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One of my greatest adventures with Red Elk was in 2003, when he took me on an amazing journey to meet his friend Fawn Journey Hawk. I can’t go into the details of what we were doing, but I assure you, it was a learning experience for me, a time in my life I will never forget, and when I realized….Red Elk was the real deal.

I/We have been reaching out to make sure that notice of Red Elk’s passing has been shared. Thanks to Coast to Coast AM, their announcement made it on their website, facebook and radio show reaching  millions of people.

Sometimes it takes awhile to reach a medicine woman who isn’t using modern communication devices, but alas she has been in contact with me now and wrote this. I asked her permission to read it at the memorial service for Red Elk on September 26, 2015. I am publishing now because I believe some people need to hear this. It’s for your heart. Just one of the many messages I’m receiving and will share soon.

Also, regarding Fawn. She is moving her medicine camp and if someone could message me if they have a place that would be suitable for her camp, she will open her tipi for teachings and healings.


Red Elk Gone

A void on the Medicine Path

Yet still a vivid memory and dreams of times past.


He danced with the Wounded Medicine Stones

And dared to defy Grandmother Owl

Red Elk laughed at the darkness

And trespassed in the Underworld


The path he followed was his own

And like the Wolf, mated for life.

He carried the inner-conflict of a “breed”

And used it to build a bridge.


But most of all he was human


“I brought you five pounds of the

Best fudge in the world,” he said

As he handed me the box,

I looked inside-

One piece left,

“but I ate some on the way home.”


“Red Elk, I’ll cook dinner tonight,

What would you like?”

“Baked apples”

Well, I asked so we had baked apples.

That old Indian loved sugar.


Now he’s but a whisper in this dimension.

A whisper that remains as a memory and continues

To walk beside his woman

And look after his loved ones.

A whisper that says, “I’m still here.” “

DK Remembers Red Elk

I saw DK post this to Red Elk’s daughter on Facebook, and he allowed me to share his fondest memory with you all.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for my friend RED ELK.

My fondest memory of RED ELK is when he taught me how to talk to trees!

Another time we were in Santa Fe, NM, and we were walking on the street and their was these flowers hanging over the sidewalk,and this young couple came up to them first but ignored it!

The women walks around it when the man walks over it. Then me and RED ELK past it, but then RED ELK said to me, “Wait a minute!”

He went back over to them flowers and picked one of them up and put it to his ear and listened, then he spoke to it, then he came back to me and told me, “Those flowers are sad!”

I said, “How come?”

Then he said the flowers told him they make themselves bright and beautiful for the people to see, but they just ignore them and walk past them not saying anything.

So the flowers put themselves over the sidewalk so they would be seen and still people just walk around them or over them.

Then RED ELK said, “I told them how beautiful and bright they are, and that they have a beautiful smell.”

Then RED ELK added, “Now we’ll come back to them in a half hour and they will be standing up tall and bright and beautiful again!”

We went back and sure enough! They were standing tall and bright and beautiful again!


A few years back when Red Elk’s health took a turn for the worst, I asked him to put Meachelle on the bank account that received his book sales.  He did that.

If you buy a book directly from these websites, Meachelle will receive the royalties directly.

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Mel’s Hole…AGAIN?

What got me ‘public’ was Mel’s Hole.

I don’t like untruths.  This hole was told of on Coast-to-Coast/Art Bell.

Told and LAUGHED AT!  Ticked me off.

The hole IS.  Personally been there before, in 1960 or ’61.

Called ‘em and TOLD ‘EM SO.

I’ll stand by ANY who are falsely accused.

Well, now KOMO TV News (out of Seattle, Wa.) called me…wanting an interview.

Told ‘em I was willing, but………

NO MEDIA HAS TOLD THE TRUTH on this.  Urban Legends to Newspapers.

I’d share, they’d EDIT….and ALWAYS make it out as a “bald -faced” LIE.

OK, one more chance.  We meet today.

What they SAY and When it will be on air (IF), I have no idea.

We don’t get that channel here, so will never know.

So folks, IF it IS put on, and you ‘catch it’…..know This:  IT  IS  TRUE and STILL there AND OFF LIMITS by our MILITARY.   Re

Life can be hard.  Even for us here.  But, I’ve learned to LAUGH AT IT!

Being a Heyoka (clown), well, just for fun, I’m now keeping my eyes open for a 4-legger WALKER…..Got the rest needed : Small bike wheels, an Umbrella , and a Porta Pot.
Wanna build a WHEELED “walker”, WITH Toilet ….that way, If I lose EVERYTHING, at least I’ll have a Moveable Porta Pot to set on / and to “do my “Duty” “.  I may end up homeless, but I’ll  STILL HAVE A POT TO PISS IN!   ( :    re


I was 19 or 20…over at ‘Nam.  My ship (152-157 men) ordered to teach the S. Vietnam navy (That was a “joke”).   During this tour we were at the mouth of a Big River.  One between ‘Nam and Cambodia.

