Gettin’ the Chill Out

Report:    Water Pressure Release Valve replaced.  Despite 17°F, no FREEZE!  We have water again.  PRAISE THE LORD!  Found & Fixed another leak as well.   MinI Dome: took out inner pipe spark arrester and put on outside on top of exit hole.  2 now there.  Built a BIG fire, as usual; some smoke at first but have cut an exit hole (very small) at apex of main room.  Didn’t take long and smoke cleared (wasn’t much), and ‘draw’ took effect.  WORKING FINE now.  Still….???  That top hole will be about an 8 inch circle when fully done…”coning” to about 4 inches on top.  Using a tomato stand (aka cage – WS)enclosed in vinyl tarp…fastened to the net.  Sure hope all this will do the job, finally.  Been a hassle.
BIG uncovered rear “window” hole in back that yet has to be finished….so fire only able to raise enough heat to take off the inside chill ’til then.

Think that’s all I’ll do on the dome 2day….gotta prepare under the house (insulate pipes, etc.) during the next few days.  Far more important than the dome at this time.  Aho?

ALOT better today then 2-3 days ago.  A REAL “downer” then.  EVERYTHING went wrong.  U  G  H !!!        PTL    GB   re



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