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I don’t have any guides. I have a guideline and it is the Holy Word. re

Yes, mans “reality” IS A SELF INDUCED False “thought”. DREAMS are the REAL Reality to the common man. That’s about the closest they come to the TRUR Reality. Almost no one realizes it tho. I walk “split”…Knowing both. HAVE to live in theirs as I was born into theirs. But I have STRETCHED OUT what I was Born With. EXPANDED into the “World Of Spirit”…the FULL / COMPLETE and TRUE Reality. Walking both worlds despite being “trapped” in that of Mans. It is THIS “Split” I think that is “worrying” me. Here our world goes…into a MATRIX CHANGE SHIFT! A collapse of the BILLIONS’ “Reality” into something NEW. I’m at the wave top…SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF seeing the UPCOMING SHORE…and being on top means FORESEEING THE CRASH Of The WAVE on its rocky shores. See the wave as a solid mass, of PEOPLE, the Crest, formed (the few who see ahead). We, the SEERS…Eyes SEEING the “ahead”, KNOWING WE  A L L  ARE HEADING FOR A BONE JARING TREMENDOUS CRASH, in seeing, SCREAMING FEAR! “Go BACK! Go BACK! CALM DOWN! FLOW, Don’t RISE INMASS….FLOW for gosh sake, SLOW DOWN and FLOW! We have NO NEED to be TORN APART! We can GENTLY enter the CHANGE!”
Mankind is about to change, like it or not. We will do so in HEART RIPPING, FEARFUL, SMASH….or do so EVENLY with LESS “PAIN”. But The CHANGE is RIGHT BEFORE US! NOW!!! UGH  re

Now it time to SERIOUSLY get “to it”….GROW IN HIM!

The “shaking of the sleeping child” is over.

They are either now up….or will miss the “School Bus”, completely.

I “foresee” a mass Rush for clothing and School Needs about to be. A dashing out to “catch the bus”.

Wrinkled clothing, no morning breakfast, near panic SCRAMBLING….just to catch that Now Leaving “bus”.

Well, better NEAR Late then late. I have done my job.
Now just to hold the door open, yelling “HURRY! HURRY!” as the children
pound down the stairs yelling “WAIT! WAIT! to the bus. Many wont make
it. They will be left standing at the curb. Missing the millenniums “Finals”.
It is sad, BUT true. ugh!
Aho? HO! Red Elk

Those things (tellings on aliens, spirit world, etc. – DW) were only meant to show the TRUE Reality of the Creators Vast domain. That THAT is filled with mysteries and “unseeable” things.
Frankly, it was / is to help lead people back to thinking on Him.
Hopefully leading them back to connection once again.
Sadly, almost to a “man” its contents HAVE “opened” …. their FEARS!
HUNDREDS of “Where should I go (move to), to be SAFE” letters have come
to me. ALL MISSING THE POINT of their “Awakening”: GO TO GOD! That it
is Only in His “wings” one is “safe”. ASK HIM…not ME, I reply. A few
have listened. UNDER 50! Of those, perhaps 14 are LEARNING, as well.
A minute amount considering I’ve reached out to over 26,000,000 ! “Dad”
making that possible. 5 times I’ve told to that amount at one time.
Each replayed as well. Then too, other interviews via TV / AM
Radio / DVD / Internet radio / Magazines, as well as personal teaching to groups.
I / we have lost “friends” but gained TRUE Friends in all this. Sure
trimmed off the excess “fat”.
Through it we to have seen mankind at its worse…and BEST. By far,
worse. But, OH! The BEST! WOW! True revolving hi-resolution SPOT
LIGHTS cutting threw this Dark, Sinful, world. Yes indeed : WOW!