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Most across the USA are snowed in….or, in general, in Cold.

Wanna see what YOU CAN DO if “homeless”?  Now’s a GREAT TIME to go BACK YARD CAMPING!  Yup, with a tent (or tarp).  A big bundle of Fire Wood….Sleeping bag or several Blankets.

In short : GO TRY IT!

The house is but yards away.  You won’t die if “too much” for you.


Sky likes to put a “footprint” (cover on the ground and tent set up there, ON IT).  Then put a tarp over the whole (tent is only for 3 seasons).  Once couldn’t get his fire going…so STILL Camped, WITHOUT Fire.

Kid has guts.

There have been a couple of times he a buddy(s) slept in one dome.  TO “MUCH” FOR THE FRIEND(s)!  So ended up coming in. SKY did NOT want too.  If it wasn’t for his buddy(s) “crying” he would have stayed out.

Like I said : “Guts”.

The “safety” of a warm house just yards away helps “newbies”.  Nothing to cringe about “running”.  At least you’ll get a TASTE of HOW PREPARED YOU ARE!
Best to find out NOW, than when Suddenly FORCED too!

With even this SLIGHT try….it can sure give you Insight!

Seriously, GIVE THIS A TRY.  The opportunity is Here ….NOW.  GB   re


As I’ve told, we here are no strangers to being financially poor.  That does NOT mean, tho, we ARE “poor”.

Knowledge and Creator are the key to this family’s RICHNESS!

For instance, our (then 9 yr old) daughter was badly kicked by a horse.  We were without means to take her to a doctor…nor were we on welfare.  What to do?  PRAY!  ASK !

I did so.  “Saw” here fractured lower right leg.

OK…time for the OLD WAYS KNOWLEDGE…..knowledge almost no NA seems to have any more.

No $$ even for ASPIRIN (to help in her pain and swelling).  INNER WILLOW BARK CHEWING!  The REAL Aspirin whiteman has learned to ALMOST duplicate  (CAN’T put the plant’s “Spirit” into their’s).

So did so and had her chew and swallow the spit.

Next : Setting the bone.

Tore my only T-shirt into strips and started “binding” there.  Being on the Thick Side, it could “breathe” next to the skin.  We had a Stretchable “band-aid” and finished with that.

Have no supply of blood to coat all (dries HARD), we had to let it go “as that”.

More bark chewing as her temperature would rise.

Cold water on all now and then.

And plenty of “down” time.


Called in The “Doc” Angels for a FAST HEALING.  They did so.  HO!

After a few days, time to be “up and about”….no money for crutches….but : KNOWLEDGE.  Aho?

Went out and cut a small green tree…with under-arm “branch”.  Cut just shorter then under-arm height.  Pressed AGAINST the arm pit pinches a vital blood vein…..causing EXTREME Danger to the BRAIN.

JUST “RIGHT” and worked like a charm.

She was able to go back to school “dressed” in this manner.

After only about 3 + wks, was able to stand / walk without her NATURE Crutch.

She was a “living” testimony to ALL at school AND THE SMALL COMMUNITY.

Finally healed completely.  PTL!

ALL our ancestors once know these “How-Tos”….yes, even those Not N.A.

Time to learn, friends.       MAY save MANY, in time.   Aho?  GB   re


The following an answer to one seeking if a ‘good buy’ on a certain stove (…said “would be cheap to fuel. A GOOD THING!”

Oh WOW!  THANK YOU.  M is CORRECT!  A pricy thing tho.  Still, CAN “recoup” in not TOO short a time.

I remember your Pellet Stove.  DON’T CARE A THING FOR ‘EM!  Do NOT ‘put out’ the HEAT for the $$ for fuel.  MY “M” wanted one when they 1st came out….and all the “Cheap Fuel” it uses.  I PUT MY FOOT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!…and FLAT HARD!!!  Told her “CHEAP NOW, but a PLOY! And we’d be spending a Small FORTUNE in 4 – 7 yrs when they ‘Catch On'”!

I’ve been proved right.  She’s NOW happy I flatly said “NO!”

MANY “cheap” being put out…like GAS (natural) Etc.  Got THAT believed and Accepted…NOW LOOK AT THE PRICE OF THIS FUEL!

So MANY “future” Thinkers”.  Willing to put out BIG “start up” costs…to make a KILLING Income in the ‘future’.

Build…lose money (for a WHILE), PUSH…and BUY STOCKS while “down / new”….then : BMWs / MANSIONS / “my” BOAT (  :   /  etc..

Profit is one thing…LYING quite another.  Aho?

Even my SUPER CHEAP DOMES are NOT wanted to be told by the media….”We’d, RUIN the GOOD OL’ BOY Club” if we revealed THIS!”

