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Red Elk always said that being a Heyoka meant he was a “clown” joking around all the time. I think this meme would qualify as one of those times.


This one is tricky!



Time to Reprogram ~


Always check the facts

Red Elk never wants you to believe everything you hear, no matter who is telling you…he wants you to check three times to see if true.


Trust in God

I like how this meme from David W. was not just the third one he made, but he put the word important next to the file name. I love this message to not “trust” in fear! I never looked at it that way. So now when I feel fearful I remember to let it pass, and trust in God. ~ h


Hello all,

What will be posted while WS, Adam and I prepare unpublished work of Red Elk – we have David W’s amazing work of reading Red Elk’s words and finding the nuggets of wisdom and making modern day memes out of them. Prepare to be inspired! I am!

Thank you so much David for your support! Red Elk is proud of you and his family is happy for the messages you are keeping alive in his original words.