It was VERY foggy.  I was standing besides the Officer Of The Day (guy in charge) as the bridge phoneman.

The officer was Lt. J. G. Berkowitz.

We were cruising very slowly, going to enter the river and go upstream a bit.  The heavy warm fog would occasionally have lighter patches…still foggy tho.

Suddenly we hit one of the small patches.  There, before us, mere 200 -400 yards ahead, appeared ANOTHER ship.  She, TOO, going upstream.

It was MIND BLOWING!  An OLD SAILING SHIP!  VERY Old!   Not a soul seen on board.  All main sails set…sails IN “RAGS”!  ROTTEN!   As too WAS HER HULL.

No noise…a true DERELICT.

The Lt. froze as we stood side by side.  I stood in AMAZEMENT….for we BOTH KNEW WE WERE SEEING………………………………THE FLYING DUTCHMAN !

He turned to me with a “Do You SEE THAT?!” look in his eyes.  I nodded, “yes.”

As we watched, she disappeared….sailing slowly into the fog.

He nor I never spoke ….  we had seen, now was Not the time to even ‘TIL….till now.

Shortly after, her “foretelling” came true.  We went to war.   re


There was a big fish.  Fishermen seeked him day and night. Using baits of all kinds.  Year after year.  He was hunted.

“I must CATCH THAT FISH!  When I have him, never again will I go hungry,” was their thoughts.

Ignoring the far smaller fish that the fish ate and got his size from.  Ignoring, too, that he had to eat daily

It was not an instant happening to get to his size.

Day after day the fishermen tried.  Day after day they went home hungry.

“I don’t WANT to nibble on LITTLE fish.  I WANT THAT…..ONE!”

The big fish was often “tried” by wonderful baits. Occasionally ALMOST being fooled.  But he tested before he’d swallow.  Thus grew bigger and bigger, Safely.

Still the fishermen came.  Still, they left, hungry.

IGNORING the foods the “great” fish ate.

He did not.  Growing bigger. Growing stronger.   Growing wiser.  Knowing his Safe food the fishermen passed by.

The “great” fish gave thanks, daily, for his many small tidbits….and still lives.

And the fishermen continue to go home, hungry.  re


My daughter asked me to take her debit card and get a few things for her.
I am unfamiliar with these cards.
Taking the items to the checkout stand, I inserted.  Evidently not the correct way.
Tried again…Ditto

The line behind me growing…as too was my frustration.

The checkout clerk (a nice looking gal in her late 30s (I’d guess))…saw what I was doing wrong.

She said  “Strip DOWN, Facing Me.”

oh oh!

I looked into her (nice!) eyes and said :

“You first.”

( :    re

The Old man was at a conference.  One filled with men and women of Science and High Government and High Business people.

Speaker after Speaker taking turns.  Lauding their Accomplishments.  Telling how, if it wasn’t for THEM, we wouldn’t have what we have today.  Planes / Moon Travel / Space exploration / Cars / Roads / TV / PCs…. and on and on and on.  All patting their own back and the backs of the others. All with the “LOOK what WE have Done!!!  What accomplishments we of Science and Companies and Government help and backing…have done For THE WHOLE WORLD!”

Towards the end, the old one requested to speak.  “YES, by ALL MEANS!”

He went to the podium, filled with mikes.

“I see what you have done. (He said)….INDEED…LOOK WHAT MANKIND HAS DONE!  Now we can travel in HOURS across our Earth….in what may have taken Days…or even Weeks!

Thanks to you of Science, the “world” is at our fingertips!  We can, THANKS TO YOU, now simply pick up a phone or go to our Personal Computer!



This brought a roll of applause.


(Again, applause and big smiles).

The old one continued:   “With this technology, We now have POLLUTION / DYING FORESTS / DEAD and Dying Seas /  Less Food grown / MASSES DYING from Starvation and Weather Exposure and lack of Clean Air and on and on.

YOU have done WELL!

Each “doing” needing our Earths natural Resources to MAKE these ‘WONDERFUL’ things.

At the rate ‘Technology’ is going…40 TREES in a “togetherness Group” will be called a “Forest”.  In time, even THOSE fenced off and be called a MUSEUM !  LIVING PROOF of what earth USED to have…OVER ITS WHOLE Width and Breadth!

YES!  LOOK what “we” (motioning to the auditorium filled with “Praise Givers”) have DONE!

I tell you true we are HERE, not because what you have done that makes us so “GOOD”…but because of  what you have done to Make us     So          BAD!”



