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From John on Nibiru

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From John

This is not going to be great news, but as far as I have been able to research, this is what is happening.

We know that the government has been keeping us in the dark about a lot of hidden agendas. Well the one dealing with Nibiru, Nemesis, Wormwood, is the biggest cover up of all. Every 3,600 years there is a great flood and mankind is bombed back to the stone age. The only people who survive are the ones who have lived in caves or in this instance, underground cities designed for this kind of thing. Denver airport such a facility. They have been working on it for 8 years now and the original budget was 1.5 billion and it is now at 6 billion and counting. There are tunnels 5 miles away from the airport in every direction. Each level is built by a contractor and then they fire them and hire a new contractor to build another level.

The Georgia Stones are talking about the 500,000,000 people in those bunkers and some ghost cities that China has built for just this purpose. We are not on the list.

Nibiru is a brown dwarf with immense density and it has been affecting our solar system since 1987. NASA is covering up things that are happening right now and those things are going to continue to get worse right up to 2012. All the stories of Native American people coming out of caves about 3,600 years ago have stories of previous floods and them going back into caves each time. The elders of the Lakota are already starting to head back to the caves.

I think one of the reasons the Mason’s wanted to destroy the Native American culture, was to keep these stories from spreading to the white population. They are part of the elite who raided, robbed and burned the great libraries of the world that contained information about these multiple floods and what to do to survive them.

You already know about the Cross of Viracocha came out of and then traveled around the world saving people from the devastation.

The Hopi say you must build your house into the earth and it must be above 6,500 ft and be protected from winds that could reach 300 mph.

I think the economic scare is just to keep us hunkered down until it is too late to make the necessary changes. Looking at it from their point of view, we might have done the same thing. If our ancestors told us this story, we would make all the necessary arrangements for our families to survive. We would not want the general population to know about this, because it would just cause world wide panic and there are not enough facilities to save everyone. The NWO people are talking about making a new world with only five hundred million people that they have already selected. They have used propaganda and religion to keep people dumbed down, not to mention sports, Internet, TV etc.

Scientists who know about this kind of thing are never given any coverage by the media and we all know the media has been controlled for a very long time.

In 1987 myself and a friend were at art shows in Phoenix, and Sedona, Arizona, one week apart. Two CIA agents came by, one in each city, to look at our art work. My friend and I noticed that both men seems very emotional. After talking to them for a while, both eventually broke down and said they had just come from a briefing about world events to come. They said they were told of a massive series of global events that were going to devastate the world. They both were crying and saying they had children and that they were told they could not let anyone, out side their group, know about it.

As you know, I have been connecting the dots for a number of years and the penny finally dropped. Red Elk, you have had your great vision and have done your best to inform people of coming changes. I have read your work and believe this fits into that vision, if it does not, please let me know.

I am sorry if this material scares you, but you all have been looking at the same ideas for some time now. I just see that time is short and preparations have to start now.

One of the prophecies I was given when I was in my 20’s was, I would be leaving an area and taking a small group with me as the water was lapping at my heels. Now I see how this could happen.

One of the things I just found out is that if you take all the great civilizations that sprang out of no where about 3,400 years ago they all fit in a circle where the North pole was in a totally different place then where it is now. The pole shifted thousands of miles. These civilizations were advanced, but had been devastated by a world wide cataclysm.

You all are researchers and I know you will check out what I am saying. Please feel free to dispute what I am saying.