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Red Elk Calls with Information


I’m certainly not dead. I am trying to earn money to pay for my medical bills and medicines. One of which is making talking sticks/dancing sticks and walking staffs. These are all of diamond willow from way up in the Yukon. They are absolutely beautiful in color and I’ve already got 5 orders. But each order takes me a week or better to do in my shape. Anyway, I want to thank the people that donate financial money for me. I use that money for medicines and the tools that I need for these sticks. I’m not writing this for donations, I’m writing this to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking and praying for people and doing work that I can do within the medicine way. I want to thank you all who are sticking with me and may God creator bless you.

PS: I’m still having trouble with this dang computer. You people take care and if you have a need let me know. Do not expect a letter in return, it’s almost impossible for me to type or write. You can leave a message on the blog and Heather will tell me.

In this I close and again I thank all. May God bless each one of you.

Red Elk

Feb. 11, 2011 Phone Call

It’s in there basically.  I’m born, I breathe, I’ll stop, and I’ll quit.  :D  My life is not at all that interesting.  Born on the wrong side of the tracks, alcoholic father (the town drunk), overworked mother turned party girl.  Mostly raised by grandparents.  Grandma Indian, grandfather Irish.  Called to the medicine way of inner Heyoka at age 10.  Studied over 40 years before I was invited to join the society.  Hated by Indians and whites alike, loved by a few, story of my life I was born, I breathe, I’ll stop breathing and I’ll die.  Nothing interesting. :D  re


P.S.- I’m not a ‘geek’, I’ve got two very good computers that are dead at the moment so I can’t get online to answer these things except over the phone with WS.  Too broke to fix ‘em and too tired to care.


P.P.S. – But I’m still good lookin’! 😀 😀 😀

One on one, simple as that.

Red Elk Update from Heather

I’m on the phone with Red Elk, and we are discussing his blog. From time to time, he sends out private emails that we know you would still love to read. Therefore, he has agreed that OCCASIONALLY he will continue to p0st.

Meanwhile, being off like he has been at the moment, as given him the opportunity for his family and around the house, something that maintaining the blog took a lot of time away from.

On that note – I’m going to tell you all about his new plunger on the next post.

Think I don’t work?  Dome work, then answered 2 snail mails and ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY SEVEN EMAILs AND 3 Needed runs to town.

(OOPS, one HEALING “Work” as well)

To top it all off…STILL  have a Few HOURS before GOING TO BED…..Other Emails DUE!

Oh, Don’t forget the PHONE CALLS!  Them too.

Any wonder I get a bit cranky and am almost always tired?   (  :   re



I’m TOTALLY disgusted with ANY Cell Phone Company.  But after dealing with AT&T….IT IS THE VERY WORST OF ALL!

Next Month our contract is up.  I’M GOING TO VERIZON!

#1: “V” now has HUGE Coverage…just makes AT&T look ANEMIC!

ALL the people in Kettle Falls (our “move to area) have switched…..BUSINESSES now with “V”.  MORE TOWERS, COVERAGE!  USA AND CANADA!


#2: nearly 1 2/3ed yrs ago my AT&T Cell was broken.  (We have 2…or, HAD).  THEY REFUSED TO SEND TO OUR HOME ADDRESS (replacement).  We have ONLY a P.O. Box.  “WE DO NOT SEND TO Post Office Boxes” ONLY to your STREET Mail Box”.  WE DON’T HAVE ONE IN OUR RURAL AREA!

So, I said “Ok, send it to my friend…(giving their Mail Street address).

“SORRY…must be YOUR OWN!”

Asked “what can I do then?”


Oh, SURE…at nearly $200.00!

So, been PAYING FOR SERVICE ON 2 PHONES SINCE!  With only ONE to use!

EXTRA CHARGES FOR TWO…and they will NOT “renew” our contract!

Well, friends, I had the option of BUYING OUT of that….but would cost us ALMOST $200.00 TO GET RID OF ‘EM!

Well, in November our contract is UP!

Now “SCREW ‘EM!”  They’ve lost US as “faithful customers”!


I’d sure LOVE to get that “extra service” paid back.  Don’t think THAT WILL BE!  EVER!

Well, AT&T…..YOU CAN GET LOST!!!!!



If any would…….PLEASE PASS THIS SENDING ON!   (Pray about it first tho).  Thanks.  Red Elk and Meachelle


Got a call from one of my cousins.  Another, (her sister) had passed away “in her sleep.”

Naturally, Milly (the cousin caller) was devastated.

I hadn’t been notified till after the funeral.

(Couldn’t have gone (Cal.) anyway).  THE SAME WITH MILLY….making HER feel “guilty”.

Only Bud (brother) was able to attend.  Another (Emmy) in Florida..  RICH…….but wouldn’t go.

A sad time for most of the family.  Aho?


“Milly, there IS No DEATH.  NONE!  Susy is FINE!  NO MORE ILLNESS…her Body is in PERFECT AGE N PHYSICAL FORM.  NO MORE PAIN…EVER!  And there to meet US when OUR TIMES comes.  Look at this as her being away on vacation.  To a spot there are no phones or PC to connect.

