Ok, spent some time on dome again.  Took OVER AN HOUR to finally cut away excess netting at back window.  Don’t know WHAT that thing is made of BUT Totally RUINED one serrated edge knife…ANOTHER pair of M’s GOOD scissors…and wore a hole in my thumb knuckle with scissors handle.  My GOOD Hunting Knife had to be Honed every few strokes AND I ended up finishing by using BOLT CUTTERS on it!
After that was done I put Bubble Wrap across the window…and everything so DULL I had to RIP it to the shape needed!

Then went inside and custom fitted one side of bamboo curtain I’d cut to separate the bed area from the living area.  Finished by cutting a few “Tarp Hole Possibles” protrusions on the willow framing.  All this took over 2 1/2 hours and now I’m POOPED! But I’M GETTING THERE!

Now to light a fire and HOPE that bubble wrap is far enough way from the Chimney!   Sure HOPE so!  ????

Anyway, IF all is ok, she’s ready to cover with Ferro Cement and/or dirt.  WINTER TIGHT.

Got “tune-up” work inside to call it a Completed Hut yet, tho. Still, if I’m persistent IT WON’T BE LONG.  Ho   re



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