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I just was loading my truck with several bags of our garbage to go to the dump. As I did I was reminded that: “This is YOU.  As you clean the porch it not only gets rid of the trash, IT MAKES THE PORCH LOOK CLEAN AND REFRESHING AGAIN.
This trash is as You, Red Elk.  YOU collect.  You “HAVE.”  You are not liking the SIMPLICITY of OF WHAT YOUR LIFE CAN BE!  So, you gripe and moan…BECAUSE YOU “CLING” to NEEDLESS “THINGS”….And ADD TO IT!

This represents Your INNER Spiritual Life!

I AM GETTING YOU PREPARED  I N S I DE !   FREE!   “Trash Free.”  Do you understand?

You can do something about it Now…or FORCE ME to do it FOR YOU, LATER!  The choice is yours, My Son.  Either you help Me help YOU…NOW….or it won’t be only Meachelle who “won’t like it”…IT WILL be YOU, AS WELL!  AHO?

Hear Me :   TO have NOT is to have ALL -  ME!    It must be done to LEARN TO TRUST ME  F  U  L  L  Y!   YOU, Others MUST BE THE TORCH THAT OTHERS WILL COME TO!  Aho?”

I have just returned from the garbage dump.  Thinking on what was shared by “Him” and thinking “that was IT”…not so!

It continued:
“Now you know why nothing was given to contemplate on in this morning’s Prayer Time.  NOW is the ‘Contemplation.’ Aho?
Know this, son:  ‘To GET is to GIVE.’  As you realize, all these “things” are an outreach of your Inner Self (as you have already understood).  Now look deeper.  I have watched you learn.  Watched you Share.  This is GOOD.
I have ‘doled out’ my gifting to you over the years.  Always “just enough.” BARELY enough.  Yet you have reached your age despite the hardship.  I HAVE GIVEN so YOU COULD Learn AND SHARE.
You tell “look to nature” to learn.  This is True, for nature has MUCH to teach.
Now SEE THE BIRDS  (at this I was shown a nest with 3-4 young ones.  Each being fed.)
Do you see how one is Fatter then the others?  Do you see one is exceedingly weak?  WHY is it so?  LOOK!  The FAT ONE IS HOGGING OUT THE OTHERS!  “GIVE ME…GIVE  ME” is its mindset.  It doesn’t matter about its brethren, it ONLY CARES ABOUT ITSELF!  GREED!  This Greed is KILLING ONE and WEAKENING THE OTHERS!
‘Survival of the fittest’ its said.  SURVIVAL OF ITS  SELF wants.
Man is like that.
Yes, it grows fat…but IN ITS WEIGHT, when this one tries its wings, IT FALLS THE HARDEST!  Its GREED is HURTING IT!
Man is like that.


It is not LOVE and CARING that “WANT  WANT  WANT” provides at the end.  It is LOVE and CARING that BRINGS SURVIVAL FOR ALL!
Thus you TOO must be as a bird that SHARES…for ALL.

Now You must look into the ‘Lesson of the Birds’.

I have given and given and GIVEN.  Now your nest is LITTERED with the Leavings.  NOW You COMPLAIN: “I NEED A BIGGER NEST!”  And ask for such.  WHY?!  So  you have a BIGGER PLACE to MESS?!!
You’re big enough to FLY…Well, DO SO!

Leave the clutter.  Leave the nest.  It’s served its purpose.  You’ll ALWAYS remember it….but NOW you can have the WORLD as your “nest.”  LET GO OF “THINGS.”  FLY in the FREEDOM and JOY of BEING WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!  a FREE FLYER!
A thing of BEAUTY that the ‘landlocked’ MARVEL at, and Wish They TOO could SOAR.

It is one thing to be shown what you have…but QUITE ANOTHER to SHOW the Teaching of it.
This is but a study book. It is Not ’til you APPLY its teachings that MANIFESTATIONS BECOME!

I gave and GIVE the book.  YOU must give the AMBITION.

I leave you now.  It is up to YOU to apply, or grow FAT and get NOWHERE!  Ho.”



My Brothers and Sisters,
You are not me.  In many ways we are alike, yet each has their OWN “way.”  I’d like to share my thoughts on my way:   FREEDOM!  At least as I FEEL its meaning.
Do you KNOW what it’s like to be “unburdened?”  To have Nothing?
Right now I have so MUCH “Things.”  I’m literally Overflowing with “THINGS”…and I’m POOR?!!    Shoot, I can barely MOVE ABOUT in this house!  Can you believe FIVE TVs?!  FIVE for gosh sake!  Only 4 living here…WHY do I/We need FIVE!!!  ???
Our closets so JAM-PACKED we need to store “everyday” clothing in BOXES and LAUNDRY SACKS!

I’m stuck.   With a Collector….and my wife is just that.  SO AM I !
I can’t  NOT blame MySELF!  (Bad grammar, but true)


I LONG for “the simple life”…..the days I was in a TiPi.  That was NOT a LONG TIME AGO!  10 years?

Gosh it was nice, but it was Lonely.  Meachelle wanted nothing to do with it.   sigh

So I bent to her Will  (it’s called marriage).  HAVE and HAD to.

Do you know what it’s like to go from an Uncluttered space AND ITS CLEANLINESS, to one of WALKING Room ONLY in a BIG Space?


Well, guess what?  I’M GUILTY.

Yup, me.

Disgusting , isn’t it…………………….

Now I want “OUT.”  Up past my brown eyes in STUPIDITY.  “STUFF!”     stuff  Stuff  STUFF!

What an idiot……………………………

Well, I can do something about it.  At least to MY “stuff.”

Methinks our Living Creator will “help” M on hers.  A FORCED lesson.  She’s not gonna like it………



A MUST “way.”

Look about you.  See the clutter.   IS it WORTH IT?

Well, no.  Nice to have, but NECESSARY?   Only you can decide.  Me?  I WANNA “HIBERNATE” IN MY MINI DOME!

Thing is, tho IT’S “clean,” ALL my “STUFF” will still be within easy reach, mere yards away. Convenient.  Aho?


(I’ve got ALOT to think about.)