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Might Be Useful

 Before my now Physical limitations,  Adam / Sky and I considered PRE-BUILDING a number of hidden “camp spots”.  Places leveled and ‘tent ready’…with a twist.  PRE-CUT framing material hidden a bit aways from each spot.  Walk in with Pre-Cut GOOD tarp….pull out the hidden frame(s)…put tarp over and you’re all set to spend time enjoying.  Need to relocate?  Off withe tarp…hide the frame again n then off to next spot.  Aho?
This is not a new idea,,,both Native Americans and Eskimos did just that.  Using stones / etc. as cover “tie downs”.  These “stone rings” can still be seen occasionally in parts of North America,
If you are discovered and need to move….no ‘biggy’, as you’ve many OTHER spots in “walk to” distance.  ALL PRE READY.  Aho?
This can be done with a small LOW backpack tent as well….no Pre Cut Framing needed.  Just a Pre-Prepaired SPOT….well off the ‘beaten path’….in and place that helps HIDE your presence.  TOO BIG a tent = EASY TO SEE.
I’ve a number of “hide” tarps.  Canoe ‘covers’   I use them too! Over the tents I take or to drape over a pre-made spot.
Two are  ready-to-erect Lean-Tos  (LOVE Lean-Tos)…the rest as a cover over tents or simply ROLL INTO ( like a Human COCOON ).
Some are standard “plastic” Camo tarps….three are Burlap CAMO.  ALL “FIT IN” to match the areas I go to (use to).
Rarely do I have a camp “tent” TALLER then SETTING-UP HEIGHT.
If needed I add to the structure various bushes etc., this to make the “tent” less obvious.
To date I’ve only had two discovered.  This since 14 years old (I’m now 70).  BOTH were caused by ME ….
Twice others were mere FEET from me AND NEVER KNEW IT.
When using I’d GO TO THE SPOT from various DIRECTIONS….trying Not to make a SPOTABEL trail.  Aho?
Many time I ate ‘COLD’.  SMOKE and FIRES’ LIGHT GIVES YOU AWAY.  Remember this!
There has been times I had no blanket or sleeping bag..I then STUFFED my CLOTHS and sleeping spot with gathered FAR OFF Leafs.  Once I covered with MUD to insulate.  Messy, but it worked,
More than once I used Brows to make a HEAD COVERING,  This keeps Heat from escaping.
I hope something here will be beneficial to some. 
GB   re

Told and Untold

So MUCH I have shard…only to share only so little.
TOLD the Bible as known today is NOT the full story. Today’s is FOR the EASTERN Hemisphere.  There is OUR Hemisphere Bible as well.  TWO Bibles .
Noah’s Ark is TRUE….and of THAT Hemispheres telling
THIS Hemisphere has at LEAST 3 MORE “Arks”….Native American Arks.  We call THEM “The GIANT CANOES”.
One has been located…High Up in the High mountains of North Canada.  Two more to go.
The / These sights will not be revealed.  To do so would get these DESTROYED for TO TELL AND SEE THESE WOULD MEAN TO DESTROY THE MAN-FED “WORLD BIBLE”…IE ;  RELIGIONS in Christianity of today.   Exposing The TRUTH.  Aho?  HO!    re

New Agers and their Guides

Friends, I seem to ‘draw’ many “New Agers”.  Get their tellings WEEKLY.  So far (years) they’ve been wrong.  WHY DO THEY CONTINUE FOLLOWING “GUIDES” Etc. ?
Today the whole west coast was to see a MASSIVE Earth Quake….well, its still here.  Others go to meet the “Star Brothers”…they’re still here as well.
WHEN will they Learn to connect with their Creator and pay attention to HIM?   It CAN be DONE.   sigh   re


I’ll be 71  soon.  I’m in poor physical shape.  Are there any here wanting to find out what wilderness living is REALLY like?  Age not a big issue…but physically demanding.  I’m in need of a ‘care taker’….in a big way. I want to live as I’ve always wanted to..and occasionally have…when YOUNGER.
I expect to be around awhile, and am tired of living the modern way my wife insists on. I don’t want to do it and she doesn’t want my way. She says I CAN’T….I say BUFFALO CHIPS.
I need help…or she wins.
The person(s) need to be drug free….physically able to cut / lug wood…tent live….lots of wilderness ‘survival’, for self…and myself.  Must NOT be a law-breaker,  GodCreator minded….and self sustaining (SS?).  If your there and interested….lets talk.  I WARN YOU…it will be a tiring life.   E Heather with  your phone number and she’ll send it on (leave a comment that she will moderate and will not post).  Man/wife OK.