Back from Prayer Time.  Sleepy and soon back to bed.  A Good Prayer Time.  Looking at my pathway.  So Unusual…Medicine man to more a teacher of our Creator, now.  Couldn’t have the last without the first. The “mixing” that NA and Bible have.  The anger of my NA Brethren towards the outside world…and the why of it.  The arrogance of the non-NA towards our (NA) “way”….and, too, the why of THAT.
The two so in One-Common “way” and yet so distantly apart.  “Seeing” with carnal eyes only. Thus, “blind.”  Each to the other.  No difference.  NA or White…Chinese or Arab, etc.  Long, Long centuries of cultural upbringing preventing all.  Cultures MUST be side-stepped, if we are ALL to have peace.
It was, once….long ago.  Then the earth flip that caused the great land separation.  The one told of that we know as “The Tower Of Babel.”  It was there our languages become different one from another…and man fled man.  Separating to “Like-Speakers” and the earth trembled and rolled and was torn from one continent to a number.  Taking “Like-Speakers” apart from their common One Continent place of unity. In time, taking, too, our Me-Talk-We-o-Oshin.  WAS WE-talk-WE-LISTEN.  One united language to “One Relation.”  NO Difference in One-RELATION…IF people would understand it.
Instead they Hear different tongues. See different colors…and forget.   sigh
But it doesn’t change the fact that we all ARE from a land of long ago, when we were TRULY One.

Will it once again be as it once was?  Yes, but I’m “afraid” only ANOTHER Great CATASTROPHE will be needed to do so:  Another WORLD “Mover”…and THAT day will be during or very VERY shortly after what we refer to as ARMAGEDDON. 5th “roll.”

Sigh?  No, it is good.  Aho?    re



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