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Update from Red Elk about Anthony

Yesterday was a milestone to me.  With Anthony’s help I was able to get outside….to the

There I guided him on putting up my oversizes Cabela’s cot and LAYED IN THE

The sun felt so GOOD, but didn’t want to sunburn.

I haven’t had This type of outing in OVER FULL YEAR….PTL!

THIS WAS my 17th trip outside in a year as well.

1st real ‘outing’ though. ( :

Took a picture but it couldn’t be sent. sigh

I received 2 small donations yesterday.  Just enough to cover my trucks new tag and
to share with Anthony and my grandson. Both declined yet it’s the inner heyoka’ way and
would be a disgrace to not take…as it’s from God too. Aho?

Today M will take Anthony cheap shopping. Get him a belt. He’s losing weight…possibly some jeans as well. He’s very mum about his own need.

He and Sky are practicing mental telepathy, nightly. Making progress too. Then to
invisibility. Sky can teach him the 101 of it anyway. With Anthony’s reading and superb
memory, all I can do is add ‘chinking’ to the ‘lofs’ of facts already shared. An
amazing young man. Ho!

Doctor’s think I’ve broken my back…at neck and
towel waist.

Several bones open like a horse shoe…exposing the nerves there…this
causing all the pain in arms/hips. A form of arthritis they say. All I now is I

I’ll be OK, angels help, as well as Anthony.

Well, guess thats it for now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

OOPS…PS: far more starting to realize


Adam and Heather Update

Anthony is there.

Red Elk and Anthony are learning to be with each other. Two strangers in a strange land you would say.

The donations were an amazing gift to allow Anthony a soft landing.

Adam donated his time and gas money to get Anthony to Red Elk. I (Heather) have donated my sleep to make sure things are going as planned. I am available for the emergency preparedness. What if Red Elk and Anthony do not want to continue? I am responsible to return Anthony home. Although, I do not think and pray that is the outcome. I believe wholeheartedly that this is the unfolding of a new chapter for Red Elk to get his teachings out to YOU.

The path will reveal itself.



Update on Red Elk’s Situation

Hi this is Heather,

For years I have been in between reading your emails, sharing them with Red Elk, running the social media and so on. I have had the privilege of getting to know some of you very well. You have been generous in your exchanges of energy for energy with Red Elk. This has changed his life to some significant degree for his family, and he has been most grateful. Because of this awesome opportunity, I was able to communicate further with many of you on emails, Facebook messages, comments, etc. This allowed me to get to know the young man Anthony who cares greatly about his studies, which includes Red Elk’s teachings. He listens to them often as to not forget. He took care of a family member until that person passed on. He is young but has depth in love and caring. He has for years had a Red Elk jar named “Grampa” that he put his change into, and when it filled up he would send $20 or so. He never had many means but he gave as often as he could. Unbelievable. Many of you are like that. We never did raise any airline miles to bring him in, so he is putting together his funds and paying for a one way ticket here. Adam will help me get him to Red Elk’s if time permits. His plane will come in at midnight in 2 weeks! I told him that is OK! We are all happy to do what it takes to make this work. If any of you feel called to help Anthony so that we can make his stay sustainable in caring for Red Elk (and learning from Red Elk), then just mention what the donation use is intended for and I will see to it that we apply it any way you wish. Adam and I are going to purchase his initial supplies he will need for his trailer. What’s really amazing is Canada John just came down with the family and cleaned it out and prepared it for someone to live. When Adam heard of Anthony and realized what he and Canada John had just accomplished the weekend prior to Anthony saying he would come, he knew it was going to happen. Adam will pick up Anthony from the airport in the middle of the night and take him to Red Elk. Show him how to drive his truck and get to all the places Red Elk needs things. As Adam puts it, “He will prepare Anthony for a soft landing.”Adam will get Anthony a tape recorder so every time they have a conversation it will be recorded for us to later get out into the world.

Tenzing and I will travel later to sort out all of the computer issues, and figure out the best way to get the teachings out to you all.

My personal goal is to get Anthony stable to stay and learn from Red Elk, in which he will be able to directly pass on Purity, and have Anthony figure out a way to record their conversations, have him type his blogs, whatever we can do to get the teachings out to the world. The rest is up to God.

Thanks for all your support through the years, and it is amazing one of you, is on his way to help!

