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The first thing that Red Elk always said to start your journey is to HUNGER to know the Father. Really try to spend quality time with God on a consistent basis. Whether you are doing the sacred silence, power prayer, reading the Bible, etc. Just do it.

Also try to be mindful during the day and deliberate with how you manage your attention. Make the dedication to grow as a beneficial presence. Surrender and let go of that which is unwholesome and sinful and feed what is Godly. The way you cultivate qualities like loving kindness is by expressing it.

Red Elk has said that it’s not about what you get but what you put out.

When it comes to powers…the sorcerers hunger to know the power for themselves. Ego. But those that want to Follow the Christ it’s about oneness with the Creator and doing what He wants us to do!

Changes may not happen over night. But if you ask, seek, knock…eventually…you will find

David W