Ive reuest WS  and H to post this WITHOUT CORRECTIONS…..(gonna b ruff, folks):
I quit school at age 15.  9th grade.  Faild it.  Not because I was dumb, but because I had more importent things to study….”Medicin”.
I knew enough to do the reading n math to make my way through life.  Had no intentions of being a Rockit Scintist…Engineer…Etc..  i KNEW my calling..  HS wouldnt help in this one bit.
I had faild because of this.  The MUCH FEARD Truint Officer never cought me….everyone ELES, but never myself.
Who would exspect a ‘truint’ to b in the city librays, STUDYING?  “Anchent Ways”….Hypnoses…History of others on our countinit, Ect.?
When not in tese (Detroit has some GREAT Librarys), Id b at the MUSIUMS.  Again, 1st hand SEEING.
Then, if not in any of thsese, Id b off behind the big auto plants, tracking the many ENORMIS deer / etc. in the strips of bush / trees n trash the city never took care of.  Not a Park (as ud call a park) but a PARIDICE to wildlife…n thus, to ME!
The small mendering creeks n streems, filled with floating oil, trash, old tires, etc. TEAMING with fish.  BIG ONES!  Never DID see a Carp, or a Sucker….EVER.  But saw RECORD BREAKING Bluegills and Trout!  Never saw another human, ether….OR the Truint Officer.  ( :
Id trap Phasents…Rats…Farrow Cats…Racoons (live traping)…and use a willow branch as a fishing pole. Made my own hooks…but store bought fishing line (untill I learned how to make my own from green long weed leafs).  Everything found “on the spot”. This “usless and “STUPID” kid, dressed as a “hood”…had a BALL!  Building hideing places as Id go.  Little sleeping “huts” that fit into the area.  Nights out in these.  Tiny LOW fires in cleared brush to break up the smoke…hidden fires so as not to b detected. This “hood” was HAVEING a BALL!
Then, emerge to Taxis, City Busses, Noises (that had been dulled by the factorys masses) and hundreds of cars n predestriens…and FULL sunlight…SHOCKING to the sences!  Then onto a bus, or hitch hikeing….back home again.  A few days WHERE I “BELONGED” now behind me….the “normol” (WHITEMAN) world.  ugh!
My mother had long ago stoped worrying about me.  She had her own “life” and one less “kid” was alright with her.  (She was a ‘party girl’).
Trying to ‘hide’ her Indianess…telling all she was “Egyption” (hi ck. bones / etc.)…she did all she could to fit into the “white” world.  Ashamed of being NA.  ! was ASHAMED of HER!
Anyway…did as I needed to do, schoolwise.
Always WANTING a COLLEGE Education….eventualy (after 3 attempts) I managed to “tough it out” n passeds my GED test….then to 2 colleges.  Last just for Fun (likes the campis).  Studying in these things I could choose.  Things needed to help round off my ‘calling’.
Yup, this miss-spelling twit has a COLLEGE Degree!  ( :   (Only one yr. at #2 college…and, for fun…AND to futher my “Med.” training).
As u can c, my spelling is, well, sorta “off”. BUT U CAN READ IT!  Thats all u need as far as Im concerned.
Its not “Whitman” rules “way”…but at least ur understanding anyway.  (U outta c my COLLGE CLASES NOTES….my form of PETROGLIFS!  That only I CAN read. Aho?)!
Eventualy I joined the Navy.  ‘Survived’ THAT.  Fun, but got out as fast as I could.  The wouldnt give me what I had signed up for.  Just wasnt worth it.
Then, to marryed life.  At 26 (n officil batchler, as was my goal) I found “The Warden”.  Been a prisoner every sence.  Cant recall how many yrs, but over 40.
When I clled my mother to tell her I was geting marryed….her words went “Congradulations”….no, it was “is she INDIAN!”  Like spit comeing out of her mouth. (She realy had a “problem”).  ( :
When we adopted r daughter…a COLLVILL NA Child…..oh oh!
Yup, mom sure had a ‘problem’.
When my mother finily passed away….I felt no more oblagation to “honor” her “WE R WHITE” issue, and went from HER Nameing us…to my REAL name.  Yes, I am legely Red Elk.  Aho? No first name.  No last name…just Red (ElkRedElk).  Aho?
I am NOT related to ANY Red Elks in NA land.  Mine given in a Sacred Cerimony.
Wasnt MY choice…was GIVEN it.  Aho?
So, here I am, a Meti (“Half Breed”).  “2 Shoes” sorta being.   One Mocc., One Street shoe.
Ok, uve got a bit more “about” me….AND what WS has to put up with to make my spelling more platabel to u.  Bless her Vollinteer Heart!  re
(Yay, a break! 😀 😀 😀 – WS)