Pre-Prepaired SPOT….well off the ‘beaten path’….in and place that helps HIDE your presence.  TOO BIG a tent = EASY TO SEE.
I’ve a number of “hide” tarps.  Canoe ‘covers’   I use them too! Over the tents I take or to drape over a pre-made spot.
Two are  ready-to-erect Lean-Tos  (LOVE Lean-Tos)…the rest as a cover over tents or simply ROLL INTO ( like a Human COCOON ).
Some are standard “plastic” Camo tarps….three are Burlap CAMO.  ALL “FIT IN” to match the areas I go to (use to).
Rarely do I have a camp “tent” TALLER then SETTING-UP HEIGHT.
If needed I add to the structure various bushes etc., this to make the “tent” less obvious.
To date I’ve only had two discovered.  This since 14 years old (I’m now 70).  BOTH were caused by ME ….
Twice others were mere FEET from me AND NEVER KNEW IT.
When using I’d GO TO THE SPOT from various DIRECTIONS….trying Not to make a SPOTABEL trail.  Aho?
Many time I ate ‘COLD’.  SMOKE and FIRES’ LIGHT GIVES YOU AWAY.  Remember this!
There has been times I had no blanket or sleeping bag..I then STUFFED my CLOTHS and sleeping spot with gathered FAR OFF Leafs.  Once I covered with MUD to insulate.  Messy, but it worked,
More than once I used Brows to make a HEAD COVERING,  This keeps Heat from escaping.
I hope something here will be beneficial to some. 
GB   re

Wood Burning

Don’t know about YOUR area, but here: Snow and WINTER.
For you wood burners, I write this, for others contemplating a PELLET stove:  Before you get one, THINK!  If your Elect, goes “down”…SO DOES THE PELLET STOVE!  It NEEDS ELECTRICITY TO RUN.
In short, if you think it’s a good “Back Up” buy…it ISN’T!  Aho?
Now for the others:  If you are one within reach of a SAWDUST Pile,  GET PAPER BAGS….Along with “cast-off” Tiny wood CHIPS (etc.).   Doesn’t need to be BIG pieces,  Then mix some of the little pieces Within a BAG of SAWDUST,  Do this in paper bags.  Fold the top over your “mix” and light.
The “chips” will cause the SAWDUST to Rekindle via those chips…keeping the sawdust smoldering and heating.  Aho?
We had a 55 gallon Barrel Stove,  Each night we’d put in 3 bags,  BURNED ALL NIGHT!  Only took 3 bags to keep our 2 bedroom, place comfortable.   Did this 2 winters (before moving).  Sure cut down on fire wood.
Good Luck,  GB   re

Camping WATER TIP – Plus

How to get  portable water while hiking:  I bought a small FOLDING umbrella (1,00 Cheap Shop) and a pair of lady’s Nylon socks (49 cents…same shop).  I’ve cut a 1 inch hole at top of umbrella and glued a patch of sock over the hole. Then added a stabilizing “line” on the INVERTED (now) umbrellas AND packed a large mouth CAN in / around the can.  Both little hole and can opening now  “filters” from debris / insect and  mice entry.  (I will buy a collapsible BOWL ($16.00) when I’ve spare $$…more convenient to take and less room in pack then a can.

The umbrella turned up-side-down and placed (at a slight tilt) atop the container.  Any rain / snow / dew(?) now caught. 
The FOUR lines staked down to hinder wind.  Aho?
The Weight and Size quite “takeable”.
With this you now have a regular umbrella to ward off rain…sun, and possibly a Solar Cooker  (I’ll leave THAT How To up to you).
More: I got my Wash Board today.  Till I get a Hand Wringer, I’m all set.  I’ve a Very Dirty pair of jeans and a white T shirt.  Gonna see how well the WASH PLUNGER / Boar and “sweat” will do on these tonight.  I’ll have to Wring by hand for now.
I’ll use FELS NAPTHA soap…as did my mother and grandmother.  It’s still sold at supermarkets.
I’ll add some VINEGAR (can use other “odors”).  This to keep Ticks / Etc., away.
Hope these help someone.  

Had enough money to buy a number of feet of Soft Denim (blue jean color) cloth.  Cheap shop.  $4.08.  Enough to make 3 to 4 nice LOIN CLOTHS.  I’ll have my wife cut and hem them for me. An easy “do” for her.
As you can tell, I “practice what I Preach”.
I’ll be wearing these at our secluded property so no one is “disturbed”.  Aho?
I’ll have her sew on 2 or so  LOOPS on the front.  Knife / Flint / Etc. to be with  me at all times then.  My CHIEF A.J. Slingshot to hang on the “belt” if wanted, as well as small  sock with Marble “shot”.
ARE YOU intrusted in “ditto”? 
Before closing: I’ve been Posting on GHOST’S  HUB….Google by Typing in: Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget.  This will get you there.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            GB   re