Been thinking on Small and SPACE SAVING places.  How, for instance, DOORS.  In tiny houses they swing In or Out.  “Hitters.”  Yet a door that Slides into the wall (or one cut in half to slide into walls on both sides)…Or FOLDING doors, take out the “hit” problem.  Walls?  Folders too, perhaps AND can be of Japanese style: paper or cardboard.  Couch/Bed, hard to beat a Futon AND has storage under.

One can spend $$ and still SAVE $$ over a “standard” style house.

In “tiny” the trick is to make it Look as big as possible and have HIDEAWAYS that aren’t seen ’til NEEDED to be seen.  Hidden storage, that, when hidden, gives more floor room inside.  An abode filled with Surprises.  Aho?

In old China they were taxed on CLOSETS.  So they built their stairs to upper loft in 1 – 2 – 3 – plus STACKING “Stairs”.  Steps lifted to store within.  SMART!   Others had front “drawers” that pulled out.  These bypassed the Closet(s).  Smart, right?

I tell you, RESEARCH of OLD WAYS around the world can pay off….filling your pocket book…or at least not robbing it to nudity.

In-floor or in-ground “hidey holes” with lifting lid/floor panel another way to have alot out-of-the way.  So MUCH can be done!  SAVING BUILDING COSTS AND TAXES.

I’ve Often thought a metal culvert can be the Center Support for all the roof rafters on a round roof (some of our Native Americans had these type roofs).  This can hold a cooking fire/heat place AND be the Chimney, all at the same time.  With such one can insert a HOT SMOKE metal oven and ABOVE THAT, as the smoke continues rising, a SMOKER for meats.  All one unit. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?

Gee, I LIKE thinking.  LIKE knowing different ways and things of the ancient past.  Then See if it could be incorporated…Combined!…today.

Man’s past holds “secrets” that we could use today.  Things that don’t put one in debt (“slavery”) to a bank or Companies.

To use “white” is good, used wisely.

To learn more NATURAL ways are a $$  AND EARTH Saving way too.

You don’t need alot of money…you need alot of KNOWLEDGE.  Its FUN, folks!    GB    re



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