Really unbelievable.
God Bless,

A Request From Heather


I found a student who would be willing to fly from NY to WA to take care of Red Elk for about a month, and if all works out well, he will stay longer. It’s a big commitment to pick up one’s city life and go to Red Elk’s place. Adam is willing to pick him up from the airport and prepare him. He can trade learning for helping Red Elk. He actually will be helping Red Elk in more than one way: giving Red Elk someone to teach Purity to (he doesn’t want it lost) and someone to keep him company, respect him, and give his family a much needed break from care-taking.

If anyone knows anyone who has enough airline miles to donate for his trip, please contact me…Heather. You can leave a comment and I’ll see your personal information and not publish it.

Thanks for your consideration.

THANK YOU  A  L  L !!!


We (3) spent near a half hour prior to ‘doing’.  In this we each seeked knowledge AND FORGIVING, of ANYTHING we’ve done recently to offend our 3-in-1 Living CreatorGod.  “CLEANSING”.

Then “on the dot” (11:00 AM we called for our Spirit mounts….got aboard and took off to the CZECH REPUBLIC.


At this, the building below SWARMED OUT with DEMONS.  Coming out to fight.  LIKE BOILING BLACK CRUDE OIL!

No where NEAR enough!   (  :

Adam circled (his given ‘job’) as John and I landed.  John off a bit before the building’s front door.  His job was to DISTRACT.

During: Adam sent LOVE Light…”like a LAZER” into the mass below.

At one time, John had ONE MEAN DEMON make a run to him…JESUS APPEARED and the demon DISINTEGRATED!  “Zapped”.  (  :

I dismounted (HUGE Eagle Spirit) , and proceeded to the ‘dark ones’.  DANCING AND SINGING as I approached.  Told the dark ones: “Look UP!”     “MY” Army!



I spoke to them….ended with just 2 “guarding”.

Gave them a choice….3 times.  The weakest of the 2 fled and JUMPED INTO THE ENDLESS PIT!  (Will be falling ‘til Judgment Day…..2,000 Plus Earth Years from now).

Eventually the LEADER (strongest and biggest) retreated…l ORDERED HIM TO GO INTO “Ls” PERSONAL DOMAIN…..he will live THERE ‘til the Day of Judgment.  NEVER ALLOWED TO LEAVE in ANY Form or Way.  Kinda “house arrest”.

Spoke too to “L”…..told him to SURRENDER TO GOD….”HE MADE YOU AND LOVES YOU STILL !”

Ran off at one of his tunnels.

Came up to our surface and had the 4 Corner Spirits “do their thing”…..CLOSING THE VOTEX   AND  do a number on the building.  HUGE Freak WIND and snow flurries….THEN THE EARTH SHOOK below it.


Anyway, the one man living their CAN’T, now.  HE WAS THE LYING ONE THAT HAD THIS BUILT “for GODLY USE”.

Then, went around the boundary lines of the property.  Cleansing with prayer and Sacred Plants smoke (“smudging”).


What’s left of this “house” (a FALSE Pyramid) will be bulldozed down and burnt.  Then used properly…in GOD’S Name.  Aho?

This land (about 40 acres, I think) and building cost ONE MAN…who was DECEIVED) somewhere around $2 MILLION $$ (I’m told).   Now deems it a “LOVE GIFT sacrifice TO GOD”.

NOT a “Dang, ALL THAT MONEY “shot”” way at all…AND MEANS IT!

Thanks to him, we prayERS, WORLD WIDE, are learning what ONE HEART / ONE MIND can do.

Our FIRST BIG “Get Together”.  AHO?   (  :

I want to think you ALL!  It was NOT “I” (red elk) that did this work.  It was US!


I hope to have confirmation in under 10 days.  Will share on my Blog.  Aho?

Also, our Water problem.  Told “I’d NOT spend ANOTHER CENT ON IT!”  Believe me…I MEANT IT!

BUT, “DAD” HAD OTHER IDEAS!  Adam and John LOOKED, Pooled THEIR money, Bought what was needed AND GOT IT GOING AGAIN!  WE HAVE WATER!

And didn’t cost me a Penny!  PTL! (and THANKS AGAIN GUYS!).

GB to ALL!    re


*UPDATE – Tell everyone in Comments what you did and felt during the prayer time, if you participated!  Let’s share!

For a number of months I have been considering putting out a LOT more “telling(s)”.   Knowing Full Well it would mean it’s “out there” to EVERYONE…for free.  NO INCOME from YEARS of learning.  Like a Lawyer or Mechanic telling you How to Do what THEY spent years learning…AND the experience of it.

Well, what is more important?…..ME (family) or ALL OTHERS?    ?????