Our ECONOMY is BASED ON LIES OF CON-MEN…..and WE GO ALONG WITH IT!  ‘Til now Most of our masses “can’t LIVE” without ELECTRICITY or a CAR or …. well, you get the picture.



HOW STUPID ARE WE!   Well, “idiots” : DAMN STUPID!

Now the FREE THINKERS will….W  I  L  L   be “OUTLAWED”.  CRIMINALS!  Simply because We are NOT ‘FOOLS’!   A DANGER to the “National / Economy SOCIETY”.

A danger TO THE CON MEN!  Aho?   re


Readers : my wife and I are ‘spatting’…..over WATER!   She’s “gone white” on me…I’m a ‘savage’ to her (at the moment).  Buster water pipes….Frozen water source.  “I WANT MY MORNING SHOWER!!!!!”

That and this:  “and YOU want to move up to even WORSE (conditions)!”

Yes, I do.  “WORSE” will look DARN GOOD before to long.  “Savage” will look DARN GOOD soon, too.

We two are VANGUARDS…running AHEAD of the masses.  ALWAYS ‘In Front’.

This is just ‘another case’.  Aho?

Water will be the least of the problems, but one worthy of being told about (family disagreement).


So, 3 against 1 in this house.  Sky (Grandson) ‘half n half’…so maybe more like 2 1/2 against one.  ALL over WATER “WANTS”.

Many (reading) have teens…or a mate who DONT WANT  A  N  Y  HARDSHIPS. Want the ‘sweet SOFT life’.  THIS WILL CREATE HEAVY STRIFE In Your Marriage / Etc.

Will  I   “fold”?  Nope, I intend to get as ready as I can.  ALL here will NEED what I’m striving for…..A PLACE TO LIVE.  That’s IT!!!  An ABODE to keep warm in.


I will continue on the ‘path’ given…and those here will be THANKFUL I DID SO…..LATER!


Will it be YOU?

Well, expect “disagreements”.  DONT “Push”.  Simply grit your teeth and go on GETTING THINGS READY.

You are NOT alone!      re

“Downsizing”?  Yes, but more like STRIPPING!


Before you go spending money on doctors and pills…..try this:


Turn with head in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

Say you sleep with head to the East….Put OPPOSITE.

All man is originated from EARTH MATTER…thus we TOO have “Poles”.  N / E / S / W.

OFTEN, if you are having Sleep Problems, YOU ARE in a NEGATIVE Pole sleeping position.

Give a test….Try VARIOUS “POLES”.  Aho?

Remember too our Earth is slowly shifting deep inside.  If one “pole” works, for AWHILE….it has moved, deep within.  RE-LOCATE YOUR POLE.  Aho?

Have a GOOD Sleep…forget the docs / pills…and EXPENSE.

I wish you well.   GB    re

WS asked, ’cause she has this problem:

What do you suggest for people with arthritic hips, who as a result have one side they cannot sleep on…which also happens to be the side they sleep best on?

Red Elk answered:

Drinking STINGING NETTLE tea and placing the hot HOT leaves on the spot…3 times a day. This and others on this line are in my upcoming book :  Short Stories.    re

(Before anybody asks, you can get it dried in the bulk herb section of any organic grocery or co-op, online, or directly from Starwest Botanicals. – WS)

Mark Boyle, rich guy, went ‘no cash’ and is loving it…and teaching others to do the same.

Mark Boyle’s ‘Moneyless Man’: Why I Live Without Money (VIDEO)

No Money Man: the Thrifty Adventures of Mark Boyle

Live Q&A with Mark Boyle

The Freeconomy Community


Watching a TV show called DOWNSIZED.    Folks trying to keep from eviction.  This a family of 6.  4 teens.  Dad bought a device that cuts off shower water in 5 minutes.  WOW !  The FIT the GIRLS are having !  Used to 20 + min. showers.  “CAN’T WASH / RINSE (hair / etc.) in 5 MINUTES!”

Guess they never heard of Navy Showers.  Even the gals know how.

This family HAD a 1 Million $ a year salary.  Now trying to pay RENT.  MANSION living…on a “DIME!”

On food stamps and ALL using it!   THOUGHT they had $50.00…..ONLY HAD $2.10!  Had to take all but a Pack of Gravy back to the shelves. TEEN GIRL was “SO EMBARRASSED”!!!

Dad falling apart. CAN’T MAKE THE RENT.  To be evicted.

The MOTHER is the STRONG ONE!  (I could “work” with HER!)

This is more and more common.  When the $$ stops, “Life” stops!