Would you worry if THIS was the case?  (No).  Well, she IS  in THAT SITUATION!    SEE IT as JUST That!  She’s fine hon.”


Again, I have SEEN THIS!  Aho?

Then: “As for your guilt feeling….THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS!  Susy’s time was up.  Not a THING you COULD have done.  Even a PHONE CALL “chat” “missed” WAS NO ACCIDENT.  PLANNED to be.  TRUST HIM, HIS WISDOM and get over it.  It just will Drag YOU Down.  That “DRAG DOWN” TOO is no accident!  lUCIFER AT WORK!  Doing what he can to STALL YOUR PRAISE !  DOING, to STOP YOU, or Slow you DOWN!  FIGHT hIM!  FIGHT BACK!  PRAISE GOD DESPITE NOT Calling.  HE wants THAT, sis.  THAT is BELIEF!  That is TRUST!  That is ACCEPTING HIS WILL!

Only YOU can do this, hon.  Aho?”

Are others “out here” in the same plight?   If so, I hope this helps.  GB    re


Time travel is an intriguing experience.  I’ve had alot of time in, in doing this.  Tell ALL never to go past the third day AHEAD.  (Think that’s somewhere on this blog).

The PAST, tho, another matter.  You get to see so MUCH!

Did several on my 3 month Canadian Cree trip.  Was able to explain to them about an event.  MANY events.

The past is an “open book” once one learns this.  NOTHING is ruined THEN, tho may be,  NOW.  Aho?  That’s what I did for the Crees.  Using then On Hand THEN, to restore lost knowledge to the Crees of TODAY.  “Opened Up” 2 – 3 ancient Medicine Wheels for ‘em….got calls now of 2 others found.  Next time up I’ll check these out for ‘em…allowing the “wheels” to once again Do what the ancients designed them for.  LOTS OF KNOWLEDGE LOST in ALL North America, over time.  FUN to HELP today’s return to these things.  Aho?   re


Regarding Telepathy on demand…an actual happening:

My God-daughter wanted to try this.  Taught it to her and she did ditto to her father and brother, then asked if a time could be setup between us all for a “go”.  They in Mexico, myself here.  Agreed and set a Day and Time…making sure the Time difference between us was understood…thus all “on” at the same time.  This a week yet ahead.
On the day this was to be…well, I was “shot”.  SUPER Tired.  Needed bedding EARLY, and badly.  To stay up to Send / Receive would be EXTREMELY hard on me (that tired).
Well, being a Medicine Man and trained in many things,  I decided to TRAVEL AHEAD in time…seeing the 3 of them at the time agreed on.
I watched as they sat at their kitchen table and talked over what to send.  Once agreed on, at the Given Time (still yet in the future to me), they combined “as one” and began sending.
They sent THEIR VILLAGE.  Center water well…shops …Etc..  “Walking” their lilttle town as if I was their guest / tourist.  (Quite a nice little place. “Old” Mexico”..quaint, but with modern things (cars / Etc.).  The next day we exchanged “notes” …I telling what I saw…even their apartment / furniture / clothing (and color) they were wearing, etc., as well as thier town.  100% ON with all.
They were flabbergasted!
Little did they know I WAS FAST ASLEEP at the agreed “meeting” time!   (  :

Do you see what you are capable of doing?  “Impossible”?   ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT ACCEPT WHAT OUR CREATOR HAS GIVEN US!   re
Back On-Line…sorta.  “Limping”, but I’ll make it.  Aho?

Sure wish people would learn Telepathy.  Do away with phones…PCs (maybe)….”open” ways of private communication…. send mental pictures / etc..All kinds of things….AND no “Pay a Big Business to use their technology”. OR Eavesdropping.  Aho?

We all DO it.  Ever think of something and tell and the told one says “I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT!”?    See?

Our minds are such an AMAZING thing.

People are blind to the Fact that Earth’s masses are ALL Mind Controlled.  Controlled by those who KNOW THE MIND’S ABILITY(s). “High Ups” into the “secret” of how TO control.

I don’t care if you agree or not.  Just stating a fact.
Ok, I’m back….”limping” or not.   re

This one (Red Elk), has aligned with JOHN of

He and this one on very similar lines of thought:  ONE TOGETHER…the RETURN of ONE In / With “HIM”.  Aho?

John called me yesterday…seeking to know if this one (“I”) would be willing to “come to New Zealand on 10 / 10 /10”.  To speak / share to ???

I have my Passport…AND (at this time anyway) CAN do so.  The question being: AM I TO?

John’s backers willing to pay for the trip / etc.

“I” just don’t know if it has any real need.  “I” AM SEEKING PRAYER!

Don’t wanna be Out of “HIS” will.  Aho?

“I” am not into “going” to “See The World”.  Figure “I” am doing so via all on Internet….no “BIG DEAL” (on being “seen”).  Money can go to BETTER MEANS, as far as “I” can see.  Aho?

I’m not seeking Opinions nor Advice.  SEEKING PRAYER on “YEA or NAY”.  “HE” will let me know.  Aho?

Need YOU (who feel LED) to please join me on this knowledge.  Aho?  Thank You.    re