Good Morning.  Want you to know that tho I’d get shots, I would NOT do so without a fight. I’d avoid these “orders” TOTALLY if at all possible.  Not AFRAID of ’em but PO’ed the Gov wants to run my/our lives!  I just Live here…to me I have “diplomatic immunity,” as I gave up my earth county for God’s Land long ago.  Adopted into that land, too.  Legal, as far as I’m concerned.
I don’t vote here, I pay their taxes,  but NOT OF ANY Man-Controlled country on Earth.  (I’d vote if MY Country’s Head were on the ballot, but “He” NEVER  is!)

(Hummm, wonder if one could fight ’em under this thing)………………..

To me, I’m an Emissary to Earth and a Diplomat to the USA.   AND I’M SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!

VERY serious.    GB    re



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