The boys “Dumpster Diving” and LAUGHING ABOUT IT!  “Cool”   DAD HAVING A FIT!  (“we’ve come to THAT?!!!”).  Just “DOWN”.  Aho?

Oldest girl just given a car (grandparents) for her 16th B.Day.  NO GAS $$…NO INSURANCE $$.

She’s just PI–ed OFF gaLORE!

A question:  how are YOU doing?  HAVE YOU PREPARED!   ???   HAVE YOU PAID ATTENTION!??

!’m willing to bet…MOST WILL FALL APART (like these on show).

dang…………………..   re


I LOVE ‘EM!  Especially the older Metal large coffee cans.  I’ve made Great HOBO Stoves with ‘em…..”Bug” Lamps (keep 2 here in the house)….all KINDA things.

The regular smaller cans you get soup / etc. in I’ve made as Eskimo Lamps…Bait holders….even punched holes on the sides to place a candle under (can upside-down) and made ‘cool n’ pretty’ “lamps” (Nice designs lighting up for “moods”).

I’ve cut the sides open as a tiny fire wind break and heat reflector.  GREAT for LITTLE pieces of dead sticks / etc to warm the hands at.

Even stacked for a small upright chimney.  Mud held together with grass “glue-er” in the mud.  SOLID!

Seen ‘em used as HUT Roof SHINGLES.

Made a number of fishing “reels”.

Made a Slingshot “Bow and Arrow” reel.

Used ‘em in earth (open end at surface of dug hole) to catch insects / mice / etc. for bait / FOOD(You get hungry and ANYTHING Looks GOOD)!

Made and SOLD Unique MOUSE TRAPS with ‘em.  So “different” I had no trouble selling at $2.00 each.  Took only a rubber band and can to do.  What? A Penny?

Made and OFTEN USED as Blackberry “getters”….Serrated open end top…nailed on a stick.  “Raking In” the berries instead of Hand Picking  (lots of thorns on ‘em).  Can fill a can in a HURRY!

For fun….AND a FUN XMAS “gift” for your kids, look up TIN CAN USES / Etc. on internet.  Let THEM “do” (OR YOU)….and see what can be done.

Xmas is nearly here.  Money is harder and harder to get “good things” with…..WHAT’S BETTER THEN KNOWLEDGE?!

Make Copies of How To Do things and include as “Stocking Stuffers ” etc.  For guys AND gals….Even ADULTS.

Maybe you can invent NEW uses.  ???

What Good is an Empty Tin Can?   HOURS OF FASCINATION…and LEARNING to ‘DO’ WITHOUT $$$!    MERRY CHRISMAS!


On Gold and Economic Fear

From a brother:

Red Elk,

Thanks for this observation!!

Recently I received a fear based email about the economy. It spoke about the recent elections and coming crash to the economy. In the email there was guidance on how to protect yourself from economic disaster. Buy gold and silver was the solution to financial security.

Hmmmmmm Interesting I thought. Then I reread the email carefully and went to the website that was in the email. Turns out, the author is a seller of precious metals.

The author was not attempting to warn people, help people see things differently. He is attempting to line his pockets with money. This is fear based advertising to make money.

GREAT “SLOTH” WORK.  I’ll have this ADDED TO MY BLOG…so OTHERS can understand what I’ve said.  THANKS!   re


Been passing a small pile of river and field rocks.  Gonna see the farmer and see if I can have ‘em.  MORE then enough to do all needed inside Skydome.  Any left will go on outside dirt mound (berm).  Will look kind of nice when everything is finished….grass  /  wild    flowers and these stones sticking out here and there.  Will be looking for more…for all 3 domes’ berming.

Not at all needed…but these have become a passion of Love for me.  Gonna be a shame to leave ‘em when we move.

Still, what I learn here will be applied on the new place’s abode….so not “useless” to me.

I’ve made mistakes on these along the line…LEARNING “mistakes.”

Having no “set” plans…just imagination becoming an actual FACT, MEANS mistakes will happen.  “Ghost” knows THIS “story.”

He and his wife are “quite the pair”.  GUTSY and UNAFRAID.  “DOers”…despite little to “do” WITH.  Aho?

He has “more”     than we do…and has been able to build a small HOME.  Mine?  Doing what I can with the little we have.  The results are still the same….A NEW “HOME”.  Ones almost ALL can afford (one of mine cost a Dime).

Friends, there no need to panic as we slide into “Zilch”.  It’s NOT “the end of the World”…simply a change of RETHINKING your REAL “needs”.

“DAD” IS SHOWING YOU THIS in “Ghost’s” and my many “conversations” on his Hub “Build a Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget”.

You’d be wise to check his out.  GB    re