Can NOT help the world on a “One-On-One” basis.  Can’t even via seminars.



As of last night….several HOURS of (UNEDITED) TEACHING is NOW ON MY BLOG!

This taped to one who was being taught during a 3 day telling.

ALL THERE (not EVERYTHING…..YET  .and CERTAINLY  N  O  T   NA Medicine Teaching)….

Enough to HELP LISTENERS UNDERSTAND “CREATOR AND YOU” Oneness.   LEAPING AHEAD in your understanding.

All FREE.  ALL ON LINE.  HOURS of listening / learning.

“Me” be damned.  PASS THIS INFO ON!!!

GB    re


YEARS of learning, told on a One-On-One to one who came to learn. Not ALL the learnings but like “YOU” were doing the visiting.

This gal donated.  I don’t think many listening will ever do so.  Basically “SPONGE Takers”.  Would be NICE to contribute …. but, well, that’s not expected.

Between the listener and “Him”.  Aho?

Guess “Dad” said “its TIME…GET THIS OUT TO THE PEOPLE!”.  Aho?    re

UNEDITED!  What You Hear is what was happening (dogs and all) as taped.

Parts 2 – 8 can be found here.

I’d like to share with you the JOY one can derive from doing for others.  As you scroll down and get into the SKYDOME pictures, KNOW the PLEASURE I’M FEELING doing this (and the other 2).  Built to SHOW.  Built to be SEEN.  Built to (hopefully) INSPIRE….and ALL built VERY CHEAPLY.

ALL because our Creator has set me on the path to HELP OTHERS.

These 3 (more yet to be added…I THINK) are “The Village Of YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW”.  Sky(s)Dome is made on the lines of a European “Gypsy BENDER”.  VERY BIG.  Seats 7…+ !  Sleeps 3 if needed.  One Piece…including Bathroom and “Attic”.  Very little here that I had to buy (thank you donators – I set aside a small amount of each donation to help pay for things needed on these).  Almost ALL of WILLOWS (on all 3).  FREE “Weed Trees” from local farmers wanting more pasture room.  The Giant HAY TARPS are seconds and throwaways.  ALL, FREE.  Various things…FREE things…”blow offs” found on roadsides, Etc..  I bought little.

My “Hobbit Hut / Gnome Home” (my first), built by digging into a FREE county dump truck of Ditch clean-out.  THAT LOAD MADE A PLACE FOR 4! (2 adults, a baby and one small child). Built on an OJIBWA design.

#2…Adam’s Dome is of an APACHE Wickiup design.  Sleeps 3 (in emergency).

I get GREAT PLEASURE at seeing my IMAGINATION turn to INVISIONING and from THAT, into REALITY.  ALL because I’ve learned to FOLLOW Big Brother, Jesus, the Christ.

Now these tiny structures can be duplicated because they ARE…not something one just READS ABOUT.  VISUAL FACTS.

These are made to show what our ANCESTORS used….Long Ago…and what will be used, AGAIN, in our not to distant future.  Made from what can be SCROUNGED.

A teaching lesson for all.

Yes, it IS Good…to be a part of HIM.  Aho?    re


#1 dome is DONE!   Just re-hang the door for easier closing and That is IT!  “Works” anyway ‘as is’…so : PTL!  DONE!  And it Looks GREAT!  Even the weeds around it are No More!   Put it off to work on the other 2.  NOW, FINALLY…FINISHED!
Burned trash in its hearth…NO smoke into the dome!  WONDERFUL!
Now, to Sky’s tomorrow.  Get the FLOOR Done!  (Depends on the weather)  Then to insulating our water cistern tanks…at least, what we can.
Sure makes a difference, I tell you!
PTL!   re
Wanted to work on #1 but TOO COLD to do cementing.  So went to Sky’s.   Cut off about 6-8 in. of bed ledge wall (more room on main floor)…Backed that dirt with heavy white tarp (vertical logs will be put in front of that)…leveled the bathroom floor and placed the toilet in its permanent place…rugged it (temp), set rug on main (temp), added the attic, did some general clean up.  THIS DOME’S INTERIOR IS REALLY LOOKING GOOD!
“Weeds” did nearly all the work…I suprivised.  THIS GUY’S NOT AFRAID TO WORK!  Trade…teachings for labor.
He’s sleeping in Adam’s dome as “here” home.
HOPEFULLY we will get a load of gravel and be able to finish all flooring tomorrow.  Rock company was closed today! sigh  (wasted trip)
Anyway, a BUSY DAY indeed…and a GOOD ONE!    re